6 thoughts on “Oh Sure, Rub It In

  1. Over the years I have learned to take pain as a reminder that I’m still alive.
    I look at my scars now & remember damn that hurt don’t do that again.


  2. I’m now paying for a LOT of things I did as a kid, not knowing any better.

    Of course, I would ave ignored any adult trying to help me from damaging myself at that age. Something about the “youth immortality” syndrome, I think!


  3. THE TRUTH? I can’t handle the truth. Last year Jan 2nd 2019 I fell on the ice while taking out the trash before work, and dis-located my right shoulder. Badly. Very badly. I laid on the ground on the ice in 5 or8 degree temps for a bit right under the exhaust pipe on my truck thinking about what to do next. My shoulder bone was laying on my chest. I was in great pain. do I call an ambulance? That costs money and they would just take me to an ER dept. Which costs more money.
    So I rolled to my left and got up to my feet and into my truck. Better. And I thought I’ll find an urgent care center at 6:30 am. Heh. I couldn’t put my truck into gear right handed. Even after I put my shoulder back in place by myself. Drove to work after driving by the urgent care centers which weren’t open that early. Got see my Doc later. Finally after 4 months of fits and starts I got to have surgery to repair my rotator cuff muscle. The surgeon told me I’d have 2 incisions, 4 if he had to use donor tissue. 1-1/2 to 2 hours. 3-1/2 hours later they rolled me out. 9 incisions. Dr. said it was one of the most extensive shoulder reconstructions he had ever done. He’s the best surgeon in my region and has done thousands of shoulders. Wow. Still. I had 6 months of very poor pain control and gained a very real understanding of how people suffering with poor pain control because of the Govt. meddling could take their own lives.


    • Jesus Christ man, that is fucked. up..
      Glad you were able to get it fixed though.
      I know of this pain thing of which you speak. Dirty sonsabitches won’t give the people that truly need it anything to ease their suffering.


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