16 thoughts on “Stand Firm Virginians

      • There was a recording of a call to a National Guard commander in one of the Virginia cities, and the Sargent answering the phone couldn’t get the Commander on the phone, but in further conversation the Guardsman informed the caller that there was basically no chance in Hell he would follow an order like that. You could tell by the tone of voice that Sarge had considered it carefully and was prepared to disobey an illegal order. Now, if the rank-and-file (who have to do the actual work, I might point out…) are not going to comply, who is? The State Police? Most of them are ex-military and are sworn to uphold the same Constitution that the Goobernator is so intent on breaking.

        I heard some other scuttlebutt that the same morons in charge are going to cut electricity and phone service – can you imagine the lawsuits that will occur when nobody can call EMS or Fire or Police when an emergency happens?

        The feces is truly hitting the rotating blades, in Virginia and elsewhere. Maybe even here in Washington State. The Libtards just won’t quit digging!!

        Stock up on popcorn as well as semi-precious metals.


        • I’ve been telling Lefties they can’t count on the police and military the way they expect when they think they can order them to gun down their (PD, etc.) friends and family. I’ve been telling them take a look at Battleship Potemkin.

          This is what happens when a bunch of petulant Lefties are elected in an off-year election and they all think this is Red China.

          Remember how one of Zippy’s minions talked about how the Roman army would crucify a few hundred in a new province just to give them the message?

          Remember how all of the Choom Gang used the line “ready to rule”, instead of govern?

          That’s this crowd and now they have a full rebellion on their hands. Should have dumped Governor blackface when they had the chance.


        • a. the state police proved they are stooges for the libs in Charlottesville. b. I heard that call and he was talking out his butt. he was a sergeant paper pusher with zero authority to speak for the guard. c. I served in the guard for 29 years. I figure most will follow orders, some will balk, a few will join freefor. that’s just how it is. wish it was different. that said, there are a few wild cards in the mix, so i’m hopeful, but gearing up just the same.


  1. Can’t speak for any of you guys, but it would be a real surprise if you all didn’t sense the great profound tipping point that first led to creation of our great country has been breeched.
    Rightfully so.

    I read everyones comments. I know as you all probably know too it’s difficult to put into words whats in our hearts and on our minds. How our great tolerance and prudence has been stretched to the limits of civility and peaceful redress, never mind just plain ol’ leave me the fuck alone and Mind Your Own Business. The transgressions and trespasses against us, it’s not enough that they bend and polute the barely acceptable man made laws already existing, no they have to create total fucking bullshit ones out of thin air, and what is inherently ours and is unalienable, what can never be denied our taken away by any man or earthly process they shit on and hurl their vile spit upon then say to us we are the enemy.
    Holy shit men. Who the fuck do these assholes think they are, gods or something? To a scumbag they are crooks cons liars and thieves.

    All that cold anger we all been socking away, looking like it’s time to let our 2nd Amendment freedom flag fly.

    It is time to give these scalawags a taste of what legitimate power is about.

    The world class stupidity of the ruling class, the fuckin’ hurdy gurdy clown show impeachment farce, trying to nullify the unity and solidarity we share as a most legitimate plurality of honorable people, our collective peaceful lawful righteous voice and petition, of OUR government by us 64 million Deplorable’s, the inane asshat attempts by the self anointed “awoke” to sensor and abolish our free speech within the complex of monopoly deliberately and maliciously created by corporate tech masters of the universe and their crony/politikal tyrants of the scumbag state and their NPC minions, these despicable red flag “LAWS” they use to select the most vulnerable victim’s in order to truy to make us all afraid of their tin pot dick-tator fake power, now Virginia and this baby genocide fostering clown threastening us with selective low rent martyial law and cutting off our most basic necessities of life if we don’t genuflex and kiss their godly arses.
    What The Fuck!
    Who do these people think they are.
    That we are somehow enemies of America and they are gonna make felon’s and terrorists of us because we refuse to go down on our knees and kiss the ring. Fuck You.

    And Ooooh, I’m so asscared. Trembling in my shoes.
    These vote rigging fucking racketeering organized crime fucks think they are our overlords?
    We are supposed to lay down and prostrate ourselves before their moral superiority and lick the soles of their biblical grade contempt for us?
    I don’t think so mutherfukers.
    Oh man words do not convey. Not even close whats required to set things aright.
    Honestly, I can not wait for the shit to drop in the pot.
    I’m, not just ready. I’m chomping at the fucking bit for some righteous oh so well deserved fucking payback.



