5 thoughts on “Go Home Truck, You’re Drunk

    • You don’t want to know!!!! What goes on in the reservation STAYS on the reservation, Dan! Move along, nothing to see here.

      (It behooves us at times like these to remember that the next generation will eat Tide Pods and snort condoms)….


  1. It looks like they tried something stupid like jumping over something and bent the hell outta the running gear on the landing – I wonder why it didn’t pop the tires. Maybe it did!

    That truck is not long for this world…


  2. An alignment shop my brother once managed had a ’64 Ford Galaxy, they torched the rims out and re-welded them to drive like this. They would drive it in a couple local parades a year to advertise their business. Made me sick just watching it go down the street.


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