I Wasn’t Kidding

A couple of days ago when I was on here going on about Christmas again, I made the following statement.

As much as I piss, bitch, moan and complain about the Christmas season because it is SUCH a pain in the ass, my wife takes this shit seriously.

That was in response to Her Awesomness getting me this brand new HP laptop that I am currently cranking this post out on.


Yeah, well, as Paul Harvey used to say, here’s The Rest Of The Story…

After we went to her folks and opened presents on Christmas Eve, then sat and visited for a few hours, we finally came back home.

As usual, I wound up falling asleep like a tuckered out two year old right here in my recliner with my laptop sitting in my lap.


I woke up at some point and set it down on the floor and went right back to sleep.

What seemed like five minutes later I get woke up by the wife and kid, looking like expectant kids themselves.

I cracked an eye open and she starts saying something about opening presents but my brain is flashing bright red lights and Urgent Messages telling me I gotta pee.


So while she is still talking I pile out of the chair, go to turn right to get past them and get to the bathroom when I trip over something.

I damn near went down but Nature was screaming at me so I just kind of glanced down, see this big fucking box on the floor and yell over my shoulder as I hit the bathroom door asking the wife if she bought me a new Sprite for Christmas?

After taking care of business I come back out to get a better look at what I tripped over and stopped dead in my tracks.

Holy Shit, are you kidding me?

A couple of weeks ago after asking her what she wanted for the third time, she asked me what I wanted.

Harbor Freight Gift Cards dear.

The same as last year.

That ain’t good enough.

So I mentioned a new laptop but then what I had really been wanting occurred to me so I got on Amazon, showed her what I was talking about and sent her a link to it.

Trust me, after finding out I got this laptop I figured there was no way I was getting the other thing so I just wrote it off and figured I’d find a way later.

Remember what I said about her taking it serious?


This is what I tripped over.


I finally got the Sprite moved out and some room to get it open, put together and cleaned up just a little bit ago.

This, is what was in the box.



I am so tickled I still can’t hardly believe it.

She of course has no idea what it is, except that it’s heavy.

Total shipping weight was 68 pounds.

So after I got it cleaned up, put together and set on the drill press table I got the clamp kit out and threw a little demonstration together for her.


I showed her how it works and why I had been wanting one so badly.

I think she gets it but being my wife, she doesn’t really care, as long as I am happy.

Happy is a bit of an understatement actually.

The base is actually a bit longer than the table on the drill press but seeings as they are both of the Asian Persuasion, the drill press being Japanese and the X-Y table is shiny new Chinesium, the mounting slots actually line up enough that I can bolt it down.


Phil’s Temple of Tools has just received a new addition!

I am going to get some heavy flat bar and make some hold down washers for the base and then it will be good to go.

I am a lucky sonofabitch fellas.

Now I’m just waiting to see what the credit card bill is going to look like….

Tarsier has eyes that are larger than it's brain. Bohol island, Philippines.. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.

Thankfully I didn’t use mine for anything.

12 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Kidding

  1. HOLY SHIT, Phil!

    I’ve used those before, and they’re as good as the person operating it. Just keep ‘er clean, and keep the table and screw drives lubricated, and it’ll outlast you…..CONGRATS!


  2. SCORE! You lucky dog. The missus must really really love and appreciate ya, fella.
    Make sure you give her a big hug and let her know how much you appreciate her. After all, she puts up with you, knowwhutImean? ;P

    My saintly wife deserves the same, poor woman…

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  3. Damn I am jealous! I am with egorr and Notwende +1 and hug the gorgeous babe! And a gal that actually listens and remembers what us tool nerds want is a keeper!


    • Just the table. I picked up the drill press last year for $50 off of OfferUp. It was a rusty mess, the table had holes drilled in it in an arc all the way across and there was no motor or belt on it. I did a whole bunch of posts showing me getting it put back together and making it useable again.
      I already used the table yesterday and I am LOVING it!


