A Must Read To Understand Why The Democrats Are Doing Everything Possible To Distract Everyone .

Retired Admiral Mike Rogers is a true modern day American Patriot Hero.

What he discovered and reported before Trump was even elected is a smoking gun of Democrat malfeasance.

All of this has been reported before but bears reading again to help put everything that is happening right now into context.

This is why Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and ALL of the intelligence operatives involved in this FISAGATE mess, up to and including Barack Hussein Obama, are eventually going to be exposed as conspirators in the scam to keep Donald Trump from being President and why the Democrats are singularly fixated on trying to get Trump removed as President.

To keep this and other crucial pieces of evidence of their criminality under wraps

Read this.

If you have seen it before, READ IT AGAIN.

Mike Rogers is the key to breaking all of this WIDE OPEN.

I have reason to believe that this is one reason Trump is so fervently pushing these clowns buttons, virtually begging for an Impeachment trial.

So all of this can be officially entered into the public record.


9 thoughts on “A Must Read To Understand Why The Democrats Are Doing Everything Possible To Distract Everyone .

  1. I’ll just say this. ADM Mike Rogers is one of the greatest American military leaders this nation enjoyed in decades. He took over NSA and USCYBERCOM from his predecessor (KBA) for whom I have nothing but contempt. Believe all the good press about him. It was an honor to serve under his command, albeit indirectly. One day I will meet him in person, shake his hand, and tell him ‘Thank you!’


  2. A coupe problems I see. How many RINO Globalist Senators are as guilty as the Libtards? Take for example Lindsay Graham. Then you have the Mormon Globalist club. Romney, Mike Lee. Will these clowns allow this to get to trial? Doubtful.


    • Not that many Brad. Most of the Senate RINOs have been flushed
      out by the voters with the exception of John McStain who croaked
      in office. It has been my experience that if a Republican gets caught
      up in corruption or sex scandals, it is front-page news above the fold.
      When Democrats do it, it is easier to get your hands on the nuclear
      launch codes than see a D at the end of their names.

      The ratio of reported Democrat scandals over the last 20-30 years
      has been 10-20: 1. Well connected RINOs were not fucked with
      by the Democrats or their kept whores in media because they were
      a part of the “club.” 9 of the 11 incumbent Senate Republicans
      and challengers who refused President Trump’s endorsement
      lost in 2018. Flake was so unpopular, he dropped out because
      his numbers showed him losing in a landslide.

      The few who are left; Collins, Murkowski, and Mittens Romney
      know that vote for impeachment will be a political death sentence.


  3. No doubt the guy saved Trump’s bacon.
    Interesting how his name has never came up once in any investigation nor as a witness, er, Kabuki theater.
    Lets see the guy is:
    An Admiral
    Runs the NSA
    Bypasses the entire command structure and goes straight to his commander in chief, lets the president in on the FICA scam and unmasking going on by past and present obama and clinton political operatives, gives away classified intelligence and highly personal information about people targeted for either unwittingly, unasked, not informed they are being sucked into a totally scripted fake investigation to the fake media, and exposed in the media.

    There are so many felonies, high crimes indeed, and acts of conspiracy of treason here in this one event you bypass a multitude of slogging investigative work which ends up pointing you in the proper direction, and you literally need a law revue to catalog everything and lend perspective to go deeper.
    Very interesting how we have not seen a single instance of any investigation which has gone straight for the sources of first hand witnesses and suspects, exactly Rogers and Trump. Don’t you consult with the obvious victim and the chief top government official involved in being the first to expose a conspiracy of treason and fomenting a palace coup?
    Barr is a very classy appearing sophisticated fixer scumbag, sly isn’t even close, he even had that cute speech about the constitution and republican form of government few weeks back at the Federalist Society to gull everyone he is one of the good guys.
    Anybody know Barr was sent in by the clinton scumbag regime to clean up and help the scumbag media put the proper scumbag spin on Ruby Ridge and Waco?
    Well here he is again. What is he doing? Putting spin with all the careful media appearances. They are once again scumbag gulling and scumbag gaslighting us. It is what they do. It isn’t to save anyones scumbag ass, it is to demoralize us, disenchant us, to say to us real scumbag cute and slick: look at us, you can’t touch us, we rule, you are nothing but mouth-breathers and the unwashed. We Rule.
    Then all the fake conservative scumbag cucks go to work and earn their scumbag bucks and do the cuck surrender monkey thing, but subtly, apologists for their scumbag masters.

