19 thoughts on “Start Running Asshole

        • Torx fasteners suck worse than any other fastener I have ever run across except one.
          Tamper Proof Torx.
          Them fuckers strip out twice as bad as any Phillips head screw.


          • Yep, people use those sicking things to install electronics on boats sometimes. Can’t count how many I’ve had to drill out. Stainless in aluminum without anti seize can be a nightmare.


        • A Phillips you can fiddle around with. You can always try to create a makeshift screwdriver if you’re really without one and you need just that one screw to come lose.
          With a Torx you’re screwed. Pun intended.


          • Any type of screw is like a beautiful lover… you have to coax and sweet talk her to go in and come out. A Torx is like the big girl but pretty standing next to the wall. To have her is the best rump you can have cause she is appreciative and eager. With any screw ya have to push in with some pressure and the head will not pop out.

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            • OMG! I never thought you’re such a poet! Lemme guess: the first time you’ve met a Torx was in France, right?
              Hmm… the only comparison I can come up with is that a Torx is like some highborn girl. Without proper etiquette you won’t ever screw her. A Phillips is like a Russian peasant girl. She does her job equally good provided you’re deliberate and strong. And you can talk her into coming out again if you tickle her enough. Which won’t happen with a Torx. She’s got her principles.


              • Oh Notwende, you are right in some regards but truly you have it backwards, the Phillips is a High born girl that fell out of favor and the Torx is the stout Russian peasant girl that with the right firm hand can cook you a sumptuous dinner, then bed you all night.


  1. Two words: Claw Pliars.

    I remember the first time I came across a Torx; it was an electronic device. I got it open, despite the manufacturer’s best attempts at keeping me out …


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  3. john, I can say that Robertson are a step up better then Torx, especially if you have to drill into hard material and you have to remove them often. The only thing is you have to have a new driver with sharp edges, if the edges dull then you are back to a American Standard as bad they are, as far as pain in the ass.


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