16 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. GOOD!!!! I hate them fucking ugly mother fuckersvanyway… Get a fucking monster truck if you want some that is really cool… At my age, and life experience, these expensive pos, I’ve learned this vehicle is used by men with little or no dicks at all…. At least around here…
    If you have to have a fucking car to at track ladies, you ain’t got anything else of what it takes!


    • calm the fuck down and hold my beer.
      these things were built to steer like a gmc bus which should explain why the steering wheel was so large. probably insurance totalled the POS. LOL


  2. Well, at least it isn’t the split rear window model. I remember reading that it
    was not hatred of that window post, but the fact that the next model came
    without one. A shit-ton of owners of the earlier model replaced the glass
    to make it look like the latest model. This is the primary reason the old
    split-window cars are so valuable.

    The same thing happened to the Ferrari Daytonas. The Spiders were soaring
    in price, so a lot of owners chopped the tops off the Coupes. At one time, the
    GTCs could be bought at a fraction of the price of the GTS. Now an unmolested
    GTC is the rare version.


  3. I had a ’78 vette for a while. Engine hood was flabberglass. This one (ealier ’60s model) looks like it was aluMINium (as the Brits would pronounce the name of that element).

    Ouch is right.

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