    • easy my friend. vengeance is a dish best served cold. that time will come. for now we have the support of the vast majority of the people and the moral high ground. we cannot help but to be victorious, unless we screw it up ourselves. shooting at cops and ng, most of which support us, among others, is a sure way to lose. we need to stay calm and focus on who the real enemies are. for me, i can’t wait to see the tyrants swing from a lamp post.


      • Sorry pal, I understand what your getting at, been there done that for decades.
        I began investigating, studying, researching and writing about whats going on in the early 90’s after a great friend who was a twice battlefield commission officer told me about things going on that at first I thought more than a little cheese fell off his cracker. But as Seneca wrote, ideas are like tiny seeds, planted in the right fertile ground, they sprout and grow out of all proportion to their diminutive origins, and lead to great things.

        I’ve put my money and my mouth where my mouth is. Long before people like Sheryll Atkinson was hacked and disrupted.
        I began investigative work into obama in 2006 when he first showed up. I had already compounded years of research into the activities of the human extinction movement aka cultural marxism, an intellectual farce, as cover for what is nothing but a globalistic organized crime syndicate, wearing the skin suit of the Republic on the federal and some state level, they have sysytematicly hollowed out to hide under in order to run their criminal operations.
        I was the first to publish Mann’s great hockey stick glubullshit colding scam and also published the first essays out of the annonymously hacked East Anglia University document dump which held the scientific data that Mann and his compatriots altered to produce their fake global warming ruse.
        I was the first journalist to publish the history of obama’s claimed Kenyan birth father and how by default he became a British expatriate, automatically reverting to Kenyan natural born citizenship when Britain gave Kenya it’s independence. If he was, and he is not, obama’s claimed father, it is impoissible he was a US citizen, and obama was indeed a foriegn usurper and never eligible for POTUS. But interestingly, I found obama was natural born, but because of the truth of his origins they could not reveal the truth. It was too radioactive.
        I was 1st to write about the connections between Castro, Malcolm X, Frank Marshal Davis, Che’, obama’s blood mother, the under leadership of Castro’s latin American comintern operations to overthrow the US Government thru regime change in Central America and the radicalization of the left, the radical so called red diaper babies of the 60’s that took over the democratic party and created what we are watching today and it’s systematic attempts to destroy America from the inside out top down.
        I published information and my proof, from Mossad files I was provided with which proported to give proof Obama is the birth child of an affair between Malcolm X and his mom during the two week timeframe the Castro comintern meeting took place in Hawwia, at the exact same hotel obama stayed at in numerous occasion on his trips to the island state.

        I was the first to publish a piece on the systematic memory holing of internet history and knowledge, and the destruction of national archive documents and or their alterations to hide very valuable essential truths of our founding and the causes thereof.

        I was hacked thru my personal home computer by actors directly in the obama regime executive, their IP address located on two computers in the executive wing, and employing trolls installed in Hughesnet North America satellite IT operations center in Texas, in order to conduit the hack not just on me but my fellow journalist I worked with and blog owners, millions of American’s are swept up in the illegal illegitimate data mining, my newspaper, which I was a corporate member of, and the WordPress news editing system we operated was disrupted so many times we changed servers 14 times in one just one month, and then no US based server would host us because they received threats of loss of FCC operating license and “IRS audits” by Lois Learner’s legbreakers if they did host us, eventually we had to secure hosting in Europe.
        You too are definitely on their data mining records, as they have on almost everyone of us under survailiance. The highly advanced software required to assimilate and catalog the almost unbelievable amount of data mining on American’s was developed around the year of 1998, the company literally gave the software system to the federal peeping perverts, in return they where granted and showered with riches and privilege reserved for Kings in days long gone. I know because I know personally a fellow who was one of the software engineers. It was his dads company.

        The FBI team investigating the computer crimes, and they were very serious ones indeed as they broke almost every crime on the books, on direct orders from the white house regime, which a Special Agent at great risk informed myself, a fellow journalist, our editor and founder, and the SVP of Hughenet North America in our last meeting, dropped its investigation into the computer crimes felonies, committed agains me, the newspaper I was writing for, and 7 other alt-media sites I wrote for on a part time guest contract, as an investigative citizen journalist.

