It’s Gonna Be A Looong Day

I didn’t sleep worth a shit last night.

Didn’t get to bed until after 5 A.M. to begin with and had trouble getting to sleep.

I have an app on my phone that gives me an alert when y’all leave a comment and that went off a couple of times. Then some asshole spammer called me at 6:30 on the nose.

I woke up, turned the fucking thing off and went back to sleep.

Then the cat started scratching the shit out of the door wanting out.

Then I had to piss.

I finally went back to sleep so hard that I didn’t move for a while and woke back up because my arm was hurting. It was dead asleep like nothing I have ever experienced before.

Totally paralyzed from lack of blood.

I flopped it around trying to get it into a place so the blood could start flowing again. It was so dead it was cold and as soon as the blood started flowing I could feel every fucking corpuscle going down and coming back so that took a bit for it to warm back up and start working again.

I laid back down and went back to sleep.

Then the dreams.

Fuck me, I don’t remember them exactly Thank God but they were nightmares and THAT woke me up AGAIN.

Then I had to piss again.

I must have woke back up six or seven times last night so of course now I am dragging ass and have to go back to work for ten fucking hours.

Ayep, it’s going to be a long day.


20 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be A Looong Day

      • “…and you can’t figure out why.” …and your doctor doesn’t have a clue, except to tell you something really profound and informative like “happens to a lot of old people”.


    • …or everything you eat turns to fat, need supplements to sleep (1MG melatonin), as to the other two I don’t have a problem except sometimes I have to pee more than once in the night, which is annoying as hell.

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  1. That’s really strange, Phil.
    My last night was quite the same. That’s why I took a day off today trying to catch up some sleep.
    Alas, I was only partially successful. Too many weird dreams that prevented me to reach some deep sleep.


  2. Hey Phil, the barometer kinda crashed this morning around here. You’re not that far away. I had a hell of a time last night too. But what you describe may be a cervical spine issue. This happens to me often if I sleep on my side. The axial nerves to your arms may be getting impinged. I solved most of that problem by sleeping on my back with no pillow. It’s taken some getting used to, but waking up after 3 or 4 hours of solid sleep is worth it.
    Getting old is a bitch.


  3. The worst, dumbest nightmare I ever had: I’m being chased by some sort of demon through an 80’s industrial movie set with tons of catwalks, stairs, etc.

    When I wake up Rush is playing through my head over and over, “I wish that this would come to pass, not fade like all my dreams”…so I wake up and sit on the edge of my bed shouting epithets at geddy lee.


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