Speaking Of Cats…..

After you marvel at how big this fucker is…


Can you imagine cleaning THAT litter box?

You’d need a full on Hazmat suit with a remote air supply.

And the hairballs must be the size of softballs.

Uses a telephone pole for a scratch post.

The food bowl is never empty for obvious reasons.

18 thoughts on “Speaking Of Cats…..

  1. I’d say thats a Maine Coon kat. Need to see if he has double paws, but they certainly get that big, have that neck rough, and the gray tiger markings. Always struck me somebody crossed bred a house kat with a Linx or other wild kitty. Probably put a female in heat with a wild kat in a small cage and left it at that. Might explain the aggressiveness they all seem to have..

    Had a couple over time, they make for fantastic rodent hunters. Real testy personalities. Rather bite the shit out of you and draw blood than get a pat. One I had used to sit up on the back of the couch and watch everything you did, when it was time for din din he would come up behind and try to take a piece out of my leg. Exceptionally intelligent for a kat, just plain mean.
    Always heard growing up they where popular on NewEngland whaling and cod boats. Pretty cool critters.

    Hey Phil, thought of you when I read this, pretty cool piece about Q posted on American Thinker. If Tom who owns AT let one of his contributor’s post this, that’s a pretty nice Cudo, cause Tom is real particular about accuracy in journalism.



  2. Holy Cat-Woman! What this cat wants, this cat gets… I would rather have one of those Senegal cats (I think that”s what it is called) At lest you can lead train them like a dog.


  3. Depends on the perspective. Could be the cat is pretty large (like the Main Coon or the Norwegian Forest Cat) but definitely not THAT large as the picture suggests – provided it is a domesticated cat.
    So you got one of the larger domestic cats….
    …what does it tell us about that woman?
    She’s gotta be pretty tiny.
    Delicately tiny… everything’s pretty tiny…
    I’ll let you roll on your own with that “brain cinema” I just started… 😛


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