Does This Mean I Am Permanently Wired?



I mean, seriously, I probably have enough caffeine in my system at any given time to wake the fucking dead.

One can’t be too careful about getting too much blood into their caffeine system.

If that happens then it throws my nicotine levels off too.

The three of them are closely intertwined and it is a constant battle to keep everything just right.


7 thoughts on “Does This Mean I Am Permanently Wired?

      • Thats what the fuckin booze is for. I know its not healthy for an automobile to have someone drive it with one foot on the brake and the other planted firmly on the gas…But how else is a respectable brake stand accomplished? Metaphorically speaking of course. Dad always says ” happy ## th. glad you made it another year!! “I leave these marks on the proverbial road of life for future generations”.They have no Idea how to party. pussies.


  1. Cold turkey off of caffeine is almost as bad as DT’s of ETOH and heroin. Only reason we don’t shake ourselves silly is caffeine is in everything we eat, yes, even celery! Caffeine is almost as prevalent as carbon…


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