A Little Delayed Christmas Activity

There is no hope for me.

As I briefly mentioned yesterday, after doing some clean up out in the garage putting some tools and shit away finally, I discovered a couple of bare spots where some shit used to be that I had gotten rid of recently.

Can’t be having that now, can we?

One of my Sister In Laws just happened to give me a thirty dollar gift card for Harbor Freight that has been burning a hole in my wallet ever since and those enablers at HF have just by coincidence I’m sure, been inundating my Inbox with oh so irresistible deals like 20 and 25% OFF coupons.

You see where this is going already, don’tcha?

Yep, I just got back.

First up, a set of Metric Offset Wrenches.


Normally $15.99, which is a pretty decent deal to begin with, let’s throw a 20% coupon at that and yeah, I’ll take those.

I don’t recall ever seeing  a set of those in Metric and I could have used a couple of those a while back when I was killing myself changing out that fucking alternator on the Wifely Unit’s POS.

I may just go back and get the Standard set too now that I think about it.

We shall see.

As for the Gift card, well, I have one of these little grinders already that I bought a year or two ago and I do use it occasionally because it is great for little touch up jobs when you need a fine grit grinding wheel.

I have kicked myself since I bought it for not stepping up to the plate and getting this model though.

Since it was on sale and I had a gift card that put me close enough to the final price, I snagged one. After I had to have one of their people go in the back and find me one.


That little Flex Shaft is going to be a handy little fucker.

It will save me from having to find and dig out my Dremel for a bunch of quick little jobs, which is a complete pain in the ass to do.

I replaced their little buffing wheel on my old one with an even finer grinding wheel so I will swap that shit out as soon as I get this thing unboxed.

It was on sale for $37.99 so it cost me a whopping $7.99 plus tax.

I’ll take that kind of deal all day every day.

There is still the problem of one ten inch square bare spot out there.

Maybe I’ll just rearrange some crap so I can’t see it anymore…

4 thoughts on “A Little Delayed Christmas Activity

  1. I’ve got a flex shaft extension for my Dremels, and yep, comes in REAL handy at times.

    I had a set of Craftsman offset wrenches like that in both SAE and metric. Long gone, but there’s been a couple of times I could have used them. I’ll have to mosey over to HF and see how well they’re made.


  2. Just last week I took some HF 13mm wrenches, cut the heads off, and welded the stems together along with putting the heads back on and voila, extra long extended 13mm wrench.
    Keep in mind, it’s cast chineesium so not to apply too much torque.
    Works great on that stupid hard to reach tensioner pully for the serpentine belt in the the wife’s vehicle.


  3. I know you have already figured this shit out, but pull that flex shaft apart and grease the shit out of it before you put it back together. IF…IF they greased it, it’s that shit grease they get from melting down all the unhappy employees and political prisoners. Wipe it off, regrease it and it’ll last a few days longer than normal. (meaning tomorrow)


  4. It’s great you have an actual functioning Harbor Freight. Mine is well stocked, and always very neat, I just can’t seem to make it through the checkout. Last visit, 3 “associates” were explaining the rules of a cash and gift card return for an exchange. Stood with my 3 items in line for 20 minutes. Abandoned the entire purchase on another checkout counter and left. Never going back. You’d think one of the other associates would’ve opened another register for everyone else….


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