Feeling Adventurous?

Try heading down to your local Little Caesar’s  Pizza joint early on a New Years Eve.

Holy shit, at 5:00 it was a fucking MADHOUSE.


At least there was some decent scenery, there was a tall blonde about 24 or so, built like a Brick Shithouse, long curly hair and had Rhinestone covered back pockets on her jeans in front of me.

It made the wait much more tolerable….

So this is it folks, the last post of 2019.

Such posterity, right?

No looking back, no predictions, no pearls of wisdom?

Naw, Fuck That.

All I can tell ya is to be safe.

Remember there are a shitload of Rookies out there tonight.

Let ’em have it as far as I’m concerned.

I’m gonna put my feet up and ring in the start of my sixth decade sitting on my ass.

Us old guys don’t get too excited about shit.

14 thoughts on “Feeling Adventurous?

  1. Yup, setting on my ass, got a bottle of mid shelf Ky bourbon, wouldn’t leave the house for love nor money, you know the leos are out in force. Happy New Year to you and yours, keep your powder dry and your ear to the ground. The tone is being set in Va, we shall see.


  2. Quite cozy, that picture. Sittin’ quiet in front of a nicely crackling fireplace, feet outstretched towards the fire, a glass of eggnog in your hands…
    …watching the flames dance while gusts of wind are blowing snow around your house.
    Nothing moves. All is quiet.
    Sometimes you might shift a little just to facilitate the escape of a fart…
    Happy New Year, Phil 🙂

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  3. Happy New Year from the future!!!
    Armature night tonight. best not to fuck with the natural order of things. Besides, I got time hanging from my birthday shenanigans still. 3 more months!!


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  5. … local Little Caesar’s Pizza New Years Eve at 5:00 … a fucking MADHOUSE …

    I went 11 AM for last-minute lite shopping. It was ALREADY that way. 10 or more cashiers, lines 5-10 deep. Took me TWO HOURS to do what usually takes ONE HOUR. WTF? I could see ‘Black Friday’, Christmas Eve, or even Valentine’s Day. But, December 31. At 11 in the morning? Sure hope these sheepers (shoppers) were preparing for the festivities to come later in 2020, and not just one night …

    Oh. Almost forgot. Happy New Year, Phil and all. Thanks for hosting this forum, Phil.

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  6. Are you turning 50? Because THAT would be your sixth decade of life. (Birth to 9 = 1st decade, 10-19 = second, etc.)

    Sorry. It was an unpleasant realization for me too. (Not, I repeat, NOT anal-retentive 🙂

    And a belated happy new year.


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