There’s still lots of room for more shit there.

Says the guy who just had to put his car out in the driveway yesterday so he could turn around in the garage enough to work on a little project.

Hey, when the going gets tough, the tough go vertical.

5 thoughts on “Rookie

  1. Phil wrote: “when the going gets tough, the tough go vertical”

    Ya got THAT right! When my company gave me a storage room that wasn’t big enough, I got a ladder, and started piling sh!t on top of anything, right up to the very roof of that room. Management didn’t mind, until there was a inspection by the local Fire Marshal, and we failed because my sacking was higher than the sprinklers. Can’t win. But, I tried …

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  2. The former Missus and I bought our first house. The understanding was the garage was for the toys and the living space was her domain. Soon she wanted to park in the garage. My comment that “Cars were painted so they could be left in the rain” went over like a fart in church.


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