    All these scumbags have done is go after low hanging scumbag fruit, sacrificial goats at worst, and after all this time, not a single scumbag has been arrested. The entire thing is scripted.
    Not a peep about the scumbags who are the top scumbags behind it all and highest in the scumbag pecking order.
    Besides, you always follow the money. Think Ukraine. Scumbag money laundering central. Remember the scumbag who was running the scumbag state department at the time, exactly like in Honduras, a constitutionally legitimately elected, even certified by the UN inspectors, president is ousted, sound familiat, like maybe a scumbag pattern if getting rid of duly elected presidents that get in the way of scumbag operations? All accomplished with the same scumbag see eye a and state department scumbag operatives.

    But hey, I’m only a dirt person welder with a 7th grade formal education, bah! What do I know anyways?

    Hey! You always arrest a few from a conspiracy or other organized crime, let them sit on ice, so you cause two things, one gets all the other scumbags nervous and they do scumbag things that give away their scumbag selves, and suspicion is laid on the arrested and held scumbags that they copped a plea or gone rat on their co-scumbags.


    It all looks so up and up and rule of law squeeky clean.
    They are running out the attention clock.
    Crafting a most subtle narrative.
    It’s the shiny object for us squirell Bob’s to keep our focus away from the truth and the bad actors.
    Drag it out, make it look so complex and convoluted nobody can figure it all out.
    It is total scumbag 100% scumbag FUBAR run scumbag-orama.

    And suddenly all of these scumbag controlled states are jumping the shark on scumbag gun grabbing acts of total banana republic stupidity.
    There are no unrelated unconnected spontaneous innocent natural events when it comes to anything involving in any way denying us the truth or our natural rights and sovereignty.

    Not one scumbag has been arrested, or even put in front of a criminal grand jury?

    Show me proof we ain’t being gaslighted. Because I’m not seeing nothing but squat.

    Barr and Dunn are gulling us. It is there job as scumbags. Granted, stand up appearing all rule of law and everything kind of gentlemen.

    Know why the Mexican cartel’s and the scumbag state are the same? Not that their both organized crime syndicates, thats obvious shit.
    They both operate within the scooped out shell of a sovereign legitimate appearing State.
    They wear this legitimate government skinsuit. It is the perfect operative cover. They are able to move all throughout under the shell freely, totally free from restrictions ot inhibitions the original State created. It is a very new type of tyranny, it was not possible before the last few technological revolutions. That’s why Marxism is such a philosophical intellectual farce. Marx created the ideology of matxism just before the first big indstrial revolution, in a time where none of the technology of the past 150-200 years did not exist. This is why the marxist scumbags at the Frankfurt Institute converted Marx’s economic marxism, of Lenin and Stalin’s time into Cultural Marxism. The technological revolutions trashed Marx’s, ( Lincoln’s really, Marx studied the economic tyranny of northern aggression and modified it for eastern European purposes. See, everything is connected), style of totalitarianism, the technological advancement in weapons of war is what finally broke the Soviet’s and their managereial class the Nomenklatura’s backs and the USSR folded literally overnight. Those elites could no longer maintain order and provide the basic neccesities of life to those they ruled over with an iron fist.
    And so too the deep scumbags. But they are struggling with an entire different crisis, the crisis of legitimacy. The digital Revolution has changed the entire dynamic of power, because it takes huge resources to “Control The Message”, why do you think Goolag Faceborg and Twatter and all the other lesser known but hedious media monopolies are able to not only operate freely censoring us, but have grown into a true monstrous monopoly unlike anything in all of history?
    And not a thing is really being done to srop them. Actually they are getting every form of deep scumbag help imaginable. The scumbags are modifying Marx, Lincoln’s really, marxian style of highly strictly centralized elitist power, ie globohomo, transglobalism, globalist’s, central banksters, one world order, agenda 21, a scumbag controlled shell of a once Republican form of government of for and by the people, like a clam shell a raccoon scoops out, the shell remains, the media and control of messaging, news, truth, culture, economics, politoks etc, is essential to maintaining an appearance of legitimacy for that scooped out shell of the good O’l USofA.

