A Little Perseverance, A Little Luck And A Quick Project Knocked Out

Don’t ask me why because it’s just the way I am but for some reason I got fixated on acquiring a little jewelers hand vise like this one a while back.



So I started scouring EBay.

Some of these little things are getting pretty pricey I noticed right away.

Anywhere from $10 for a cheap Chinesium junker to $65 for a decent one.

Depending on what style and how big they were, the prices went up from there!

Some of them have wooden handles, some of them are a different style altogether but $20 to $45 plus tax and shipping seemed to be a pretty common price. You can buy brand new Chinesium ones but that isn’t what I wanted. I wanted a vintage one that was in decent condition but I didn’t want to pay the crazy prices some of these people were asking.

So I kept window shopping every once in a while.

Lo and behold here about a week ago something inside my parameters appeared but it still had a couple of days before the auction was up.

It didn’t even have any bidders.

I can attribute that to the way the seller advertised it.

They said it needed some work and that the wing nut was frozen up.

They were only asking $9.99 for it plus another $9 something for shipping.

A bit much for shipping but whatever.

So I waited and I watched.

Of course I was to be at work when the auction ended so a few hours before that and on my way out the door, I took a chance and bid on it.

I got busy and forgot about until I get an Email telling me I needed to pay up!

So I did that and promptly forgot about it again.

It showed up today.

It’s smaller than I imagined but it was in overall decent condition except for the froze up wing nut, as advertised.


Apparently either someone has never heard of WD-40 or didn’t want to bother with it and just wanted to make a quick buck.

Three minutes after I had it out of the box in the garage I had the wingnut loose and the clamp moving back and forth.

Twenty minutes later, without using any power tools, I had it cleaned up and working perfectly.


As you can see, it vas mate in Chermany.

I’m thinking that makes it Pre-WWII because Germany got split in two after that and the patina under the surface rust supports that assumption.

It’s not new enough to be Post Wall German for sure.

So for twenty bucks and twenty minutes of effort I now have a nice little vintage hand vise .

I like little quickie projects like that.


8 thoughts on “A Little Perseverance, A Little Luck And A Quick Project Knocked Out

  1. If I dig deep enough, I think I can find the one that I inherited from my Dad, he used it to compress the flat mainsprings in muzzle loading rifles and the flat mainsprings found in older weapons.


  2. That’s pretty Phil. I can see a lot of use for that. Never mind the peanut gallery above, except Tsquared has a small point… a good find!


  3. I have those things on every work bench in the shop. I still repair jewelry but they get used mostly for gun work now. Between those & hemostats they are the most used tools in the shop.


  4. Very nice little unit. Being lazy my new system is to dunk the rusty things in Evaporust for an hour or two at room temperature, rinse it off and dry, then dunk in a 50/50 mix of WD40 and any old motor oil (usually straight 30 weight) and soak overnight. Next day dry off, buff it a bit with a thin wire brush and it is ready for the toolbox. Have recovered a good number of rusted frozen pliers, cutters calipers and other devices this way.


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