Virginia Governor to Declare State Emergency to Prevent Lawful Carry at 2A Rally

This clown Northam is frantically pushing all the buttons.

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Just days before a planned gun-rights protest in the state capitol, Democratic Governor Ralph Northam plans to declare an emergency later today banning all weapons, including firearms, from the Capitol Square. According to NBC4 in Washington, officials speaking on condition of anonymity said the governor is concerned about “credible threats of potential violence and extremism.” However, the ominous-sounding report has the unnamed official admitting that “the state does not have intelligence that the groups are planning a specific act of violence.” Still, “Northam has grown increasingly concerned about numerous ominous-sounding postings on social media from forces outside Virginia.”
Oh there is more of course, you can read about it here.

14 thoughts on “Virginia Governor to Declare State Emergency to Prevent Lawful Carry at 2A Rally

  1. Now the masked ANTIFA Clowns will have UNARMED Victims to assault. WAY TO GO Governor. i am sure you are going to enforce that says protesters CANNOT wear masks. too right.

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  2. Originally posted over at Wirecutters:

    Let’s face it…both the Federal and States governments have been warned about further attacks on the Second Amendment.
    If they haven’t learned yet, perhaps it will be time to teach them once they go full retard.
    Let them sweat until then. Stay frosty until they fuck up…then fight like there will be no tomorrow and have no mercy, because they damn sure won’t give you any.
    Any plans you have and transmit, they will learn.


  3. The bigger story is that Gov Blackface and his leftist pals in the legislature have
    dropped the AR confiscation provision of their law on Monday. They are seeing
    a category 5 shit-storm backlash. Smooth move Ex-Lax! As for the rally, there
    are not enough LEO’s in the state to disarm the people at the event.


  4. The politically ruthless illegitimate cocksuckers don’t understand how mean good folks get when you violate our codes.
    There’s another thing here aside from watching them as they auto delegitimize themselves, a beautiful thing in itself to watch go down as it totally backfires on them, because us folks they be fucking with will never comply. The other thing is in America we free dirt people hold it almost like a religious taboo you don’t regulate our guns. Maybe that fits in with our codes. Either way, BFYTW BItchez!

    Here in WV one of the greatest fuck-you’s imaginable has happened, the same state legislature who helped make sure West Virginia’s a Constitutional carry state, has introduced a bill that offers West Virginian Sovereign Sanctuary to all Virginia Counties and Cities who need or want to secede from the cocksuckers and their leftist insanity in Richmond.
    If there is anything these dirty stinking fucking commies fear more than our rifles it is secession.
    1775.2. 1859. Tick. Tock.

    ‘West Virginia Bill Introducing Legislation For Providing Sanctuary For Virginia 2nd Amendment Counties and Cities/Towns etc In West Virginia By Seceding from Richmond And Become Part of West Virginia.’

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    • Phil Carson, please, tell us how you really feel! Let it out man! Actually it was good. you hit on every cylinder of that V16 and made a fuckton of sense. (Phil, still haven’t figured out what a fuckton weighs yet) People of the Dirt are tired and pissed at these scum sucking flatworms that are demanding we bow to them.


      • Well, I appreciate you Cederq, thanks. Whats gonna get these scumbags is solidarity of the dirt people. It is the ultimate legitimacy, it is sovereignty in action, it is fertile resistance to tyranny, and our guns are like yummy buttercream frosting on the toothsome cake of liberty.

        All these scumbags offer, is nothing. They demand everything. Huh? Who made you slimy cocksucking child raping scumbags gods? Yourselves!? Riiiiight.
        Don’t know bout u friend, but just one look at these fuckers and in every day normal life I woulnt want anything to do with them. They are seriously defective faggots. With a little bit of authoritaria’ and their creepy little minds think they are somehow special, anointed with divine powers over me. Go fuck yourself.

        We owe them nothing but withdrawal of consent and compliance. The Finger. That right there, being most powerful weapon ever devised, then leaves these these scumbags only two options, back-off or use violence to attempt to coerce us to do what they want us to do or not to do. They have to react to our will instead of making us jump thru tin pot dick-tator hoops. It is the ultimate Mexican standoff right now.
        The cops and other armed badged mall ninja’s on Northam’s leash have a fucking choice to make here, are they the dick-tators armed leg breakers or servant/employee’s of the dirt people who provide them with a decent paycheck and all those tasty mall ninja toys? Times up mutherfukers, bill is due for enjoying all that tax payer provided goodness and special privileges of running their own little organized crime gang.
        And the locust’s, the minions, “agents sent hither to eat out the peoples existence” you’alls gravytrain is done too.
        Lot of shit about to pop.

        Really seriously I can’t get my head around how stupid these clowns are. They are that stupid, I believe it absolutely, these pedo-elites calling the shots got to be FUBAR desperate, or FUBAR arrogant, like psychopath kind of hubris. Did they really think the gravy-train they been riding at our multiverse of expense, going to be an endless free shit ride?
        Come on, it isn’t fucking rocket science one way or another it’s ending. That train left long time ago.
        But to add injury to insult, and fuck all the ulterior and muh agenda/ideology driven excuses and lies, they are doubling down on their own special kind of insanity, while we stand here, and watch cosmic grade leave the bible behind, kind of stupid you can’t fix.
        I keep coming to the conclusion, a thousand time now if once, they are all part of some kind of really fucked up human extinction movement. They destroy everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. they touch.
        They are an actual sub species of homo-sapiens, on a self extinction branch of the human tree.