    What Barr is about is crafting and directing the right messaging to message our brains and keep us just content and happy enough and provide that little cloud of doubt that manipulates your thinking.
    You’ve felt it, seen it in your minds eye, in the back of your head, always looking for answers that sauve that itch, that splinter in your mind.
    Barr is the splinter in our minds right now.
    Notice how obama and clinton and all the terrible bloody ugly things they have caused have vanished from the dialectic? Libya. Syria. Kuwait. Iraq. Ukraine. Honduras. Gutamala. 2008 bank failure. 911. Oklahoma City. Fast & Furious and all the associated gun running in other states into other countries.
    All of this only remains in our heads of those of us who remember. These are hideous events, and they are still killing millions, not thousands, but millions every year. And the misery and suffering. Biblical shit buddy. It is power and control and wealth. there are no despots who come close, not in the same league, to the shit and rivers of blood and theft these fucking scumbags have created.

    You me, all of us are being seriously fucked with like never before. There are no parallels.
    They are wanting our guns because they got to shit or get off the pot and go full fucking retard dictator on our arses. And us dirt people are all thats stands between them and that total tyranny.
    They got nothing else. It’s up or gone. Thats the crux of their crisis. How do they get rid of 64 million Deplorable’s, and all associayed that is far larger than 64 million, most all culturally and geographically and politically, also economically aligned, armed to the fucking teeth.
    How do you get rid of these armed pain in the scumbags arses? Whats a deep scumbag to do?
    Nothing for it. In for a penny in for a pound. You go for their guns and throw all cautiion to the winds. It is a sowing and a reaping and the harvest has a fucking bone in it’s teeth and it’s plum fuck fed up with these fucking scumbags and their dicktator bullshit.
    But there’s nothing for it. Because if the scumbags put shit off much longer they are toast. Times running out.

    Patrick Henry said it best: “I smell a Rat”


      • No fucking doubt man.

        I’m not being defeatist, I’m saying same thing as you stay frosty. The thing with these scumbags is it is an absolute imperative you must plan for the worst possible things they can do. And there are no limits on that in the ultimate sence.
        Plan for total FUBAR and if they don’t or collapse before that you have a much better outcome of winning against them.

        If your wondering how far they jump the shark, consider this:
        The take over of the house in 2018 was thru vote fraud and gross gerrymander. It was totally deliberate, thats why they didn’t care if they got caight vote rigging as exactly we watched in 18. They understand they can gert away with that, reputation don’t matter anylonger. If they don’t capture the house not many options remain but some really nasty shit.
        OK, so they steal a majority. The impeachment is the results, it was in the options, it is the better option, because as you watch it happen right now, they are playing out the 2019 clock, they have acted to not act, leaving the scam inpeachment to lay, not moved up to the Senate. Why? It certainly has nothing to do with the inherent illegitimacy of a Salem Witch trial, or not exactly. They are waiting on something. Something that will enable them to make the impeachment look or appear valid, put a fig leaf over the festering carbuncle of process treason.
        They are slow walking the “investigation” into the Russian Trump scam. Watch the yellow media complex, they are almost mum about it. Very uncharacturistic of them. They are waiting on something also.
        It is the breath before the plunge.
        It’s a lot of things. And we all got to start thinking in 4 dimensional 4th G insurgency warfare here. By that I’m saying, sure they are coming for our guns, they always where, and always will, it is all about our guns, always was, except they are very difficult to take simply because it is a logistical and resource nightmare ro get enough of our guns to reduce the threat level to acceptable levels.
        Can they do that? Maybe. But that won’t stop them trying. And there is no better foil than making it look like they have finally gone full scumbag retard on guns.
        Here’s where it begins to get complicated, but, it’s where you got to start thinking like a dirty stinking scumbag. Get over the gun grabbing circuis, and think, what are they really up to?
        Remember, plan for the worst, you plan to win.
        What are they doing?
        The Virginia thing is a shiny object, it draws everyones attention away from the real slight of hand, or hands, because they are very accomplished at multiple plans at the same time, or outcomes. Case in point faggot marraige. It was not about the poor wittle carpet munchers and pickle smoochers getting a marraige certificate, shit you can’t marry your fucking cousin can you? It was a foot in the door for a slew of objectives, from men in little gorls bathrooms to destroying taboo’s, our white Christian culture etc., genocide is the object, white race/culture genocide, destroy the precepts, the traditions, faith and so on.
        So what are they trying to do, whats the objectives?
        To usurp completely the whole entire structure of the very western, very Caucasian Christian Athenian/Greco/Roman idea and reasons for the rule of law. It must be eradicated in order to create a western hemisphere spanning 3rd world shithole banana republic where there is only to classes, the elites and their modern Nomenklatura/Intelligentsia servants, ie the corporate slave class of managers and minions. We see the amerikan version of the old Soviet Nomenklatura class in muh resistance against orangemanbad within the federal government, the very ones like NcCabe Holder Yates Comey Ohr, psycopaths like Storkz and Lisa I love You! I Iove you!
        These people are in place to basically once the Rule of Law is hollowed out like our republic, they wear that skin-suit and are given the unlimited power to own America in fee simple, every square foot, control over every facet in the sphere of our lives. Think ecofreak crazed Greta’s on maxed meth or the insane meddling of pre Trump EPA and other regulatory departments of ordered specific tyranny. Think toilets that don’t flush on the grand scale. They don’t give a shit, they all got their special privileges, protected communities, access to energy land commodities, stores etc. Think Mexico as the whole country.
        Sounds crazy and complicated? Sure, but it’s not really once your seeing the crux of the matter.

