U.S. Navy To Jam GPS Signals Off S.E Coast Jan 16th-24th, EFF BEE EYE Uses Eminent Domain To Seize Every Night Vision Tube It Can Get It’s Hands On

As Arte used to say,


According to this, the Navy is going to skip the 20th so everyone heading to Richmond Virginia should be able to manage to find their way.

BREAKING: Military to Jam GPS Signals Across East Coast Through Jan. 24th


Because you know, 90% of people under 30 have no clue how to use either a map or compass.

This is the area that is affected,


Be advised.

The same source, in the same article, is also reporting on the FBI’s sudden need for Night Vision Tubes.

FBI invokes “eminent domain” to seize high-end night vision tubes

The FBI is now claiming “eminent domain” to essentially seize high-end night vision tubes (that power night vision goggles) from distributors in the United States. This indicates the FBI has an emergency effort under way to acquire large numbers of night vision devices in anticipation of some urgent event which will take place at night (possibly another FBI false flag operation like Oklahoma City or the 1993 attempted World Trade Center bombing which was entirely masterminded by the FBI).

As Dave Hodges is reporting from The Commonsense Show, Bob Griswold from ReadyMadeResources.com relates a shocking event where he had already locked in the purchase of 70 night vision tubes from his distributor, and had those tubes invoiced and committed. Within hours, the FBI claimed eminent domain over the tubes, effectively “seizing” them from Ready Made Resources before they could even be shipped.

We reviewed a letter written to RMR by their distributor, confirming that the government preempted the order to RMR and claimed they had ownership over the gear because they were the government.

An hour ago, I spoke with Griswold on the phone to confirm the situation, and he told me he thought there were, “No more than 200 high-end night vision devices remaining in the entire country.” (This excludes the crappy gen 1 and gen 2 night vision devices, which nobody wants anyway.)

I’m told that inventory units are flying off the shelves and will be gone everywhere in the next 1-2 business days. Yes, there is a run on night vision in America, happening right now.

Makes one wonder what the G-men need all that night vision capability for all of a sudden now doesn’t it? HMM?

I do hope everyone is paying attention.

All the pieces are clicking into place gentlemen.

Is anyone else feeling really warm lately or is it just me?



14 thoughts on “U.S. Navy To Jam GPS Signals Off S.E Coast Jan 16th-24th, EFF BEE EYE Uses Eminent Domain To Seize Every Night Vision Tube It Can Get It’s Hands On

  1. I’ve been getting warm for a few years now, or is that cold, not sure. heh

    Anyway, I just checked Sportsmans Guide, they don’t have anything listed as sold out for night vision, which means nothing.


    • Gave it a lot of thought like you bob. This is my personal experience. Night vision is highly over-rated for lack of common sense considerations. It is excellent for static and still hunting/scouting, ambuscade too, but there are sound tactical non night vision techniques used for just about for ever too.
      Night vision is a highly centric training technology, it kind of leaves many solders dumb because they depend to much on it and the basics of infantry close combat are left wanting. It can tunnel vision you too, dropping situational awareness down to akin to looking down a piece of pipe, leaving you far more vulnerable to flank attack, and in 4th G SUICT’s against state forces using the flank is how you fight in the offense. It’s basic tactical doctrine, you attack the enemies weaknesses. If he can’t see at night watching his flanks and rear from infiltration because of tunnel vision he is very vulnerable to flanking tactics using terrain masking.
      Sure highly trained COIN uses it to very good advantage, but it’s like so much wonder technology, has it’s place, but it is a vulnerability when too much dependence is placed on technology instead of well trained small unit infantry combat tactics.

