I Was WAY Off!

I stumbled across this picture of a neat little retro scooter in immaculate condition and thought to myself, 60’s maybe late 50’s , probably Italian.

1930 Stream Line KJ Henderson motorcycle


Way wrong.

How about 1930 Stream Line KJ Henderson motorcycle?

I have heard of Henderson motorcycles but didn’t know they made a streamlined Art Deco version.

It’s a pretty cool looking old thing but I bet it’s a complete pain in the ass to work on.

This is what a 1930 Henderson looks like without all the fancy body work.

This is an original unrestored Police version bike.

Henderson-1 jpg

For 1930’s technology, they were nothing to sneeze at.


1930 Henderson KJ
Engine: 79.4ci (1,301cc) air-cooled IOE F-head inline four, 2-11/16in x 3-1/2in bore and stroke, 4.4:1 compression ratio, 40hp at 4,000rpm (claimed)
Top speed: 100mph (claimed)
Carburetion: Single Schebler
Transmission: 3-speed handshift, chain final drive
Electrics: 6v, magneto ignition
Frame/wheelbase: Dual downtube cradle frame/58in (1,473mm)
Suspension: Trailing link double leg springer forks front, rigid rear
Brakes: Drum front, contracting band rear
Tires: 4 x 19in front and rear
Weight (dry): 440lb (200kg)
Fuel capacity: 4gal (15ltr)

Gotta love that 4:1 compression ratio. At least the thing wouldn’t launch you if it kicked back.

4 thoughts on “I Was WAY Off!

  1. My grandfather Charles Darwin told me that back in 1930 when you went to the Henderson dealer to finance the Stream Line KJ, the required down payment was your dignity as a man.


  2. Nice. The Henderson had a problem with the fourth cylinder overheating and seizing up. To a lesser extent, the third as well. Other than that, they were good bikes.


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