        The farce impeachment ain’t a farce in one way, it obtains the objective of destruction of the core of Rule of Law.
        Whats that got to do with guns?
        Everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
        Because by hollowing out the premis, the precepts, the tradition, the precedences, of Rule of Law they create rule of men within the skin-suit of Rule of Law.
        In simplest terms, they get away with a farce impeachment then getting our guns then is simple pie. Hitler put it perfectly: it is convient to create a body of laws where everyone is a criminal. Or domestic terrorist as this is already established as a false narrative and crisis as a means, now all they need is to create that crisis, and presto! We are all outlaws in the Potemkin Village. Thus they think they can come after us and use the power of violence and resources of lethal threat of the dederal government and within the various states they have been militarizing the last 30 years.
        So they hope.
        Reality will be different. These scumbags are so isolated from us dirt people they only think they know who and what we are, plus they begin to believe their own dogma and narratives/lies about us, they have no concept of grass roots open source defiance, the resistance in us naturally, and the audacious capabilities within us, never mind the motive power characteristic of us dirt people, after all, it is us who built this amazing civilization, the scumbags create nothing. They have zero concept of creating wealth, only stealing it, and on that level they see themselves as divine rulers lording over the great unwashed dirt people, they are the ultimate entitle-ists, entitled to rule absolutely, shut up and obey you white trailer trash, here’s your oxycotin and 12 packs of Pepsi, shut up and use your EBT card.

        In brief they will try to get whatever guns in whatever way that is effective, but the main objective is to create the conditions where they don’t need to take our guns, they will take us instead, by proscribing us as undesirables, hence literally “outlawing” us under the new improved rule of men that replaced rule of law. Adios Habeas Corpus, hello Attainders of Writ, goodbye Posse Comitatus, hello no more corpus delicti, aka The Gulag Archipelago’s, where you get on the train and dissapear into the vast federal lands system to mine gold for the ruling class for your “re-education.” Whilst keeping up the tactics of the strategy of dividing us to conquer us.

        Virginia is a beta case, they are attempting to see, as in real time, a literal living social laboratory, what we all will do thru the specific attempts of threatening our most sacred codes and natural Liberty. Most especially or last and most effective of all means of redress against such tyranny.

