You Married A Loser Honey


The Wifely Unit has a cute little (mostly useless) tool box and some tools in it that she has had since before we got together.

I have gotten into it once, to get her something out of it because she was putting some Piece of Shit IKEA type thing together and wanted to do it herself using her own tools.

Not a problem dear, knock yourself out.

This guy who’s wife ratted him out up above?

Big Time Loser.

I would get in my vehicle and drive to fucking Wal Mart if I didn’t have what I needed before I would get into my wife’s shit.

That boy has no self respect and doesn’t respect his wife either.

He sure as shit doesn’t have mine.





8 thoughts on “You Married A Loser Honey

  1. I would not let my (now ex) wife use my tools. I took her down to Sears and bought her a good basic mechanic tool set and basic carpenter tools and tool box and said I will not touch your tools so don’t touch mine.


  2. Bought my ex. wife a nice tool set since she is living alone now, guess who uses the shit the most at her place? Yes, we are still friends even though we cannot live together.


  3. We bought my son some Craftsman tools for one of his graduations – a set of screwdrivers, a socket set, some end wrenches and other stuff. Now, twenty years later, his tools, if any, are a disorganized mess. If I need tools at his house, I’m glad of the bag I keep in my “Classic” Durango.

    I can trust my wife, though. She’s more anal than I am.


    • My oldest sister bought me a craftsman’s set of tools when I was 13.

      I still have the entire set. Except for the 1/2″ to 3/8″ adapter.

      My father borrowed that 20 years ago and I never saw it again. ;P


  4. A few years back I got tired of my wife taking my good kitchen knives and such out to her flower beds and leaving them/ losing them. So, I bought a 2.5 gallon bucket and tool liner for the bucket. Filled it with all manner of gardening tools. A knife, trowels, bypass and anvil clippers. I found it later left out in the yard full of rain water.


  5. The wife unit never needed tools and stays out of my roll aways….if she has an issue that need tools she tells me….and I had damn well better deal with it.


  6. Really, my only (okay, *mostly*) beef with the wifely unit is that she will NOT snap the bit (phillips/regular) that she just changed out of the drill or electric screwdriver. She sets it down, it takes a month or more to find it again.

    MOST of my tools are off limits, but she has a deep and abiding respect for power tools and only uses the sander and cutoff saw and jigsaw.


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