Oh Hell Yes Big Brother Is Watching You At All Times. You Have No Privacy

You my have seen a little headline the other day saying a judge had ordered Google to release a years worth of Jussie Smallet’s internet history.

Lemme tell you, that is no small thing.

That is THE biggest invasion of your privacy that you could possibly imagine.

Because Google tracks EVERYTHING about you.

Those assholes sent me a nice little reminder just the other day.

Allow me to show you just a small example.

Carry a cell phone around do you?

They track your location.


They sent me this little reminder.


That is my travel history for the past year.


Our trip to see Nick Mason in concert.


Gas stop.


I stopped for gas coming and going to…

Coos Bay, which is that series of dots at the bottom left.

One dot is where I got gas, one dot is where I spent the night and one dot is where the memorial service was that I went down there for.

The 3 dots underneath Bend Oregon?

A mini vacation, complete with sight seeing destinations.

The single dot straight East of Portland?

My cousin’s wedding.

They know where you go, how you got there, what you had for dinner if you used any kind of plastic and how long you were there.

They can literally pick your car out of a traffic jam.

This is just one very small sample of a massive amount of data that they keep track of.


Then throw in Alexa and your new refrigerator, your television spying on you, etc., etc., etc..

You know who else has all of this?

The Government.

10 thoughts on “Oh Hell Yes Big Brother Is Watching You At All Times. You Have No Privacy

  1. The tracking everywhere is why I mostly don’t carry my cell phone and why I will never own one that can’t be turned off. Fuckem.

    If I need to figure out where I am in relation to where I want to go, I go old school, paper maps. As to having people being able to contact me when I don’t want to be contacted, well BFYTW.


    • When I travel I have an older flip phone I turn it off and remove the battery. Unless it has a super secret thermo reactor in it I am assuming they can’t track me unless I replace the battery and turn it on. I would only for an emergency. Imagine their surprise when I pop up 800 miles away….


  2. That’s not all they track. They also store your app and youtube histories. You can view this data and change the settings by logging in to Google, clicking on your profile pic top right and choosing Manage your Google Account. On the tile for Privacy and Personalisation, click Manage Your Data and Personalisation, then you can click the little arrows to the right next to each of the items they are tracking to see the details.

    The best part is that turning them off does nothing. I’ve turned these trackers off dozens of times and each time I go back in a few weeks later they are turned on again…


      • I do, when on PC. All of the data that’s stored by google is coming from the stupid “smart” phone I am forced to carry. I’m not even carrying Android anymore, it’s a damned iPhone, and it’s still capturing all my phone shit because I have my gmail account on there that I use for Amazon (another snoop lol) otherwise my lady would be shopping unchecked 😉


  3. And, listening, too,

    I was talking with a friend of mine who is also a Dr. We got on about hideous varicose veins. Had my cellphone with me. Later that day, I got a call from an unknown number. I never answer those. Didn’t leave a message. Looked it up. Guess who? A vascular surgeon.

    Since then, I use Silent Pocket; it blocks ALL spying from your wallet and cellphone:

    (you could also form a makeshift one out of aluminum foil …)
    Full disclosure: No financial or other interest in them.


    • A couple years ago a co-worker visited my cube to visit. he told me the story of a former co-worker (an engineer) at a different job had refilled the community hand sanitizer bottle with K-Y jelly. Then sat back and laughed as people tried to dry their hands. Brilliant gag. Funny story!
      Of course my Android smart phone was resting on my desk. thought nothing of it.
      An hour later, over my lunch hour, I pulled Instapundit up on my work computer.
      What do I see…ads for K-Y jelly. Coincidence? not on your life. They are listening.


  4. Best reason I can think of off hand for going back to using the landline and paper phonebooks, the only reason for the internet. All this convenience shit costs. – Your freedom! If I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the phone books, or get directed to what I wanted by someone in the phone books, I prolly didn’t need the damn thing anyway. All this convenient shit hasn’t made life easier, just more faking complicated with intruders. It’s none of anyones business where I go, who I talk to, where I am, and what I’m doing. If they don’t friggin like it, find someone who gives a shit…… Never give the fukrs a thing without a fight…..


  5. A good case for lead lined cases. But that would just be a start. Back when
    OBD2 systems were introduced, a nerd buddy of mine warned that the specs
    could conceivably data mine far more information than the fact that you ignored
    the Check Engine light which is already being sent to state governments. Imagine
    being sent speeding tickets by the state based on these snitches. Someone hacked
    a new vehicle and was gobsmacked by the data it was collecting. If you take the
    wife to dinner at a friends house, were in the vicinity of crime, visited a “massage”
    parlor, visited a drug gealer or spent 4 hours at a bar these systems record it.
    This is just the beginning!

    My advice: Find the cars cell antenna and disconnect it. When you get home,
    if you have a smart device with a camera, cover it up with some electrical tape.
    If it has microphone, squirt some RTV into porthole. And NEVER, EVER put
    one of those digital Big Brothers into your house! If you want to listen to
    music or look up the recipe for blueberry pancakes, use your fucking
    keyboard! People have already had cops knocking on the door after one
    of these devices reported a spousal argument.

    I have an idea for an experiment. I have to work out the details in otder to
    make it emperical. When I figure it out, I’ll post it.


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