My Sides!!! Virginia governor requests 18-officer team to enforce gun ban

Oh my God this man is an idiot.

Are you fucking serious?

18 guys?!

That’s not even a Parking Enforcement team.

Is he seriously that fucking stupid?!

Can we expect 18 resignations coming soon?

Because that is a 100% Suicide Mission.

Virginia governor requests 18-officer team to enforce gun ban

A civil war is developing in Virginia, where counties and municipalities are backing a “gun sanctuary” movement in response to Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam’s support of gun-control proposals by the legislature, which recently was taken over by the Democrats.

Now, Northam is asking for a $4.8 million, 18-officer team to enforce his proposed plan to confiscate commonly owned firearms categorized by lawmakers as “assault weapons,” reports Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard.

Northam’s request appears to be in response to the adoption of Second Amendment “sanctuary” resolutions by 91% of Virginia counties. The counties vow to not support any state law requiring the confiscation of weapons, arguing them violate the Second Amendment.

Northam had declared there would be a “war on guns” after Democrats took the majority in the legislature.


Should we start a pool on how long it takes to get a recall or impeachment action going against this clown?

20 thoughts on “My Sides!!! Virginia governor requests 18-officer team to enforce gun ban

  1. i’m sure there are 18 brown-nosers in the state police eager to join. they’ll be okay if they stay in nova taking guns from crims. I wouldn’t take any i.o.u.’s from any of them if they venture out in the country though…..and YES he is that fricking stupid. VMI should withdraw his diploma. just think, he’s a doctor that works on kids.


  2. You can damn well bet they were not volunteers! How long will they last if
    these 18 state cops meet an army of Appalachian rednecks?

    Cue up the scene banjo-guitar scene from Deliverance on Youtube:

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  3. I‘d take good care about what to think here and whom to trust in the validity of news since we all know that there is no news without any spin to it.
    Who do you think is the main profiteer of a civil war – or just the attempt to incite one?
    The people?
    Are your fucking kidding me??!??
    Ever since this mess started there’s all that talk about how they won’t be able “taking the guns from us” and that “we will show them”. That there will be a bloodbath. That the libs, the dems and leftist wackos will pay a terrible toll for their attempt prying “our guns” from our dead cold hands.
    Divide et impera very obviously still works like a charm.
    The cows are still just cattle and chew up what they’re fed.
    (Fools) *sigh*
    No, I don’t know a practical solution regarding the situation in Virginia. I am not an American and I don’t live on your continent. That’s why I used “we”, “us” and “ours” – not we, us and ours.
    But maybe this distance allows me to tell you that if there’s a shot coming from Virginia that’ll be heard around the world it will be the beginning of the end. The end of liberty, of the constitution, the sacred amendments, the end of everything you hold dear. It will be the end of most of your family members and ultimately your end.
    Do you really think you czplay Mujahedin in the Ozarks or the Rockies?
    Think again.
    Who has a seemingly endless supply of manpower, food, ammo and equipment? Huh? You? The militias? How many of your resistance will die within two months after SHTF? 60 percent? 80 percent? 95 percent? How many will starve, freeze to death or simply die from untreated infections?
    I’m not Borg.
    I won’t say that resistance is futile. Resistance makes sense – but only where you are better than military or police.
    Don’t do them the favor they’re asking for and long for civil war. Do everything in your power to prevent it from happening.
    Don’t give away your guns but do it in a clever manner – a gun blasting contest will produce ine loser – and it won’t be them.
    They’re just waiting for their chance to execute their long hatched plans.

    We’ve got pretty much the same situation all over Europe but THEY aren’t ready. Yet.
    Just wait a couple of years longer and a couple of millions illegal immigrants more – and we’ll reach a critical point as well.
    They could avoid all of that easily – but they won’t because they WANT to escalate. They’re planning on it.
    They need our violence as an excuse to execute their plans and dominate us more oppressive than ever before.
    Winter is coming.
    We have to stop hyperventilating, get our heads straight and make wise plans.


    • Notwende, your concerns are valid, but you have to remember there’s a LOT of ex-military out there that ARE trained – I was one of them.

      The power, communications, and other “must-haves” are subject to cutoff, sure, but that sword swings both ways. The “volunteers” for the squad have families too, y’know, and so does the Guv – who can easily be barricaded in the Guv’s Mansion or wherever he chooses to hole up. He also can have communication, power, and water cut off. As I said, the sword swings both ways.

