Follow This Logic. New Zealand Government Turns Formerly Law Abiding Citizens Into Criminals, To Fight Crime.

So I’m skimming the news in between things that need to be done and things that ain’t gonna get done when I run across this FOX NEWS article about those Gun Grabbers down in New Zealand bragging about how many guns got turned in during a buy back program after they banned “assault weapons” following last years mass shooting by some maniac in a Christchurch mosque.


Plus a couple thousand here and there in a different no questions asked amnesty and some they still have yet to seize from gun dealers.

OK, they got 50,000 guns out of the hands of formerly legal owners.

It cost those same owners and the rest of their countrymen  ONE HUNDRED MILLION  New Zealand tax dollars to do it.

Let’s leave that right there because the stupid burns.

The money quote here falls right next to it, radiating stupidity with the intensity of  1,000 Suns.

Every single person on this planet who believes Self Defense is a God Given Right should take note of the irony that is off the scale of human comprehension here.

To whit;

Police Minister Stuart Nash told reporters Saturday that criminals would find it harder to get their hands on assault weapons because they tended to steal them from lawful owners, but those weapons would now be out of circulation.

So their idea of foiling criminal activity is to go after the people who aren’t breaking any laws.

The government turns law abiding citizens into criminals with the stroke of a pen,  and then blackmails same formerly law abiding citizens into turning in their instruments of self defense in return for their own money, in order to reduce the number of formerly perfectly legal instruments of self defense, so the original criminals won’t have such an abundant supply to steal from, to commit even more crime with.

You get all that?

My fucking head hurts trying to follow that “logic”.


There is some good news here yet though.

It seems about 2/3’s of New Zealand’s gun owners pretty much said Fuck You Mate.

But Nicole McKee, a spokeswoman for the advocacy group Council of Licensed Firearms Owners, said owners had kept about two-thirds of the banned weapons because they had lost faith in the government and hadn’t been offered adequate compensation.

“They never overcame being blamed by authorities for being somehow responsible for a heinous act of terrorism — something they would never do,” McKee said in a statement.

My hat is off to you KIWI’s who told them to go pound sand.

Fuck ’em and feed ’em fish heads.

Never give up the one thing that makes you an equal when it comes to defending yourself, your family and your country.

Especially when the motherfuckers are trying to offer you what was once your own money in the first place and at drastically reduced prices at that.

For those who seem to be a little slow on the uptake here, let me refresh your memories,



Now that 50,000+ New Zealanders are Fresh Out of the means to effectively defend themselves, I would be real interested in seeing what the crime rates are going to look like there in the next five years.

I think I can guess though.



14 thoughts on “Follow This Logic. New Zealand Government Turns Formerly Law Abiding Citizens Into Criminals, To Fight Crime.

  1. So their idea of foiling criminal activity is to go after the people who aren’t breaking any laws.

    T’was ever thus.

    And what egorr said. Watch the Enzedds like we watched the Ozzies and That Place Where Great Britain Used To Be.


  2. England should be a perfect spot for research in this matter. A couple of years ago all firearms in private possession were declared illegal (with the exception of .22‘s I think) after a certain period for their owners to turn them in.
    Now that the citizenry is disarmed – did the crime rate change right after that ban – and if it did: how much?
    Does anybody know?


  3. Phil forgive me for placing an advertisement on my behalf here – but I think it is for everyone’s benefit here.
    Let me introduce

    My secondary blog dedicated for all native English speakers and everyone else who has troubles with translating German:


    • Heh. Good luck on that. The Kiwi government has been shown to be very welcoming to cash coming in, while at the same time being very restrictive on foreigners’ rights of ownership.

      Not to mention, the place gets body-slammed by earthquakes constantly. Small ones, not so small ones and about every 5-10 years rather large ones. In comparison, the whole of California is rather tectonically quiet. So much for having that super secret bunker..

      It’s like all the idiots who have flocked to private enclaves in Mexico or Costa Rico. Yeah, the places are wiling to accept gringo money, and are really looking forward to using all that gringo preps and guns and…

      Most people in the USA don’t have any idea how overly safe our nation is, even inner cities, in comparison to not-our nation. Sweden has what seems like weekly hand-grenade attacks, along with other explosives going off. And they’re supposed to be ‘safer than the US.’


  4. The scumbags running NZ and America are no longer banning ass-haulty weapons and such, we have passed that stage, they can never get all the guns that count, it is a logistic impossibility, the only way possible is to simply kill everyone. Besides there are those who under no circumstances whatsoever will give up their guns, or they do with sacrificial guns, but not the cache of the most favorite effective weapons.

