Except it’s not a cycle, it’s fucking permanent.

It’s like I have to force myself to get anything done in my off time anymore.


15 thoughts on “Absolutely

  1. The old lady mentions frequently exactly what you are saying Phil, says on her Faceborg page she reads about a lot of folks feel that way. Got the same thing too, almost like many things have become unimportant where they used to consume energy, funny feeling, almost like a shit ton of priorities are on the verge of changing drasticly. She says it’s a consciousness people are beginning to share across millions of minds. I’ve heard it referred to as The Zeitgeist.
    Asked my wife couple times if she could define it, she says it’s about those great “Turnings” that come along at the change of an age, it’s peoples subconsciousness’s trying to tell them something, it’s not laziness or sloth, either, but like the breath before the plunge of great change we are on the threshold of. Makes sense.


  2. The old lady mentions frequently exactly what you are saying Phil, says on her Faceborg page she reads about a lot of folks feel that way. Got the same thing too, almost like many things have become unimportant where they used to consume energy, funny feeling, almost like a shit ton of priorities are on the verge of changing drastically. She says it’s a consciousness people are beginning to share across millions of minds. I’ve heard it referred to as The Zeitgeist.
    Asked my wife couple times if she could define it, she says it’s about those great “Turnings” that come along at the change of an age, it’s peoples subconsciousness’s trying to tell them something, it’s not laziness or sloth, either, but like the breath before the plunge of great change we are on the threshold of. Makes sense.


    • So good you had to say it twice Phil Carson? I thought so! I am so glad I am out of the rat race. I actually feel sorry for Phil, the tool nerd. He has to work and then move stuff in his garage so he can work on a project. That would be tiring.


      • It also wastes time that you could be doing things instead of looking for the tools you need – or access to them. I suffer from tool creep, where my tools end up in different places and I have to gather them to complete my current project. Now I *KNOW* why my dad always chewed us boys out when he couldn’t find something…


        • You know it egorr. Tool Creep. Thats a great term for it right there. Then you start to have multiple projects going and you don’t dare organize shit because you will spend most time looking for something than if you left it right there.

          Got to using 5 gal pails for more common chore tools, keep tool groups together, so at least there’s a general idea where some tool isn’t. Makes finding it faster. Same with consumables, nails caulk etc.


      • The puter had a brain fart or something. Probably the peeping fukin’ perverts spying on us and their a-log-o-rythims, they sometime mess with shit. WordPress fucked with my blog and finally shut it down for violating their precious Con-moonity-standards or something, figure they probably intercept everything I do on WordPress platforms.

        I heard that all. Yeah, Rat Race, doesn’t define it like everyone should be cognizant of. We are gulled and deceived on every level to keep us stupid and ignorant of the solid truth how much thieving there is from our paychecks.

        Suggested to old cranky pants here he should just up and say fuck it. I can commiserate fully with how it never is the right time to retire when your a dirt person who has a skill or trade or craft using your noodle and hands to make a living, and how many of us are fortunate enough not to live paycheck to paycheck, (this is no accident in no uncertain terms), after all we are the peon’s and mouth breathers. I know what I’m saying here is true. I’m a welder of 42 years time on the job and I made less in relative terms after those 42 years than I did at $3.75 an hour starting out in the grinding department in 1976. On $3.75 bucks an hour I rented a house, had a motorcycle, a race bike, a race go kart, a pickup truck, paid all my bills, had money to burn after all that. Shits gone down the fucking crapper for the young working person since our day. They are total serfs to the crony-capitalist globohomo-pedo’s running this total clown clusterfuck.

        My wife, bless her beautiful soul, giving me the gimlet eyeball what-for, up and one day said husband it’s time for you to pack it in and quit, retire. Out of the blue like, never hinted at saying anything about it before that moment.
        We got no pensions, nothing saved cash wise to live off because we worked our arses off, and put everything we had socked away getting rid of every cent of debt, except for monthly bills and fude, no insurance because we are old White raacists and one way to genocide us is to deny us medical insurance worth a bucket of warm spit we can afford, that totally deliberate and part of why obamacare to begin with, and all the other shit not having a job gets you.
        Except time, got lots of that now, that belongs to me, and dude, am I one stingy stubborn fucker about giving it up to anyone or anything but what I choose to do with it. After 42 years you can bet your arse it’s mine, guarantee it.
        Best thing ever did. Every week at least once I make it a point to tell my old lady thank’s and you are right, love ya-appreciate ya.

