9 thoughts on “When You Don’t Have Any Duct Tape

  1. I guess if it works, use it!

    However, NOT having a roll of Duct Tape handy is just stoopid! Duct Tape is The FORCE – it has a dark side, a light side, and holds the Universe together…


    • I actually DID use duct tape as a rather large band-aid in “the field” – About 30 years ago I went on a hike with my old pack I used to hike with when I was a kid, and the belly band wore out my epidermis all along my sides. Didn’t have enough gauze to keep from bleeding, and we had three days more of hiking before we could get back to Civilization (and medical help…), so I very carefully and painfully washed my skin, dried it, and literally taped up my sides with duct tape! Worked like a charm. NO infections, and the tape actually helped my band to slide easier up and down (the original cause of the abrasions).

      Ah, you say, how are you going to remove it without ripping out the dermis right down to the muscle layer?? Actually, it was easy-peasy but hurt like hell: Duct tape adhesive is soluble in rubbing alcohol, so I poured it over the tape and carefully eased the tape off myself while screaming myself hoarse. Hurt like a monkey!! Hey, it worked, okay? Stupid, but it worked.

      I’ve done dumber things, and survived. But not much…


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