      If you spend even a couple nights in the bush where there is no light pollution your eyes naturally start producing “purple”, some people have shitloads of purple, it is pretty amazing how much you can see at night unaided. Another night technique is you side scan, or don’t look directly at what you want to discern, look askance, you have to see for yourself how much offset your eyes work best at, it isn’t difficult, only takes practice.
      Thing is so many never experience this and ignorance is bliss so to say, so they need night vision to make up for deficiencies in natural night vision.
      I have lived most of my life in very rural surroundings, I use the night constantly, it’s really a, you develop a comfort zone with it, matter of adaptation and becoming accustomed to using all your senses. When the need to move fast I found a glass filter in green color, using like 5 watts of LED power, I can see almost like daylight where I’m going, and low watt green fades very fast with distance, I also don’t suffer night blindness using it. I understand everyones eyes have a favorite color like that.
      NV has another feature too to consider, it needs batteries. Lots of batteries, this is a logistics aspect that requires serious consideration. Another piece of kit to tend to and hump, maintain. Shit gets bad enough we need NV there’s a shit-ton more other shit needs to be taken care of.

      Sure like me some 3-6 grand NV scopes. The Trijicon stuff is crazy high grade, but $6-$10 grand might as well be a million bucks for me. All of it is too expensive for my means, so I focus on another NV tactics, intimately know the terrain in my AO. I have bless-fully been granted permission from the farmers surrounding my property to traverse their land and to develop various traverses throughout. Got it because I watch their livestock, repair fence, I track down the feral meth lab dogs that pack -up in our area, which is great tactical live fire practice, 34 so far, they are very dangerous animals, at night if I’m following a pack they will send one or two around on my ass. Down under the canopy say in a hollow in summer, it gets pretty dark, but hearing and smell seems to amplify itself to a high degree, it makes a difference.

      A more prosperous neighbor has high grade mil spec NV, looking thru it a mind blowing thing was crystal clear, black is like a neon sign, like black rifle, boots, magazines slings belts, everything, olive drab greens blend into the foliage very well, one can use cover well if your movements are kept to a minimum. Thats when I took to rattle can spraying my gear in flat drab greens, huge improvement.

      Be real real nice to have such resources at hand, but I don’t, unless its battle field pick-ups or something just have to operate without.

      FLIR not so easy to hide from, without heat masking, one of the selectable contrasts on FLIR units will show a live person up pretty clearly.


      • I never went for all the tacticool shit in the Army. I was a rural Oregon boy who could hunt, trap and fish at night and could move up a trail very quiet and stealthy in the darkest nights. The 1st and 2nd generation NV googles and Flir systems we used to use to be more trouble and confining. I agree people rely on technology too much. I have a saying when confronted with someone using computers or technology ” The more we rely of computers and technology, the behinder we get.”


  2. These government actors are not preparing for an armed uprising against our government,
    they are the armed uprising against our government.

    They are not finding any treason and other high crimes, they are the traitors and crooks.

    `There are no unrelated, unconnected, spontaneous, coincidental, naturally innocent events or activities involving anything connected to the government.

    Conspiracy Theory is the history of the united state since 1859. Tick. Tock.

    E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. I.S. C.O.N.N.E.C.T.E.D.

    Voting was never for getting out of this kind of shit.
    Voting was for never getting into this shit to begin with.

    There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This:


    That is as it should be.

    People become manifest then.

    How else is this tyranny defeated.

    Repeat after me:



    Because Fuck You Thats Why,

    This is America, Because Fuck You Thats Why Is Always A Choice,

    You Don’t Have Enough Ammo,

    Arm Yourself To The Fucking Teeth.


  3. Something smells like Gwenith Paltrow candles about this story. The FBI could
    not be operating on their own and they sure as hell cannot mobilize a branch of
    the military without a direct order from the president. President Trump has
    made no secret of the fact that he is a supporter of the 2A, which is the most
    likely reason for this supposed “operation.” Does this mean that the Navy
    is not carrying out some tests? I seriously doubt the aim is to wreak havoc
    on commuters, civil and commercial aviation, and hundreds of other devices
    that use GPS.