    Nope, in effect the scumbags are banning unintended consequences of banning guns. Do you suspect if they grok this? I don’t, because they keep doubling done. That is Einsteins definition of insanity. Because the unintended part is because human nature, in particular here American nature, you make our guns illegal, well you just put the value of totally priceless on them, it is the law of supply and demand and it’s natural price discovery on crank.
    The scumbags are the worlds biggest fools. So stupid they don’t know they are so stupid. I’m not saying anything nobody with a lick of survival guts hasn’t considered, but all the “outlawed” and “illegal” kinds of weapons and accessories, from suppressors to selective fire components, nice handy compact sub-guns, to things that go boom, and throw large rapidly expansive projectiles, they too fall under the priceless heading.
    When you make everything “illegal” you end up making everything totally legal. To the Freeman. There’s levels of degrees to this too.
    And what then?
    Will they come for our garage workshops? Phil’s handy mini lathe? Hey, the AG and SP captain of Penn. just declared blocks of shaped plastic and aluminum are now illegal, and they have the power to decide what constitutes a weapon, they even said it outright, we will determine what a weapon is. So, Bauxite ore is a weapon there chief? A case of Delrin casting shot is a weapon? A plastic mold for a Polymer80 frame is a weapon? The hydraulic forge that presses AR lower in the raw is a weapon? Where do the linkages to guns go, end?

    Where it ends, is these scumbags if left to do so eventually figure it out and it dawns on them if it ain’t already to outlaw people, which they are actually, but rhetorically for now. Later, thats what Zyklon B gulags and box cars, mass graves and weaponizing food, are for.

    Just go Stalin or Mao on everyone you don’t approve of.
    No people.
    No Assault Weapon Problem.

    But for now this is cosmic grade stupid you can’t fix. The positive implications for defiance and creativity just went to the moon Alice. To the moon.

    The scumbags posing as government now are determined to make everything criminal, so they have their pick of reasons to jail people they don’t like or activities they do not approve. Shit they are using these tactics on the President.

    Of course, that includes activities pointing out these inconvenient truths, and the people in particular with the courage to do so. Especially these people.
    The underly fact being it is the Statist Quo which is the source of this outrageous insanity, not the people who point it out. Obvious yes, but it is highly surprising how many indeed fall under the snakeye spell of the fake legitimacy of the scumbags, (sorry my bad for repeating myself), and do not realize this, we all have moments of weakness or fall from grace.
    Many of us are subjects of a life of programming, the state is all powerful, bad think is dangerous, yada-yada-yada.

    The idea here is the scumbag state becomes all powerful, so it is all, right in all things.

    “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    See what they did here? Subtle. But it’s not. It’s fucking disgusting, so repugnant to us there are not proper words describing things, but, thats why we got guns, and lots of them. At the stage we are at, it is our guns that literally and figuratively will do the talking.

    Got a problem with that last bit o logic?
    How’s your vocabulary worked to redress the issues of the day lately here spanky?

    Adolph Hitler was the one who said it best:
    “It is convenient to have a system of laws where everyone is a criminal.”

    Actually, when your so totally free in heart and mind something really special overcomes you. Until that moment your mind, and seriously your body is not free.
    That simplifies things greatly.
    We all know the fix is in, if they go through with the final act of TINVOWOOT this country is toast.
    TINVOWOOT imposed is a two way street, it free’s us dirt people from any obligation on our part of republican form of citizenship.
    It is good to remember a lawless society is just that. Lawless societies are open societies, there are no limits but what is imposed through the barrel of a gun.

    Man, is free at the instant he wants to be, or rather makes that choice, and free choice is everything, right down to pressure on the trigger.
    You have Liberty, true Liberty, not the chin music and keyboard kind, the moment you choose Liberty thru physical action. Liberty is the ultimate perishable. It has to be used or it withers on the vine.
    That right there is what the deep state scumbags are hoping for, and effect, make it difficult every way for everyone to use their liberty. Though some liberty is a lot more effective than others. What those are are self explanatory.
    What the scumbags are counting on is older than the hills. The Mob. Mob rule. Notice they are desperate to do away with the electoral college:

    “A pure democracy can admit no cure for the mischiefs of faction. A common passion or interest will be felt by a majority, and there is nothing to check the inducements to sacrifice the weaker party. Hence it is, that democracies have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have, in general, been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”
    -James Madison in the Federalist Papers


  5. There is a global insanity at work here. First, look at how we ‘accommodate’ islam an their being ‘offended’ over our own values and beliefs. Look how we import peasants of unknown origins from all over the world to come here and take from our taxes without measuring the effect on our society and the dangers these people, being unvetted, pose. Look how we are progressively disarming our nation, bit by bit, by over regulating, banning and any other way possible without honest regard to our Bill of Rights or the consequences of a disarmed nation.

    These things are not happening just here. It is everywhere in the developed world. Europe and European derived nations (USA, AUS, CAN, NZ) have all disarmed or are disarming and allowing all manner of illiterate and uncivilized people in. This is not an accident.

    While I do not ascribe to the notion that there is a small group of people who are steering the world events, I do believe that a certain school of thought is steering these events and that is a belief that socialism is the best form of government. In all of this resistance of any kind must be suppressed. A people that can seize assets and oust political leaders cannot be forced to adopt unwelcome regulations and laws. As soon as you look up past socialist regimes and how they came to power you see the pattern.

    The one thing that can stop all of this is a firm resistance by the population. Coupled with this must be a strong sense of self reliance because relying on the government is how we got here. I hope that the people of New Zealand figure this out soon.


  6. We will pay you for your guns(with your tax dollars forcefully taken with Threat of Violence(and incarceration-more violence)

    These people are hiding behind (public safety) to insure there continued Racketeering Mobster Gangbanger ways against us.

    Tic-Tock MF’zzzz

    If you turn in your weapon(Z) for cash, you deserve whatever happens to you.


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