Ho Ho Ho WHOA!!

As much as I piss, bitch, moan and complain about the Christmas season because it is SUCH a pain in the ass, my wife takes this shit seriously.

Daddy scored big time.




Thank you honey!

I hope all y’all are also so pleasantly surprised.




12 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho WHOA!!

  1. It is most excellent to see you come around Zoomie, long time no see man.
    Merry Christmas to you an your’s as well.
    I assume you are keeping up with current events.
    It’s looking ugly down the road buddy.
    Keep your powder dry.


  2. Being a networking and cyber security junkie, I would be tickled shitless over that. We’re taking it a little low key here since I got laid off a couple of months ago, but I scored with a nice salt and pepper grinder set and a coffee bean grinder.
    Drinking my first cup of fresh ground coffee while I get the turkey started low and slow with hickory chips and a bourbon brown sugar rub.
    Gonna be a good day.


  3. Good score Phil! People here are just getting their asses in gear so I haven’t seen whatever package of suck the family has burdened me with. We will see.
    Have a great Christmas.



  4. Luck you!
    When my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas All I replied was “anal”.
    Looks like I wont be sitting comfortably till at least new years…..
    Be careful what you wish for.
    Merry Christmass all!


  5. Awright! Nice. Now, rip that stupid Windoze Operating system off of it and put (just about any verison of) Linux on there. A real Operating System.

    Just kidding. Carry on and enjoy your new hardware!


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