Now We Wait

By the time I wake up some AAR’s oughtta be coming in from the goings on in Richmond.

As of now, whether or not it turns out to be the Goat Ropin’ Clusterfuck everyone has been predicting still remains to be seen.

Even if it does, the fact that people showed up should still send a message to Ol’ Blackface and his crew of Gun Grabbing Socialist Wannabe’s.

All I can do at this point is wish our side the best and wait for the results.

12 thoughts on “Now We Wait

  1. Waiting is the worse and we know we will not get real time info from the Patriot participants. The .gov;state and fed and so called media are surely gonna spin it.


  2. Animal Mothers need to or train. This is all about optics. The bad scary militia members vs. the saintly Neo-Brownshirts (Antifa) who only want to purge wrongthink on the day devoted to Saint Martin the Immaculate.
    When the courts and all executive offices are owned by the comrades then you find out that there is no representation for deplorables.


  3. Great day and rally in Richmond, about 10F, once sun came over buildings the sun shining on everyone really kicked up the positive attitude, very festive and the sense of solidarity and positive mindset is intoxicating, almost everyone armed, probably 65% openly and frankly loaded for bear, I’m slinging an AR15 10 inch barrel pistol with arm brace and sidearm and I’m lightly armed compared to a lot of people, seen a couple guys with big ass .50 cal rifles, Alex johns in a jacked up “tank” with a bullhorn jacking up crowd, no way to count how many can’t see but maybe 10% in one place but it a shitload! local cops look like they are having fun too, State cops stern and reserved, bunch of road blocks and other blocking points, looks like they want to channel people it it goes kinetic, a shitload of county Sheriffs from 2A Sanctuaries in uniform attending, media swarming them, tell you what anyone crazy enough to start shit will make idiot of the last 3 centuries, can not emphasize the spirit or the patriotism, everyone having rational critical thinking discussions, I’m mostly cruising and getting a strobe effect on conversation as I pass people, but it makes you very proud, it’s MAGA and shitloads more, armed authority very polite and discreet, all looks like there will be no trouble, this is what wining not whinging looks like, what America is once you rip away the lies and false narratives, and without doubt it is clear why we are so reviled and held in such contempt, we will never be denied, no matter what bullshit they try.

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      • Yeah, went back & forth for days. As time drew closer and what all was going on with what appeared to be a concerted effort to sully us as all those fake fabricated pejorative labels about us, and the armed badged leg breakers where going after people for speaking their minds about a fight, after those same regime actors ignore right among themselves hideous crimes and corruption, the child sex slave trafficking, arms smuggling, illicit drug distribution profiteering, the murdering and prosecution of targeted American’s, including myself, I was like you know what, fuck these scumbags, they want a fight with us instead of respecting us, they want a piece of us dirt people, well yeah, no time like the present, and if enough of us show up like me, a piece they shall have. And that begins with each of us, starting with me.
        Mind you Phil, certainly was not going to willingly put myself into their kill box, because the obvious, but also because if I was outside the kill box, they do not have control, and they don’t have the resources or firepower they require to make up for the false flag consequences of return fire. Thats an entirely other level, and me thinks with no doubt thats a position they will rue terribly. In other-words we been nice, and courteous, and tolerant to the nth degree, and they have had a total cakewalk of things, thats easy shit, it’s another thing when people say fuck you, and give good or better than they get, it’s a whole different critter.
        Look what they did to Vicki Weaver and her boy, the Branch Davidian woman and kids they incinerated in their safety bunker, the unbelievable cold blooded total set-up Clinton crime inc hit they did on LeVoy Finnicum to keep those guys from spilling the truth they discovered on the Mueller Wildlife Refuge computers of the BLM’s monster treason and corruption to liquidate every rancher in the way of Uranium 1 uranium mining rights, not to mention similar ulterior motives to rid the west of legacy grazing rights so they can fatten their offshore accounts selling the federal mining rights under those legacy grazing rights, which the Clinton’s auctioned off up there in Burn’s Oregon and other swamp scum doing similar all over federal lands, all the murderers and child trafficking criminals, the liars and fixers, the sedition treason and coup attempt, the unbelievable theft of you and mine wealth, never mind trying to destroy America so they can turn it totally into their private cash cow and 3rd world shithole banana republic, as if what they already do isn’t enough theft and power, so now they want to genocide of us White Men because we are all that stands in their way of total raw naked power, us and our rifles, and they all get away with it broad daylight because it is a higher calling or they are better than us or some other total fucking bullshit:
        and we are the terrorists?