    If the FBI has gone rogue that is one thing but does anyone on Earth believe
    that he has surrendered to the very same deep state that has been attempting
    to destroy him over the last four years? Again, not likely. Then comes the
    issue of the legality of such a move. I have been at war with a number of
    pessimistic conservatives who have been saying America is doomed for
    the last 30 or so years. There are just too many checks and balances
    that limit the powers of the federal government.

    I predict that even if the elements of the test are true, that no such attempts
    at confiscation will occur.


  4. Oh fluck, I was gonna have a barbecue next week end and both Phil Carson and Leonard Jones just harshed my mellow… not enough ammo, but, the gooberment has stocked pile it all across the nation, just find it and we will have almost unlimited ammo supply and some hardly used M16s and M4 and all the nice goodies.


    • thats just it, they always project, they where the ones stockpiling. bet you one of your big fat juicy BBQ sliders all those dear little stockpiles, along with the 100 of thousands of so called personal defense weapons they also order up at the same time are long gone into their personal SHTF stashes and cache’s.
      Virginia began years ago with these scumbags


  5. More on that jamming. They are going full retard. Not only with jamming but airspace exclusions, you know for unimpeded strafing and bombing runs on all the terrible white terrorists, radio comm jamming, a variety of airborne intelligence and digital domain data gathering. It’s a given they will be user identification strip mining and meta data mining everyones cell phones.
    No mistaking whats happening.
    The whole thing is a total organized set-up. Will they pull another Waco Tx. Ihop hit on the leadership of the VCDL, be highly surprised they don’t. Speaking of VCDL, they are calling for 10,000 volunteer’s to go inside the weapon exclusion cordon, and a minimum of 20,000 armed volunteers outside the restricted line. Here’s the VCDL callout:

    Here’s a couple really interesting open letters, one from Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase. Tell you what, if this Virginia State Legislature Lady Representative is talking this candidly there some serious shit going down with these scumbags.
    Never been any doubt in my mind whats what. After 16 years of talking to others and just about to a man or woman being held as a tin foil hat wing-nut, it’s gratifying to be able to have the thought, I Tried to Tell You So.
    Better late then never, I guess with this Lady Rep, yet…where has this politiko been all this time? This shit is planned years in advance, the resources and objectives laid out long before anything physical gets in motion. Bloomberg sunk 250 million into the scheme, you can’t hide that much money even with how corrupt it is.
    The whole thing clearly smells like a rat anyways. Of course Virginia is ground zero for this kerkuffle, it’s the birthplace of secession from, abolition of, and defiance to the Yankee/Fabian regime. From day one, 1775, 1859, and now. You have to be blind not to see with a little basic search of history and reading of the present usurpation of the Virginia State government, is a total illegitimate scheme with George Soro’s bloody meathooks writ all over it, he did the exact same thing in Ukraine, now why is that a coincidence huh? Made possible only thru gerrymander and vote rigging, a bought and blackmailed judiciary, total infestation of the AG Department of State, using the standard operating strategy and tactics in the usual leftist fashion by fraud in a few key precincts and districts, set up years in advance to spring this gift of total treason. It is a coup plain and simple. Otherwise Known As Regime Change. The FBI and CIA with the State Department have spent the last 60 plus years, since they JFK’s us, remeber what he said: “You have no fucking idea how fucking fucked up everything fucking is” unquote, refining and polishing Regime Change and they have brought it back to American Soil. Think Libya, Syria, Central America. Why the CIA is directly involved in the palace coup. They are not supposed to be operating domestically by charter and mission.
    It is still good to see at least one act of honesty and forthright exposure of truth of how stone cold illegitimate it all is, from one who is from inside the cesspool.

    Read last night a group of North Carolina State Reps are joining the VCDL Rally inside the weapons exclusion cordon.
    WV is dead nuts serious about the offer of secession sanctuary to any and all Virginia people and civil entities.
    Max Velocity is running open pro-bono weapons handling and basic small unit infantry classes for anyone in Culpepper and surrounding counties.
    Last word something like 10,000 former .Mil and ex cops called and texted into VCDL and county Sheriff departments like Tazwell, to sign on for the militia’s. That don’t count civillian’s from both VA. and WV.
    This goes hot, it will spread into WV. like a prairie grass fire out of control. Already has philosophicly and politically, culturally it always was part and parcel done deal.

