And They Are Still Punk Ass Kids


I’m waiting for the really old farts to chime in.

Official Geezerdom for me awaits at the end of the month.

I was born in 1960.

Today is actually The Wifely Unit’s Birthday.

I ain’t stupid enough to reveal her age though, except she is younger than I am.

53 thoughts on “And They Are Still Punk Ass Kids

  1. Born 1953. When I was a young lad, my dad was a WWII vet, my maternal grandpa was WWI vet, and ancient history was the “Great Wahr of Nahorthun’ Aggression”. Today, WWI was a century ago.


  2. Oh well, if we are revealing our ages, July 1958, I have been accepted in and have now finished all my required course work for geezerdom and can now shout “GET OFF OF MY LAWN!” with renewed authority and boomer purpose. I am now allowed to leer and comment on young, nubile women and not be thought of as a pervert, but as just an old fart and he is harmless. I can now get my Denney’s 10% for Seniors and have young’uns address me as “Sir.” Sir was MY father, a true Air Farce ossifer… I would rather be 18 again with an old man’s mind and wisdom.


    • We ALL would like to have had the accumulated wisdom that we NOW have back when we were young. I *know* I would be better off, financially and physically!


  3. 1960? Hell, I got muh first motorsickle in ’68 with money I’d made puttin’ up hay and shit for other farmers. Don’t call yerself a geezer yet, man, I’m 65 and I ain’t no geezer… yet.


  4. When they killed JFK the Western World was in despair. They haven’t seen anything yet ’cause almost exactly one year later I was born.


  5. 1963, and appreciate being in the good company of everyone here.

    Don’t let that go to yer head, Cederq, I’m not getting mushy in my early middle age.



  6. Happy belated Birthday to your spouse. Hope you two are still good to go. Still plenty of time in this race to the finish line.

    I’m not quite as far along as you are, but will turn 57 tomorrow so know of what you speak – what a different country we live in compared to our childhood.


  7. I remember standing in line for the new polio vaccine, watching the new interstate being built, and wondering why so many were upset about a President my parents couldn’t stand.


  8. Aug. 1953. Glad we didn’t have cell phones and personal computers back then. I would not have a decent memory to look back on if we did. Retired and happy with the wifely unit. Happy birthday to yours


  9. There’s a reason for my screen name. It’s partially related to my birthdate but mostly due to my personality – though the two may be related.

    April 25, 1934. Yep, creeping up on 86. Let me know when you need some worldly advice.


  10. August 1945. Slightly pre-boomer. Dad was in the So. Pacific and my Uncle was in France. I graduated Tech school in 1965, just in time for Nam (Seabees ’66 – ’68). Construction and Land Development until 2008. Retired to N. AZ and lovin’ it, and the wife. Got lots of popcorn to watch the “show”. Best to you and yours.


  11. We have some Grand Old Farts, some Old Farts, some Over-the-hills, and some Whippersnappers, and some Young Whippersnappers here – I’d venture to say we have a good cross section of America! What say y’all?

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  12. Happy Birthday to the Wifely Unit!

    The rest of all ya’all can have fun with that one foot in the grave.
    (That’s tongue in cheek tinged with a bit of sarcasm, so don’t get your heart rates up. That ticker could pop any given moment.)
    Except you Larry, you’ve got me by 2.


  13. Hi Bubba,
    ‘Was Born on 03JUNE1945 ‘B’DAY of Jef. Davis Pres of the Confederacy …. 03June the “WAR” was still going on in the Pacific…. Einstein still hadn’t blown the “Device” at Trinity… So, it was still the pre-nuke Age….
    Besides Cokes and candy bar’s being a nickle… ‘ya could get a 50 round box of Federal .22 cal “Shorts” for 50 cents and a penny tax!!! and at the corner Grocery at that!!!
    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,


  14. August 1970 here and I’m already a grouchy asshole. I think it’s from working for bosses half my age who don’t have a fuckin clue! Ps love your blog keep up the good work.


  15. April 1954.
    Salk developed the polio vaccine.
    At 18. I could drink alcohol (legally) here in Maine.
    When it came time to register for the draft, it was scrapped.
    I already had 40,000 miles in a big rig.
    I been lucky.


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