        I learned when the old lady says shit like that she has given deep thought and consideration before opening her mouth, and because part of that holy vow I made says trust and faith are everything, I did what every brainwashed programmed cell in my body screamed not to do, I up and quit the next day. In for a penny in for a pound I can always go back to work right?

        She said it will work out, you wait and see. On blind faith, followed her advice. She was right. All sorts of things happened to the positive.
        Not only that, it blew my mind how much it cost me to make a paycheck. How much you spend to work. Incredible, and hardly knew it.
        After the scumbags and rats running the circus skim off my profits from my wealth creation, using my hands, I think it comes to close being 36% of the paycheck all said and done is orientated to job related expenses. In effect off the top, around 25% of my check was mine. But wait theres more! as they say. Or less.
        No shit now. All the stuff you are grifted out of, it’s a plethora of little things. Poor by a thousand tiny cuts. Most of it, (aside from the inordinate loan sharking fees for personal debt payments one can accrue), being everything you spend has a tax or fee on it, looking like now as things have gone, probably 50% of my paycheck eventually went into double, triple, and quadruple dipping taxation, taxed on shit I was already taxed on top of shit they taxed me already for.
        WTF. WTF! WATDAMOTHERFUKIN’FUK??? I be a slave. A wage serf. All the taxes on everything you buy, coumponded. For instance, there a mine, the owners need to spend their wealth on a permit, then for everything they dig up, taxes on diesel fuel, taxes on equipment, taxes on employee payrolls, taxes on profits, it endless, then everyone who uses what was mined, all get taxed at every level for everything they do, all over again, same way as the mine owners, and so on up to when you buy it at retail, you pay taxes again, using not money, but wealth you created, the only place wealth comes from, elbow grease creating something where nothing existed, and there is this system where there’s this elitist cabal who got their fucking meathooks in your pocket pinching every cent they can strip mine at every level.
        WhaTheFukinFuk Man!

        There’s even more…being we working stiff’s are the only source of wealth creation, you don’t really expect all those incidental taxes and fee’s and regulatory costs are paid for by anyone else but yours truly? That wealth skimming class is rich BECAUSE they run a wealth transfer/strip mining operation. Thats what globalism is, simply on a world wide scale. One big Ol’ organized crime racketeering syndicate with various factions, one of which we call da Deep State, like it has some kind of perverted legitimacy.

        Anyways, what happened, cause we have no debt, ZERO, we owe nuttin’ to nobody, nobody is got their meathooks in our pockets, except property tax on the property we live on, crazy cheap in WV, $276 a year on 5 acres we farm to feed ourselves, and a house and a 20 by 18 ft workshop. We call it 5 Acres & Independence.
        We had built ourselves from scratch an off-grid power system, buy older vehicles and refurbish them mechanically completely, and he incredible savings on insurance and vehicle excize and tax, grow and raise as much fude as possible, even built a greenhouse, plus deer hunting is awesome here in these mountains what with all the seasons and farm kill permits, we fill the freezer and can up I don’t know how many quarts of deer meat with garden veggies and other canned goodies, butcher cure and smoke our own raised pork, trade favors and shit for home raised beef, trade fruit we grow for a steady supply of chicken eggs, we hardly needed any cash, about $400 a week and we live like kings if we spend it all. My wife found a local private medical group co-operative who we buy into for a flat monthly fee covers everything except meds, and they are partly covered.
        Now I’m old enough to draw SS, after 47 years of being forced to pay into it, thats like a bonus of found money.
        We have more than we ever had. We own everything outright. Even our winter heat, it is cash free, we do put in labor and tiny overhead costs to obtain it, most of which free for the taking, because of the timbering that is constant going on in these mountains, the loggers are more than willing to load your truck bed with rejected logs and drops, it’s good neighbor culture. They would simply leave it or bury all that wood anyways. So everyone wins.
        My wife was right about it working out. If you put a gun to my head I would refuse to go back to that rat race making the thief class rich. Only problem is I could have done it years earlier, and never suspected how well it worked out.