        Whats that Q says about all and 1?

        Time they understand what no sanctuary is like. Let them run to hide behind the constitution to find refuge from our wrath, refuge they deny us. Only way that happens is we all take it upon ourselves to have solidarity and unity and no bones about it Brother.
        Ain’t no one else is there? I don’t see anyone, xcept us.
        Sometimes you just got to do stuff, doing nothing is the worst thing to do.
        Besides lot has changed since Charlottesville. A lot. People’s figuring shit out, at least the essential motives and methods of these scumbags, and that it’s not the details that matter, people are moving past that, particulars, and discourse about ideals and politiks, starting to grokk these scumbags, are scumbags, posing as something legitimate praying on our honor and dignity and beliefs, on our codes, to get away with their shit. Then they piss on us as lower than a snake bely in a wagon rut.
        Some point a man’s got to decide and then choose he’s had enough and thats all there is to it. BFYTW


  4. Gee, what happened, almost like the phrase “an armed society is a polite society” is true.

    Lots of good photos out there, good slogans, good representation of all walks of life and all colors and spectrums of people.

    And… someone was rocking a Hong Kong flag. One flag, not even a US flag, that says it all about why we have and why we need the 2nd Amendment.


    • No almost about it. Be even better if we all once again wore swords and knives and other particularly lethal pig stickers in style and with class.
      Nothing like it, walking around armed, and just about everyone in a crowd of 10’s of thousands is armed. Goes beyond warm fuzzy, it is a wonderful comfort. Hard Men. Your in the company of hard Men, and it’s contingent upon you to behave and present oneself accordingly, a great honor and responsibility.
      30 thousand armed to the fucking teeth men and woman and not a hitler clinton mao obama northam bloomberg stalin soros or bush among them. Imagine that. Not a shot fired. Lots of calm confident assured actualized self reliant and incredibly prudent American’s, who refuse in totality to be denied what is theirs. We Defy. We refuse to comply. Not a serf to be seen. We Won’t! MYOB!
      Except for a couple antifa smart-mouths who tried some shit-stirring and they where shamed and cast out by all around.

      Look at classic paintings. Throughout history men always wore a weapon of some sort. Openly. You where not a Man if you didn’t, you where a serf or a slave. Think on that and who is whining about weapons, because far as I can figure out, it is because they are for whatever reasons emasculated little surrender monkey weasels. WAH!


    • A lady had this on her sign. God gives us rights. Man gives us laws.
      It was a real eye opener, kept seeing Ladies who where very gregarious, they where attractive in a certain way that was different from norms of the day, they where gregarious and affectionate in a most jovial but highly feminine way, I’m walking around thinking about this particular Lady, she is by herself and making comments to everyone walking by at the center of an intersection, so I turned back walked by again and nodded, quipped it’s really nice to be here wouldn’t you say, her grin got larger, and she started laughing, I laughed with her and kept hoofing it. Got to maybe figuring out was going on, this woman felt safe, she was surrounded by real, hard, prudent men who she could be safe among, who would never hurt her, who would no doubt have a hundred protectors and avengers if she was assaulted. A real American Woman, with codes and virtue, might a matriarch, and she was having the time of her life and stood there in her own way actualizing how she felt among all these dangerous hard men.
      It was a revelation and summed up the whole rally to me.
      We Won already. It was inevitable, it always was so, only we are all deliberately so isolated thru a myriad of social engineering tricks or cons and brainwashed 24-7-365 that we seem to be alone and disenfranchised, that we are somehow toxic, and I’m walking around in all this warm armed goodness and it hits me we became not a legion of free armed men separated by the manufactured hate and derision the contempt of the day, we are A Legion of Men who will never be denied. That lady was bathing in that aura of safety and security. Maybe she was aroused, her femenin was aroused that here she was and all these swinging dicks armed to the fucking teeth really turned on her femaleness. Know what I’m saying? Real Woman Loves Her Some Real Men and she was drinking in all the shitlord surrounding her. She was very attractive in a lovely mature way about it. Like that’s a classy broad who will keep the faith with you and hump your arse off, make you a sammich, and it would all be a matter of honoring her protector because he is. Old fashioned? Corny? Romantic? Chivalry? Whatever it is it was a great part of the day for me. Maybe A Legion of Ladie’s is out there too. Fits, makes perfect sense.


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