    I live in WV, the way the terrain and territory lays, a good 50% of the geographic state of Virginia could secede into WV in a New-York minute. The 9/10’s remaining would not have much trouble. About 1/10 of the geographic area of Virginia is held by the Swamp Tidewater/GlenBurny globohomo’s and their deep state proxies.

    Charlottesville was a dress rehearsal.

    this is righteous:

    and this…

    My Little Armalite, Virginia Edition

    And it’s down in Blacksburg Forest is where I long to be
    Lying in the dark with a Luau company
    A comrade on me left and another one on me right
    A mag of ammunition for me little Armalite
    [Verse 1]
    We were insulted by the governor, he said “You all are scum
    Clinging to religion and your compensating gun,”
    We tried to argue logically, our manners were polite
    But all the time I’m thinking of me little Armalite
    And it’s down in the swampland is where I long to be
    Lying in the dark with a Boogaloo company
    A comrade on me left and another one on me right
    A drum of ammunition for me little Armalite
    [Verse 2]
    Well this brave State Policeman came marching up our street
    Six hundred National Guardsman he had lined up at his feet
    “Come out you cowardly criminals, come on out and fight”
    He cried “I’m only joking” when he heard the Armalite
    And it’s down in Appalachia is where I long to be
    Lying in the dark with an Igloo company
    A comrade on me left and another one on me right
    A crate of ammunition for me little Armalite

    by: Michael Z. Williamson
    Jan 03, 202012:27AM

    White Genocide brothers.
    Been on the elitist’s menu a long time.
    We are the Kulaks Now.
    They want us gone to make way for the brown serfdom invasion/replacement soup of 3rd world shit-hole barbarism ignorance and servitude. Can you say Banana Fucking Republic? And we hoped we dodged that Epstein didn’t kill himself bullet on 11-8-2016, voting out the done deal Clinton Regime.2
    We White folks make terrible slaves.
    Best get used to it and kit up shits real.
    At least if it’s your time you go out, go in a pile of brass facing a windrow of dead hoplophobes.
    Or take the dirt nap for sure.
    See ya in Richmond.


  6. OK: My main issue with this is -why- are they grabbing up the tubes? Its not like the -don’t- already have them. I used to be the Small Arms Armorer/Repairman for the ENTIRE 81st Sustainment Brigade for the ENTIRE Army Reserve for the State of Florida. One thing we DID NOT lack was spares. For ANYTHING. At ALL. to include the guy who did ALL the NVG repair. We had ON HAND at least 20 spare tubes that they are ranting about… The FedBros, Fibbies and all the other Nazi/Gestapo fuckers, have enough spares to burn. It’s either a “Horse after the Cart situation” meaning trying to keep them out of FreeFor Forces, (which is retarded… true preppers ALREADY have night vision) OR theres something else in play… Dunno whats up, but if they’re JUST now grabbing this shit, it’s a day late and a dollar short


    • armed badged leg-breaker syndrome, makes them feel like they are responding to that higher calling or something, somebody without a clue ordered somebody to order up all the mil spec night vision because of all of us terrorists out in flyover nation or something, we can’t be having such wonder weapons or something.
      always looked like they did the same during the so called ammo shortage, figuring to buy up all the common calibers and preventing people stockpiling, or something, typical centralized hive control gubermint, notice how at the same time of the “shortage” they where running their pie-holes and producing fake news narrative about vast stockpiling of ammunition by those domestic terrorists and other white raaacist nazi’s, it’s neo-bolshevik agitprop 101.

      Everything is connected.
      They lie subvert undermine destroy everything.
      Weaponize all the things.


  7. OR, OR, OR, the crooked Eff Bee Eye might be looking at eliminating the possibility that the Great Unwashed won’t be able to possess or at least acquire night vision capability.


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