      • D’oh! I remember the drill press find and the table with the arc of holes. I shoulda thought of that.

        I have the original X/Y table off my Sherline mill from before I converted it to the bigger axes all around. I mounted that to a piece of plywood and use it on the drill press when I need the accuracy. Most of the time, the holes are marked with the regular scribes and punch marks so I don’t use it all the time. It’s really nice when I need it, though.


  4. Might consider this Phil: when you got the coin ditch the cheezy chink key chuck and get a quality keyless with an integral morse taper. Travers has a quality Phase II brand for just ever $100 bucks.
    Reason for mentioning it to you, you will be happy you did because a good keyless gets tighter as your bit slips in the jaws, those chink chucks need to be tightened repeatedly soon as they get a bit of wear in them, and for those times when a piece of work gets away from you with a 3/4 inch Silver & Deming drill bit thats instantly jammed up and slinging that 10lb flyin’ chunk o steel around at 660 rpms.
    Put a bit of slack in the drive belt so it slips if your tool jams up and don’t break off your drill or end mill.

    If you ain’t used or have one, one of the really handy accessories I ever got for my shop is a drill bit sharpener rig. Got a Drill Doctor brand off the Snap-On truck about 18 years back, it sharpens all types of drills, has a diamond wheel, and grinds an optional 135 degree split-point on any type of drill. Even sharpens my carbide SDS masonry hammer drill bits.
    It was $135 back then, figured it would last long enough to pay itself back. Surprize! Fucker’s still going. No sign of giving up the ghost. The motors are kind of weak, but really, you get a very good balanced even and extremely nice cutting edge if you take your time, plus the bit don’t get overheated. One I got does up to .750 inch diameter bits. Not much thats handier piece of shop equipment in my book. I was fabbing a lot of bike parts out of titanium, and you have to use cobalt bits on Ti, even those dull up something fierce, they are cheap either, and with Ti you need real sharp.
    It’s great for yard sale bits that are gutted out you can get for next to nothing. Take them back to the shop, set shit up, turn on the radio, fire up a smoke and go at it.
    It’s superb for small drills. Even does center and spotting drills. All that stuff has gone way up in cost. Probably saved me hundreds close near a grand, never mind the precise clean holes from a precise even fresh sharp bit, or when your bit shits the bed in the middle of drilling a hole you are back in business in a few minutes. Even broke off stubs, if you have a little flute length remaining you can regrind a new end, they be short, but thats not necessarily a bad thing.
    Turned a few simple collets in ranges to hold awls, center punches, drifts and shit, even ones to hold flat blade screw drivers, puts a sweet hollow ground factory point on them. Really handy versatile piece of equipment. There’s many diff brands available than back 18 years ago.

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  5. I going to have to look into both of those items. We have a Drill Doctor at work that no one ever uses because they just order new bits. We have one guy who spent a whole day just hand sharpening a box full of old drill bits on a grinding wheel.
    He does a good job of it too.
    Yeah the Chinesium chuck isn’t all that and a bag of chips but I am making it work for now. I can’t complain, fifteen bucks already mounted on a Morse Taper at Harbor Freight.
    I can say I am already loving this new table. I am in the middle of a band saw upgrade right now.


    • Great thing, really great thing is you have a complete system of a nice balance set of tools that tie together operations, so you can accomplish just about anything metal fab wise.
      I know what your into because of my own garage shop how there’s always bits and tool got to haves.
      Those drill doctors are really good for drill work and maintaining, a strait centered hole on your lathe for deep drill ops because you get a near perfect split between the cutting edges.

