RUSH Percussionist Neil Peart Dead At 67

What a tragedy. Millions of people will now never get the chance to see one of the worlds best Rock bands and especially one of the worlds premier Percussionist’s.

I am deliberately calling Neil Peart a Percussionist because Drummer falls woefully short when it comes to the talent and skills that man possessed. He was also a very gifted lyricist.

He was a one man show all by himself.

Rest Easy Mr. Peart and Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I was lucky enough to see them in concert twice in years past.


Neil Peart, the hugely influential drummer and primary lyricist for legendary prog-rock power trio Rush, is dead. The CBC has confirmed with Rush’s publicist that Peart died in California this past Tuesday, 1/7, due to complications from brain cancer. Peart was 67.

This is a developing story…

The man could literally play instruments behind him without looking and not miss a beat.

8 thoughts on “RUSH Percussionist Neil Peart Dead At 67

  1. Rush, and specifically Neil Pearts lyrics had a huge effect on my becoming the man I am. God bless and keep you. And yours.
    Saw them in concert only once back in the early eighties on their Moving Pictures tour.


  2. Saw Rush in 2012. I convinced my buddies to go before they stopped touring. Incredible. And his motorcycle trip was an incredible story as well. The world lost an artist with his passing. Godspeed Neil to join your wife and daughter taken from you too soon. – Ron


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