6 thoughts on “Looks Legit

  1. Hey, if anyone is THAT stupid driving through or even walking through such a ‘hood…
    He‘s screaming „please fuck me over hard! And again!“


  2. Do *I* HAVE to spell it out for y’all?

    An ATM muscled-out by invaders who smashed through the front windows of a convenience store. Money was cleaned-out (armored cash-drawers are no match for those who have plenty of time), then abandoned in front of an empty house, miles away from the primary crime scene. Don’t worry if you used this particular one; your card was processed, then forgotten, so this no-armed bandit could go on to gouge others their $2-10 per-transaction fee …

    In case you did not notice the semblance, this crime is an euphemism for the value of your money in the US Federal Reserve Bank and FDIC Systems today.


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