      After messing around with the custom collets for the Drill Dr. got a notion to try to see if end mills could be sharpened, 2 flute style came out ok, 4 flute is a lot harder to line up the indexing. I just did a down and dirty improvised collet and used the ol mark one hairy eyeball to line up the flute webs. Probably work well if a dedicated Drill Dr was modified specifically for resharpening the ends of end mills. Wouldn’t be able to resharpen along the Z axis, only the end, but thats where most of the end mills I got are dull. Have to come up with an indexer device because the drill indexer don’t work very well for end mills different web shape. And you need the back relief too and for getting center cutting end mills resharpened have to use the split point feature somehow. Maybe a like a billet aluminum zeroing fixture. I got to make something anyways eventually cause the factory thin spring steel indexer is starting to go south.
      If it’s doable thats a real money saver cause here the only resharpening dude in WV I could find charges me $10 bucks a piece to sharpen the ends, not whinging, just every penny adds up saved big time these days. 15 resharpened end mills and they pay for a drill doctor, never mind the convenience savings.

      Besides, like you Phil, self reliance is everything. Never would be able to account for how much money I’ve saved because of the shop over the years, but it’s substantial, and the long timeline frame of things whats been saved adds up like compounded mortgage interest, because now your keeping your money inside your self reliance loop instead of say it goes into Lowes bank account and never provides you with roll on added wealth creation or sustainability, its just gone money.
      I know it sounds kind of corny or tree humper BS, but it is the holistic aspect of self-reliance that is better than money in the bank. Long as the tool lasts it’s paying you back, verses say the electric bill money, out the door adios bitchez, but when you produce your own off grid sustainable power, there’s a myriad of paybacks and bennies beyond not having that monthly electric bill.
      Again it’s that holistic thing. It’s changing your thinking too. Never mind the cool shit-lord factor of ones shop to fix repair and make shit.

      Thats Freedom to me.
      “Unfettered” economic activity. I think it was Jefferson, maybe Franklin, who said economic activity, unfettered by alien and outside restriction or tribute, you know, Render Unto Caesar, is absolutely vital, the main element that makes living liberty possible, so’s owning property, and what’s a mill, a saw, a gun right? Property, the first thing. It’s all tied together. Holistic, self reliance, sustainability.
      I like to say for every garage shop or basement/cottage operation, there’s huge, roll on order effects, subtle yes, but intrinsically robust and anti-fragile, they create an almost logarithmic effect on freedom and prosperity.
      Corporate/Industrialized Big Everything sucks the lifeblood out of us, it’s what they are for, what they do, to get every last buck possible out of us. Some call it slavery. I tend to go along with the philosophical aspect of that. But, in no way possible do I be a slave within that dialectic, every way practically possible. I think, I feel, I experience and enjoy “the blessings of that liberty”, freedom.
      It’s said once you get a taste of it everything changes, even physiologically freedom changes you. I think thats why they hate us having guns and access to them, you pick up a rifle, in your hands, and you change from a slave within their institutional order, to not a slave, you become an insurgent. No difference when you plug in your brandy new milling machine and every-time you switch it on. Thats Freedom. And they don’t want people who are free like that. They can’t steal our wealth from us then. They loose that power.
      The only source of wealth creation comes from the dirt people who employ their elbow grease to create something where it didn’t exist before. Everything else is an instrument or racket that extracts that creation of wealth. Maker’s verses Taker’s.

      Just think, it we where again a nation of people who are contemporary makers, hand crafters, artists, blacksmiths, machinist, fabricators, bakers, truck farmers etc, nobody could fuck with us, unless they are stupid enough to grab the tiger by the tail. Thats what created America, the real solid core of America.

      So yeah man! I’m totally psych’d you got your shop shit going. It’s raining Christmas dude.

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  6. Amen to every bit of that. You also get the self satisfaction of creating something that didn’t exist before.
    Ditto if I can use my tools and machinery to make more tools and machinery or even just improvements and maintenance.
    That’s where I want to wind up.
    Being able to take semi finished materials like steel and dimensional wood and make a brand new machine so I don’t have to spend big money on that shit.
    Also what else I like doing, finding some piece of equipment or machine that someone else thinks isn’t worth much anymore and making it functional again on the cheap. That takes skills and so far the fuckers haven’t found a way to tax those yet.


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