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          • Yeah Man! Appreciate you too.
            Won’t blow smoke up your butt, few times we thought we where toast, but you never quit, and you never give up. It’s nothing special, simple perseverance I think. Hows that diff than most other days? It’s called calculated risk for a reason I guess.
            The great revelation was most of it essentially is about “Change your thinking.”
            I think like anything worth something or a great objective or dream, takes hard work and focus, the rest are details along the way. And patience, as a virtue, and throw in some faith you prevail in the end.
            It really works.
            In our risk adverse social networking/nanny state/ you can do that because its not invented here mentality of certain parts of our civilization, thinking outside accepted convention and the box is scary shit to many people.
            When we moved to WV here, we got dis-owned by just about everyone. We where completely taken off guard by this. Aside from the yankee bigotry up north about Appalachia people and culture, which you got to experience to believe, to up and move, leave everything, to where we knew no one, no connections, jobs, family, totally going it cold, that horrified almost everyone. We didn’t even have a home. Two largest size UHauls, a pick-up and a sedan, and a bankers check for $54 grand. In one day we scored the house we live in for almost half the asking price because we could buy it on the spot outright.
            People right to our faces told us we where nuts. Hostile. All my life growing up in northern NH, never knew that kind of attitude existed for what to us was a new and great adventure. A way to realize our goals we could not attain economically with no debt up in the relatively high cost of living and property prices in NewEngland. It was using common sense to us. You would think we had the black plague or something.

            So let me tell you again, I really appreciate you and your good will Don. Thanks!


            • Phil C., My family had the same reaction when my wife and I moved from Reno, Nevada (High prices/taxes) to rural Southern Alabama where we bought 5 acres and built a small goat farm. They were aghast that I would move to a redneck area of Alabama. I am originally from the Portland, Oregon area where my sibling family still live. They could not understand my desire to have what we wanted and could afford it. With the sale of our house and savings and selling crap we no longer used and wanted we arrived with a little over $150,000 dollars and paid cash for a 5 acre plot, it had a 16X80 newer single wide, county water and septic system and a small barn/workshop with a toilet and sink. I paid for all the fencing and cross fencing with cash, I paid cash for two small shelters for the goats. and my property tax was $156 dollars a year. In Reno on 2 1/4 acres with a 3 bedroom/ 2 1/2 bath it was $2800 a year. The math was simple.


              • Wow thats cool man. Your the only person I know of who experienced this. But then I don’t know anyone else but you guys and ourselves who did such a thing.
                Funny how different people can end up doing almost the exact same thing.
                I’m glad you got out too.

                We never looked back, but for some cultural things in NH we don’t have here in WV, certain foods, dining out experience on rare occasions when we do, the water in NH is really excellent, all that granite and glacial overlay creates some mighty fine tasting water. Sea food. And the natural beauty of northern NH. But that prejudicial on my part. WV is just as stunning, only different.
                While still working I really missed the myriad of high skill jobs available up north in manufacturing. It’s coal mining, timber, truck driving, or service related. Very little hi tech manufacturing, and nepotism is the first order of procuring a job here in WV, you have to know someone to get in most places. Being an import it took a couple years to figure out how I could not get a job on my merit and work history. It really doesn’t count. The only resume’ is somebody speaking for you who is employed at the place your looking into working for.

                The weather has been a very big factor in enjoying WV. And your garden grows stuff like NH never could. Weeds too. They grow even better, your mostly farming weeds, the vegetable’s are a bonus.
                We appreciate the permanent rural life here, the geology and terrain limit population, it is too steep with little flat land up in the eastern spine, the good flatter land went to pasture and farming long ago, almost everyone inherits their property. Probably 90% or better what sells openly never see’s a real estate agent. We where very lucky to got out place. It was in airship split among 4 airs all out of state, they had put it on the open market. We made a cash offer of $46,500 if they showed a clear title, the asking number was 1st $105 large, dropped to $79 large, it was all found money, so they went for the offer within hours.
                Lot of things are county run and orientated. That has a number of positives regards less government, and frugal government, in most counties that are heavy rural. Total cost of buying, with all fee’s and taxes, lawyers, county stuff, was exactly $375 bucks clean, and all of 15 minutes including chin music we walked out the door as free and clear owners. We where astounded by this. Blew our minds.
                Can not recommend this way enough. It is a taste of what true Liberty is like in our world of state administrative and regulatory tyranny.

                To be debt free is to be free, I think as unfettered economic activity is one of the main legs of liberty, in no doubt this is an essential element. Very hard to fathom what with everything we are forced to do and are enslaved to accept as convention.
                It is a complete other world with zero debt. We once where a nation of dirt people free of most all debt. Or rather being not debt serfs, or slaves to debt.
                This is why our life is so inexpensive, cost effective, with about zero non added value costs, money wise. We are very rich otherwise and constantly are delighted by it being so.