        And it’s our duty to use our instruments of liberty on them as it states in the Declaration of Independence and articles of secession.
        It’s us, you, me, him her all of us, that can do this, and, there is no one else, look around, you see anyone else? The only ones gonna save us is us from this unmitigated fucking disaster these fucking scumbags have made out of the best thing to happen to the human race.

        The only successful slave revolt ever, happened here in America, the only successful Revolution, lot of people don’t realize this bit of history, it is the only grass roots people revolting and waging a revolution against an empire, to win in all history, and it truly got going in the latter half of the 1700’s,, it is still going, they have not beaten us yet, even 1865, the whole thing went back underground, and they are doing what ruling class elitists do, meddling and wrecking everything so nobody but them can have nice things and live nice lives, it is the most momentous event aside from the birth of Christianity to happen to the men of the west, and it is because of the dirt people of the west. No others.

        It is no accident or random circumstance, nor unintended consequence, we are armed freemen dirt people. It is because the manifest thing, how and why and the what of the birth of living actualized functioning manifest thing called Liberty. The story of the second amendment is the story of America. Period. Guns in the hands of dirt people is the reason there is an America. Period. It could not happen any other way. Period. It was impossible without guns in our hands that we shook in the tyrants faces then and it is guns we will shake in their faces now. Period.

        “The Law”, which we are informed by those far more smarter than us dirt people tell us we must obey, or else, Laws originating of this earthly coil have zero to do with this, and we should not give a rats ass about their precious grift called inalienable laws, because we and our guns are unalienable, and that trumps inalienable every time. One is made out of whole cloth we politely make believe are legitimate, it is the fiction, a thin crust of civilization over a sea of barbarism, that only works because trust and the honor system, and it is these barbarian’s who have broken that thin crust of trust and honor because they are trying to coerce and threaten us with the inalienable to give up our unalienable, to rule us, unalienable as in like your soul, sorry, too bad sucks to be you can’t give you that, won’t give you that shit-heads, go fuck a flyin’ rollin’ donut, and my primal right to property, my guns, thats the first thing, and you can’t have them either. Go ahead try to take them. You can’t have my guns my natural manly use of them, nor my soul, my spirit, fuck you, in fact because fuck you thats why, it is what it is and your fucking dicktat don’t change nothin about it.
        This is momentous stuff. It’s history being very circular.
        There is a tiny little place in the Levant, it is the place of a turning point in history that has not diminished one iota in over 2000 years. A little town, at a crossroad, called Armageddon, where the good guys finally decided enough of the bad guys, how nothing like it ever happened. Those good guys are the forebears of us Men of The West. Armageddon is the end of bad things, the beginning of good things, of winning against evil, it is not Ragnorak, not for us dirt people, Ragnorak is reserved for the gods and all their things, and Northam and Bloomberg and the clintons and all of the homoglobo-pedo-elites, this depraved subspecies, they presume to be like gods and all things over us.
        This is Armageddon right now.
        All this momentous shit going down is born out of New Armageddon, and it’s rebirth is here again.

        Armageddon now.
        Momentous events are taking place. How can that be? There is
        momentous evil in this world, an evil that has held sway over
        momentous areas of our whole lives and history, and in a
        momentous body of counter resistance to this evil, against this
        momentous body of world encompassing corruption, slavery, by a
        momentous elitist oligarchy of absolute power along with
        momentous acts of strip mining us dirt people of our wealth, of
        momentous human trafficking of child sex slaves,
        momentous unintended consequences is coming with a bone in it’s teeth,
        momentous revolution is at hand. This is inevitable.
        Momentous war of good verses evil called Armageddon of which
        momentous biblical prophecy tells us not only Armageddon of
        momentous history and place, but of what Armageddon represents:
        momentous change, triumph over this great evil,
        momentous redress of birth of peace & liberty.

        It’s payback time Men.

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        • This needs to be reprinted on poster board and nailed to every door on the Virginia State House. This is the 2020 Declaration of Independence!!! If a fight comes our way then fight with a savagery not seen by modern man!!


          • It’s disgusting on a level difficult to define in words, that here are those jamokes all smug and front of the bus, they are manipulating us and events to create maximum false consequences. Thats a kind of crime in some ways more disgusting than their arrogance that it is only they decide who has guns and who does not, that they are the masters and we are the underclass. Those really are fightin’ words.
            They sit around plotting this shit. Don’t these scalawags got a life? Like whats seriously wrong inside their fucking brains meddling in all our affairs. It is relative to whats going on.

