Trump Impeachment Hearing, Day Two

lying fuck

This lying piece of shit is going to get what he has coming and it will be glorious to watch.

Mark my words.

Wait until the pictures of him and Ed Buck get released.

13 thoughts on “Trump Impeachment Hearing, Day Two

  1. All of them need to go down hard and be so shamed their families pack up and move back to their ancestral homes and change their names after the trials.


  2. The dimwits insist on witnesses, OK, the Senate should agree and start calling witnesses, ALL witnesses, not just the ones the dims want, ALL witnesses that might have anything even remotely associated to this fiasco. This supposed “elected gummint is approaching the tall tree short rope welcome to the fertilizer base era. Coming soon to a location near you.


  3. How disgusting, how foul, how utterly nasty can a human get?
    There’s your proof in that picture Phil posted.
    Yee Gadds!

    Oh it would be so delicious for those photo’s of Shift at Bucks drug house publicly let loose into the wild.
    I think it’s time for the beginning of letting the truth of these scumbags out. The nasty truth how sick and vile these scumbags are. No limits or holding back on what is exposed, but do it in a sequential manner, so each successive exposure validates the past exposure, create a staircase of truths. Let the people then walk up the stairs of truth as they choose. People arent dumb, they can make up their minds well enough to warrent exposing these scumbags on otality. Take the gloves off. No mercy. No quarter. They have none for us.
    The truth that Q and Mr. Trump said so many are not prepared to accept.
    They are all dirty hedonistic scum. Pedo-elites the whole lot of them.
    It could not get any more obvious how desperately they are putting on this act to stave off the day of their total collapse.
    Talk about on the ragged edge of crisis of legitimacy.
    All they got is doubling down.
    All they can do is double down hoping something will work.
    It always did in the past, but we all ain’t in that past.
    The dialectic they once held a monopoly on has become a paradigm they have nothing on.
    They are now in the position they held us for decades, having to react on their terms on their battle ground.
    Doubling down worked back then. Because it was all plausible deniability and control.

    The truth has no agenda.
    The truth is killing them.
    The truth of them is what gets them in the end.
    Pizzagate, what Pizzagate is, all it’s facets, and the scope of these pedo-elite’s is the truth in all the truths that portends their downfall.
    Pizzagate is the pinnacle of their depravity that knows no limits to it’s depths.


  4. They’re loosing the narrative so badly that they’re now resorting to bringing the Russia, Russia, Russia and the Mueller Investigation back into the argument. If I was Justice John Roberts, every time this shit bag told a lie before the Senate, of which he’s told a bunch of whoppers in the past two days, I’d be gavelling him into silence and admonishing him to tell the truth. If after the first two or three times he didn’t get the message, I’d be calling him before the bench and bouncing said gavel off his noggin, hard, ’til he got the message while repeating YOU .. DON’T .. TELL .. LIES .. IN .. MY COURTROOM.


  5. Those who do not believe in God have no moral compass. With no moral compass they believe their own words as the truth. So, lying is just an means to an end or as some would say, another day at the office!!


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