11 thoughts on “Priorities Matter

    • Yikes!
      You need to get two chargers and then get an external battery you can use to top the thing off with once in a while.
      I picked up one of those batteries for something like six bucks brand new at Wally World. It was right next to the check out.. it comes with it’s own USB plug and then you get whatever cable fits your phone for the other end of it


  1. When we take the travel trailer out, the generator serves but one purpose: powering the 1750 watt hair dryer the Baroness insists on bringing. Everything else runs off the batteries.


      • The average hair dryer sucks at least 1000 watts, which translates to about 8-1/3 amps.
        P=IE, or I=P/E: I (current in Amps) = P (watts, 1000)/ E(voltage, 120 VAC) or 8.3 amps. Simple enough to calculate (it can get more complex…)
        Most hair dryers are 1200 to 1500 watts (10A to 12.5A), my electric torch is 2500W which is almost 21A! Yikes! I have a 3500W inverter I picked up at Harbor Freight almost a decade ago, but it’s a real power sink, so I only run it in emergencies when I need a lot of AC in the middle of nowhere. My Motor Home Powermaster engine alternator puts out 95A at 900 RPM and 150A at 1100 RPM, so I can be out in the middle of nowhere (no current bushes available!), but it’s a last resort. Her hair drys just fine in the warm summer wind, thank you very much…


  2. I have a generator for just such an emergency. I also have a camp stove heated drip coffee pot if gasoline becomes a premium. I can run that camp stove off of a 20 pound tank for like forever.


    Coffee is important. Coffee is very important. Coffee is essential.

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