            Indeed as you imply Doug, it’s a question in the study of true insanity, like scratch your fucking head, I see with my eyes how FUBAR’d these scumbags are, but what is so fucking important that they see doing this shit outweighs consequences unintended, or are they truly suicidal? They risk not just losing politically, they risk staying alive.
            This is not about questions because outrage porn or whinging about shit. It is an absolute dictum of war, and this is war, to understand the enemy, which is essential to understanding what the enemy holds dear, this is clear military doctrine, if your going to win you need this info, because how do you figure out how to fight your enemy if you don’t know the mind of your enemy and what valuable targets to go for? Sure you can fight blind and go full retard, and have hope your gonna win, thats always an option, but the idea most of the time is not to become a martyr.
            What is it then that drives them? It’s not mom and apple pie, not patriotism in the wholly traditional American sense, is it for love, or leaving better than you took? Is it simply about power, and how absolute power corrupts absolutely?
            Look at these faggots, not for nothing they ain’t the finest specimens of manliness, frankly you could not force me at gunpoint in normal affairs to want to work for these assholes. There is nothing about them that would ever draw my resect or admiration for them as men.
            Is it money then? Is it ideals? If so what ideals would drive you to do these things to others and reach for such obvious intended results? It boggles my mind, how fucking stupid do you have to be to be so confident in your agenda to believe you got what it takes to rule with impunity over men such as us. I mean, dangerous men, men with guns all their lives because they ain’t fools or born to fools, men who know to the bone the human race is the most dangerous thing on Earth and you are a fool if your not prepared with suitable weaponry and accouterments thereof to defend and protect what matters most, never mind being men who have made peace with taking killing another man. I’m not no way alone, I know how to kill living things, how you do not hesitate, to handle remorse, and consequences of your actions and the great responsibilities and risks of The Boolit, because you can not take back The Boolit. Only death itself is more an absolute thing.
            I only would like to find the answers so I can understand better whats going down. I see whats going on in regards the overall effects and objectives, my eyes ain’t lying, events repeatedly leave no doubt, they give clear evidence of a pattern of foul absolute malice for me and my fellows and what we are born of, but, what is so fucking important that it drives these idiots to commit such trespasses on us.
            All that is essentially rhetorical, it will be moot here pretty soon if they do not stop escalating, for in no doubt they definitely have raised table stakes past the absurd. Past the point of no return, you know, crossed the Rubicon.
            What isn’t moot is drinking from the skulls of our avowed enemies here.
            As you say thats what it is going to come down to. Indeedy-deed. Thats a fact jack.
            You don’t even if you could, make up and be friends with such an enemy.
            There is only one thing for it.
            And thats just it. We all ain’t fools who will be fighting for whats right here. But who in their right rational cognitive mind chooses to do so for frivolous reasons? Most of us definitely aren’t psychopaths.
            There’s serious risks involved, serious as a heart attack serious, and prudence is everything in our culture, prudence is why we are armed men in a heavily armed society, prudence stays our hand and rightfully as it should be, but once events demand prudence is no longer warranted, you cast aside prudence, then there are no limits on fighting and destroying our enemy. Then it’s on Bitchez. And we are the kind of men who do not quit. We don’t care, we decide when we stop, and it is part of our culture as Men of The West, not only do we have this great history as the worst enemy you could make, we go from being tolerant to the edge of what appears on the outside to be cowardliness, but we know better, you, and your enemy will find out, you don’t want to go there, do not make us take out our rifles and start shooting your ass, we have this absolute cold blooded total war to the tooth warrior thing about us that lays dormant to the last second, then its on like a light switch. No fucking mercy. We gave you every reason to back off, every benefit of the doubt, while you just took and took and took, you don’t go there with us Men of The West. Big Fucking Mistake Dude.
            No quarter smart-asses? They want Black Flag? We will give them Black Flag. We are very good at that. Experts with a cold almost maniacal way of waging total war.
            You really really have to have a suicidal streak in you to fuck with us like this.
            I mean we have been polite, nice even about this shit, super tolerant, turn the other cheek even. They can’t be so ignorant what with all the social engineering and manipulation they sponsor and commit they are not cognizant of history and human nature in terms of our single minded violent potential once pushed past our endurance for such crap, proven over and over in our history as the armed traditionalist Men of America we are.
            I think many of us are like WTF! Are they that fucking crazy? Am I really seeing what I’m seeing? They really want to go there? REALLY?
            They want to it’s their dirt nap. More than enough of us happy to oblige them.


  5. I live in Illinois one of the most commie states in America because it’s controlled by Chicago,the people where I live (down state) are predominantly conservative. Most are having trouble affording the taxes but also can’t afford to move. I’m not moving because fuck them I’ve been here 49 years my grannie (98) In a month raied10 kids here our families and farms are here. God bless the good people of Virginia! The whole nation is watching

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  6. The sad, simple and UGLY truth is the commie left will NEVER give up, stop, go away, compromise or quit trying to sieze total control over ALL of us as long as they breathe. Just like this line from the movies. “Listen, and understand. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”.

    The same is true of the commie left…as long as they exist our rights, our freedom, our very lives are in jeopardy. Their intent is to enslave us or kill us….and they don’t care which. You don’t negotiate with or protest a rabid dog. You kill it. The same is necessary with communists.


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