                Real hard to explain, one of those things you must experience for yourself. And thats the rub, why the fiat-debt cycle is highly intrusive, not many people know how it is otherwise and how truly enslaved so many of us are by special interests and crony/capitalism and globohomo’s global village scheme/banksterism.


        • I got severely disabled fourteen years ago and had to go SSDI and have been on it since. I have brought myself back to about 90% of what I was through hard work, and exercise and physical therapy. I got divorced 5 years ago, wife didn’t want a “Partial” man, well, her lose not mine. I have learned to live on much less and actually have gotten ahead. We had a small goat farm down in Southern Alabama… (Swamp South or LA) with chickens and had a good sized garden. I now live in the friggen northern arctic region known as South Dakota. I will be moving in the spring and Idaho or Northern Alabama is what I looking at. I havea small travel trailer and it is rigged to pull a small cargo trailer behind that so I can take all my worldly possessions. I do small vehicle repairs and old tool rehab and I buy cash and sell cash and I keep forgetting where I need to send the tax in… I help out the local carpenters and electricians and only do so in cash. They get a skilled gofer and don’t have to bother with tax tables. Besides, I show up when they need me, don’t leave early and is not drunk or high on the job. I am 61 and I guess the work ethic was 2X4ed upsided my head before participation trophies became the norm. I have relatives in the Western part of West “By God” Virginia and Pennsylvania on my mother’s side. I agree West Virginia is a beautiful state! My kind of place, hard working, God Fearing and MYOB people and mountains. Ain’t no mountains here, flat, don’t ask why I moved here, I am still trying to figure it out.


          • Man that sounds like a pretty nice gig you got going. Always read how System “D” is the largest economy on Earth. That open source underground unfettered economic activity is a very important component of liberty. Know a few who do pretty darn well at it, they have a slew of little small dollar and barter set-ups, really adds up. After a certain point in this lifestyle, or is it way of life?, the extra is really extra. 10 bucks here, a C note there, over time it is pretty substantial.
            There’s been that recognition of the qualities of “old white” people’s work ethic and productive mindset, all that old dead white guy stuff like showing up, not on the phone or PC all day, it’s pretty valuable stuff, labor. Lot of people don’t understand, you fuck off for an hour, takes a min of 3 labor man hours to break even getting back what is lost. O think thats why nepotism in businesses kills enterprizes, all the dead weight.
            After I retired, and then Trump got rid of all the obot tree humper anti/kill coal crap here, in two weeks got 11 job offers. The last 30-40 years of you ain’t anything unless you have a college degree mentality has had a highly detrimental effect of handcraft and high skill labor, along with a the git er done do your job right and in jig time, as a personal set of working virtues, has suffered greatly. We all learned how to work right because it was passed on by working example by those we worked with who where our old guard. Used to be, the shop foreman was always a guy who more or less started out sweeping floors and worked hard, promoted thru the ramks. Now they put book smart kids who don’t know a wrench from a sheetmetal brake, and they have to adopt a pass the buck mentality because they can’t be seen looking bad because they don’t know jack shit and never did any kind of manual skilled labor. That there’s a killer in manufacturing, it permeates management and they can not ever recognize the problems because it exposes the fallacies of it. It squashes innovation, all the nifty and brilliant little ideas and techniques people on the floor create, lot of stuff like that, then there is the whole festering SJW Convergence craziness.
            No thanks, being like you, and myself is a far more rewarding way. In every sense.

            I’m really glad you did what you had to do and made shit happen. Git er done Brother! Like Ol’ Phil, he wants us to think he is all cranky fuck this crap but in a million fucking years would Phil ever quit, never give up, and the only way to do shit is the right way, no matter how daunting or “impossible”. There is always a way…always a way. Thats natural born American character.
            Perseverance has made more shit work, accomplished more things, and made things said impossible happen, more than anything else.

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  3. Phil, if you look back on things, that feeling of not wanting to do things even the things you like is a seasonal affect byproduct. You know you are busier in the summer months when we get lots of sun.

    I am like you and in winter all I want to do is hibernate when I am not expected elsewhere. As soon as the warmth comes back and the sun shines….it’ll get better.


    • Seems like it is more than the usual mid winter hibernation this year.
      Grew up in NH, down here on the 38th parallel there is lots more sunlight and its considerably higher in the sky, something we noticed right off and after 15 years still appreciate, like you say about how the sun perks up your activity, I think it would be depressing for us to move back to NH.

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