        The Secret service broke into our house twice, from our suspsions and telltales we believe they broke in at least one other time to install the hack on my computer, which the Tech’s at Hughesnet graciously found and disseminated the techniques for us at the orders of the SVP at Hughes. They where stunned by the extent they had been infiltrated by agents and trolls, and how much they controlled, sent in and of the obama regime.
        The senior VP was pluperfect blood spiting out of her fucking mind pissed when the agents informed us. Speechless is putting it mildly. We all where. then what was going on with WP and other platforms. I’m saying everything is infested with these scumbags. EVERYTHING. We see it right now with the so called “muh resistance” in the federal system across the board of regulatory, administrative and judicial agencies and branches, out to oust Mr Trump and assist in the coup. It beggars the mind so many have so much hate and extreme envy for us dirt people. Trump is correct to state no future President is to ever again face what they are doing.
        I caught them on camera twice from game camera’s I had set up on trees around our property because we noticed the unmarked .gov sedans and van’s lurking on the road along our rural WV property. They stuck out like sore thumbs, at first we thought they were Narcs after the local meth labs and pillbillies. They broke in and set up video cameras on tripods pointed at our home in a neighbors house as he was off working out of state on a long term contract, in his house next door to watch us, at one point sent a van full of “organizing for America” thugs to physically assault me and my family, who I stopped literally at gun point in my front yard, luckily I was at the house alone, I can’t imagine what, if my wife was there alone what they would have done, they ran a deliberate smear campaign against me portraying me as a skinhead and high member of two white supremacist/Nazi groups. They weaseled agent provocutuers into our staff posing as journalists, two of them, who where known supposed conservative writers, tells you right there how infested the internet is with shitstirrers and agents posing as people in the liberty movement. I have been harassed, inhibited in every way possible, the only comment threads I can comment on is WordPress and blogger based, all others have been denied to me since 2008-9, they shadow banned my blog, fucked with my stats and inhibited most linkage to it, blocked comments, deleated posts, dissapeared agitrop I created, even on Gab right now I uisually only get a few minutes before I’m totally blocked from posting,. all the java script functions go dead on me.
        Literally before my eyes on WRSA and ZeroGov, and other comment threads on other blogs, I have watched, they have used my online avatar to post really nasty and incriminating comments using my good name and reputation. Really I witnessed it happening in real time and my own eyes that don’t lie. All by the same agent provocateurs and internet trolls for over a decade, I know well who is my enemy and who isn’t. They even started for a spell right before Trump was elected, commenting directly to me using my WordPress comment avatar, sending me sweet little love notes. Mostly sarcastic remarks regarding things I wrote directly about them and their evil activities. I must have hot a few sore spots. It was most gratifying to experience.
        This began, all of it, at 2:14pm in the afternoon, 2 hours 14 minutes after obama was sworn into office.
        That proves they where watching us long before the usurper was installed on the thrown of power.

        These people are stone cold evil that the bible is barely able to exemplify and portray. There are no words in our english language, though Latin is very capable, of stating cignitively what we are facing, the treats and agenda, as Trump and Q put it, people are not ready for the truth, they have to spoon fed it judiciously and considerately.
        Let me tell you, to be the recipient of these peoples evil is unequaled in it’s scope and scale. One needs to be directly victimized by them to really appreciate how nasty and destructive they are.
        They are the consumate existential enemy of our very souls and living flesh and blood. Evil incarnate. Malice supreme. And they intend to liquidate us tooth and nail. Desztroy every evidence and history of us. It is genocide in no uncertain terms. Wat to the knife genocide, It is a case of them or us.
        And you best get your shit together brother, because you don’t really know how bad they are.
        I know by direct assault what needs doing and how.
        I’m telling You.

        This is a really great bit of BFYTW below. Really awesome. It comes from those you infer I want to do in. Your flat wrong to insinuate that friend.
        One thing I’ve learned good and bad come in every form, some you least expect.



        • Phil, a lot of people would call that bit about genocide a bit over the
          top, but you have to remember that Ubangi’s political mentor Bill
          Ayers called for the elimination of the 25 million Americans who
          would reject their planned reeducation. This is all the evidence any
          of us need to know that is the ultimate goal of the new left radicals.
          Now, the number of bitter clingers, deplorables, irredeemables, and
          smelly Walmart shoppers make up a large part of the 63 million who
          voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

          I do not give a fucking rodent’s rectum about how powerful the deep
          state is they are no match for the largest citizens army in the world.
          Any attempt to confiscate our firearms will result in armed resistance!


          • The assholes trying to start this tête-à-tête think they are insulated. Protected. Someone needs to change their minds. And then this shit will stop. No matter the long history of the deep state.


  2. Stand firm, Virginians.

    Originally, “Stand fast, Mississippians”, first uttered by Col Jefferson Davis as he ordered his regiment, the Mississippi Rifles, to stop the charge of the Jalisco Lancers at Buena Vista.

    They stood their ground and stopped the Mexicans cold with expert rifle fire (first time in history) and then charged, pulling the troopers off their horses, dispatching them with their Bowie knives.

    A grand Southern tradition.


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