8 thoughts on “Give This Man Some Power Tools

  1. A millennial….
    With his eco-friendly car….
    With his prized piece of protected old-growth forest…

    Likely ‘saved’ it from the clutches of those evil conglomerates at Home Depot.


  2. Gotta be photoshop, Phil. Even if it was a glue-lam beam (which it doesn’t appear to be…), that’s waaaay to heavy for him to be hoisting it by himself.


  3. Years ago as I was loading yet another pile of lumber into my C30, I watched a couple of…let’s say, day laborers, pile 18 sheets of half inch drywall onto the ladder rack of a van. The yard boys and I watched as they drove away. I thought that they would make the first turn and just tip over but I was wrong. The top of that van pancaked before they even made it out of the lot and all the windows seemed to just about vaporize. One of the funniest things I ever saw!


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