4 thoughts on “I’m Seeing Similarities

  1. ever notice how he holds his head with his nose in the air? typical of narcissist egomaniacs. like his predecessors, he will die in shame, the ultimate hell for people like him. I suspect there are people canvasing Richmond for sturdy oak trees from which to hang him and his crew, a crooked lawyer and a rapist.


  2. Sooner or later, the Justice Department and or the federal courts are going to have
    to step in and shut this arrogant prick and his pals down. Part of me wants to
    see this sideshow continue. Virginia was a reliably red state before liberals
    settled into the big cities in the North. Governor Blackface seems oblivious
    to the fact that even liberals own guns in that state

    By lashing out at Orange Man, the Donks are now in self destruct mode. The
    crap they are flinging at their taxpaying citizens may come back to bite them!
    Minnesota came within a rats ass of going for Trump in 2016, and the governor
    is saying Y’all come to every turd world refugee on the planet. In New York
    and Marxifornia, they have all but legalized crimes of violence. I am a firm
    believer that politics (like economics) is a dynamic. If you push too hard in
    one direction, the people will push back at the ballot box.

    Keep an eye on the 2020 elections. If Virginia and Minnesota flip along with
    a few other blue states, the Donks are going to have a very bad day!


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