Those Car Commercials Must Be Expensive

You know the ones, stunt drivers sliding new cars into position perfectly, trying to make you think how cool the cars are.

Yeah, this is what they don’t show you.


That’ll buff right out, right?


7 thoughts on “Those Car Commercials Must Be Expensive

  1. Reminds me of the cars in the 20‘s, the 30‘s or the 70’s of the last century. How many of these have been wrecked for film productions!
    Hurts a little watching.


  2. Piss poor driving skills by the person in the white car. and lack of situational awareness. Seeing the black vehicle beginning to lose control, should have accelerated immediately, straight line. The white car seems to have had better grip. We get black ice all the time here with the lake being so close to several interstates, got to learn to deal with it.


  3. I was anticipating of them doing the head down plunge to oblivion. Disappointed. I know, I know I’m a heartless old bastard. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, some of which will be Darwin awards.


    • Rest assured, SOMEbody thought of that. The ice is probably at least a foot thick, which will support many tons – but why take the chance?

      Now, for good clean fun you should see the crazies in Minnesota and their ice racing motorcycles (and snowmobiles on water, too!). Those guys are nucking futz!


  4. That’s what happens when you employ amateurs.

    Actual stunt drivers can do a stunt repeatedly, and put the car (yes, even on ice) the same place every time, within a foot or two, at speed.

    When I worked on crap-budget productions where the guys driving were all over the map, I advised the camera crew to have an escape route, and then began inventorying my trauma supplies.

    But I’ll bet dollars to donuts that some corporate weenie or half-assed producer on his second gig was patting himself on the back that morning for hiring the guys he got at half-scale rate, and how he saved a coupla hundred bucks; in return for only a few grand worth of damage, and wasting the production crew for the whole rest of the day.


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