Christmas BLOAT

Because every year I make damn sure that I get at least one thing I want for Christmas no matter what.

Merry Christmas to me.


16 thoughts on “Christmas BLOAT

      • Yeah, I know I have been missing, just not up to most things until lately. I had surgery on my ankle and foot on Friday, Dec 20 and they had to dig a lot of infection out of my ankle. I was under for 3 hours. I got home on Saturday and slept most of the rest of Sat and Sunday. I saw the doc on Monday and again I will on Thursday. I have to drive 128 miles one way to see the doc in Sioux Falls. Sucks living in a rural area. I am under heavy antibiotics and my ass is feeling it. Doc gives me a very good prognosis and I should be well enough to move back west in early spring. I have been talking with my Brother about moving into the West Linn area instead of Idaho. I am sure I can find someplace to live, even if it is a hole in the wall, I still have my travel trailer, I have lived in those before. I won’t remain a stranger. Talk with ya soon. I was hoping to call you but being XMas eve and all, don’t want to upset the Wife unit…


      • Not as much golf as I’d like. Weather hasn’t cooperated, and at the end of October our 9-year old Great Pyrenees developed glaucoma in his left eye.

        He’s already blind in the right eye because of glaucoma that his previous owners didn’t treat, so it’s critical to do all we can to get this eye back. The medication (eye drops) got the internal pressure back down, and while the iris and pupil appear to be recovering, it has been a slow progress.
        He needs a lot of attention, but fortunately I’m retired, so I have plenty of time for him.

        On one hand, he’s 78 pounds, so he’s too much for Karla to handle on her own. On the other, he’s only 78 pounds (a male Great Pyr can be 40 pounds more), so I can easily handle him. And he has a gentle temper, so getting the drops in twice a day isn’t a problem.

        I’m hoping that in the next couple of weeks I can start getting away in the afternoons for 9 holes.


  1. Merry Christmas Phil!
    Out of my rifles (TOZ 74, Ruger Precision Rimfire) Remington cartridges aren’t very accurate.
    Ever tried Geco or RWS?


  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours too! Thanks (I think) for introducing me to Harbor Freight. Their stuff s silly cheap and works as designed.


  3. In my opinion those are only good for plinking or Target practice. Because of the high failure to fire aspect they are known for.
    Yet beggars can’t be too choosey eh !
    Merry Christmas Phil


  4. Normally, I buy myself a Christmas present but this year I decided to do something
    different. I am finally going to buy a 17 inch HD laptop to use with my DSLR
    cameras. It would be mainly used for post-processing, and maintaining an
    extra level of backup. Even in the field, it could be used to display full-sized
    images so I would not have to rely on the tiny LCD screen on the cameras.


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