      This has to be thought out most carefully, because if the Feds move in they have more resources, but they too can be cut off. I will not reveal methods, sorry.This can escalate very, VERY quickly. If it does, if the Fourth Box is opened, there’s going to be hell to pay before it will be closed again.

      Just remember – Oathkeepers. I think it’s going to be very close to the time that people are going to have to make a decision which way to jump. Will they pledge their Lives, their Fortunes, and their Sacred honor, or will they roll over and go back to sleep?

      WOW, times are going to get interesting. Who blinks first?


      • I would like to be informed by any knowledgeable persons as to what day the state legislature amended the state of virginia constitution to eliminate article one, section thirteen? Isn’t that the necessary first step the state must take in order to enact the “war on guns”?


        • That is a very good question. Here in the state of Marxifornia, there
          is no specific language pertaining to firearms, but there is an
          amendment that references a right to security or something along
          those lines. The real issue at hand is the United States Constitution
          and the Bill of Rights. As the supreme law of the land, no state,
          county, or city has the right to ban the ownership of firearms.

          One can argue that even the minor infringements like licensing
          requirements, waiting periods, ammunition purchase limits and the
          like, are unconstitutional. With a pro 2A president in the White
          House, now is the time to take matters to the Supreme Court.
          If anyone of the Democrat clown car candidates wins in 2020,
          two things are certain; The systemic corruption in the Democrat
          party will be swept under the rug and they will attempt to
          disarm the American people!

          Let Governor Blackface play his games all the way to the United
          States Supreme Court before they start a second Civil War.

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          • Right now, there’s a case that has been argued before SCOTUS that’s dealing with NYC’s bullshit gun laws. The big question is whether the court will go ahead and decide the case, as NYC has supposedly done away with the law that the suit is based on. (Ignoring the fact NYC can reinstate the law after SCOTUS kicks it.)

            I think a lot of people are watching to see how SCOTUS rules on this (and reports on in June when all the justices are hauling ass out of town.)


            • This is not an uncommon tactic of the left. They have been using
              Fabian tactics for generations. Take abortion or public displays of
              religion for example. They will take any of their causes to the
              brink, and suddenly drop the case the minute the Supreme Court
              accepts the case. The city of Los Angeles bent over and grabbed
              the soap over the cross on the city logo when the ACLU went
              after it. In the South where a mayor or governor tells them to
              go pound sand up their asses, they pull an Emily Latella never

              If they take it all the way, they run the risk of losing one of their
              pet causes forever. Even if governor Blackface of Virginia takes
              it to the brink, he will have the entire Demoncrat party begging
              him to drop it. They are evil, but they are not stupid!


      • It’s easy for govt.
        If none of you is willing to fire the first shot that claims at least a heavily maimed victim, they’ll have guys in your ranks that will see to it. If all fails they’ll do a false flag.
        Remember they WANT violence to erupt and spread.


    • I hope this goes to the lawyers and judges before the badness can really start. real thinking people need to get their heads involved in the guns and Constitution deal. there are indeed a lot of hard liners on both sides of the guns questions. My only true solution is to put it before the People. If you want no guns in the hands of citizens, change the Constitution. be advised that We the People will have to change a lot more than the Second Amendment of the US Constitution in order to make the change stick to the hard cases that WILL be keeping their guns.
      So, the question is just how many of YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS would the People be willing to surrender?


  4. Doing some basic cipherin’ here and that works out to $266,666.66 for each of the 18 crimefighters/governor’s buddies/campaign contributors.


  5. Just fucking Amazing how they volunteer 18 people to get themselves killed, not having the balls to do it themselves. He will kill a defenseless Baby fresh in, or just out of the womb, but doesn’t have the balls to come to my house.


  6. Those 18 people will undoubtedly be craven social climbers. However, those 18 are not the ones you have to worry about, they are merely the public face of the program. Each of those 18 will have a staff of about 20 -25 who you will not know about. Those will be the latest in an eternal line of faceless bureaucrats who will have no problem doing whatever they are told to do. In fact, I would be willing to bet my retirement they’ll be soulless enthusiastic supporters. They will be the ones following people around, combing through internet accounts, putting together whatever files will be needed to give the “good guys” the green light to kick in the door at three am and make an example out of whatever poor slob lives behind that door.


  7. Spoke to a FedEx delivery guy this past weekend. Apparently lots of ammo orders are being delivered in Virginia. Many heavy boxes.


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