        Goes like this, farce imeachment of Trump is a direct Fuck You back at us for The Great Fuck you we gave em on 11-8-16. But there’s more! It is shaking in our faces their fists as in we are the chosen ones, we rule, we are doing this farce impeachment to show you fucking Deplorable’s you don’t fucking mess with us and get away with it. Here’s your “savior”, we turned him into a joke, he has no power now. We can do whatever we like and theirs not a thing you can do about it.
        Virginia and farce impeachment os a pincer movement, design and implemented to stop us from outflanking them like in 2016.
        But there’s even more!
        Check this gem out:

        December 19, 2019
        Census Report: Illegal Immigration Will Add +19 Representatives and +19 Electoral Votes to Democrat States, and Take 26 Congressional Districts and 26 Electoral Votes from Trump States

        “This won’t affect the next election, but it will be the Rules of the Road for the next ten years following, 2021 through 2030.
        The left –the Deep State — has decided that American elections will be determined by non-American illegal foreigners.
        Goodbye, America.
        The presence of all immigrants (naturalized citizens, legal residents, and illegal immigrants) and their U.S.-born minor children will redistribute 26 seats in the House in 2020.
        Ohio will have three fewer seats in 2020, Michigan and Pennsylvania will have two fewer, and Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin will each have one fewer seat.
        California will gain 11, New York and Texas four, Florida three more seats, New Jersey two, and Illinois and Massachusetts will each have one additional seat.
        Of the 26 seats that will be lost, 24 are from states that voted for Trump in 2016.
        Nineteen seats will go to the solidly Democratic states of California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Illinois.”
        -found @: http://ace.mu.nu/archives/384880.php

        See what they did?
        Atguably one of the worst things possible. They just gerrymandered and vote rigged us dirt people out of the entire equation of representative republican form of government, like a raccoon scooping out a clam, leaving a shell of government that is nothing but government by scumbag plausible deniability, what they first managed by Lincoln and his marxists in 1860 for the first time and it’s been a nonstop deal right down thru time to this moment.

        So exactly who we going to use our guns on to stop this usurpation and hollowing out, ie, destructive last act of our government? Wven if they leave us alone to our guns more or less. We have to become the domestic terrorists, the greatest domestic threat to amerika the scumbags now own fee simple sea to shining sea.

        They are thinking like this:
        Since it’s really all but impossible to get our meathooks on hundreds of millions of guns, we will politikally and socially leave the little fucking white racist knuckle draggers to wither on the vine, continue to make everyone we can as afraid as possible so those not afraid stick out, and the snowflakes will rat them out to secure their safety in return for being such good little NPC useful idiots, and we can pick off the people with guns and the audacity to defy our rule, at our lieasure. For funzies, because we can, make Ruby Ridge and Burns Oregon/Finnicum examples out of them, and at great profit, because when we get rid of those mouth breathers we also confiscate their lands, property, investments, bank accounts etc.

        It is the strategy of use our guns or loose their effectiveness and become proscribed persons.

        It is their strategy anyways more or less.

        Personally they never get away with it. In fact, such power as they thirst for and dream of is the kind that fails suddenly. The law of unintended consequences is a total hard core ruthless fucking bitzch. Their power is such at first is very difficult to wrench their claws from the levers of power. But what else they got?
        Not much. Only the threat of force to coerce, and the power to hurt using violent means.
        And men who are left with no recourse, facing total destruction of themselves and everything they love and hold dear fight like nothing else, they do not quit, they only die or survive. Add in the culture and codes, the natural born nature of our primal rights we are endowed with, the ultimate legitimacy, and zero unintended consequences to fuck with us, holding the moral high-ground, we are indomitable, relentless. A kind of citizen warrior only 2000 years of Christian Greco/Roman culture and history has created. A particular Legion made up from all the parts of all the legions before us.
        A certain Austrian German Army officer put it in perspective about the fighting American man, how they throw the book out the window, al doctrine, all strategy, all tactics, and go totally improvisational, open source wacky world crazy what the fuck are they doing solders that you can’t stop. And they don’t stop for nothing because nothing can stop them. But you got to make them plumb dog mean first where they are in an impossible no win situation. Then, they do the impossible. They are very good at the seeming impossible.

        That final bit is how I see it going down. See, we are victims of our own inner warrior virtues, in particular prudence, which totally goes against what that Austrian pointed out, but thats the paradoxical thing about us. Prudence is litterally, our dirt people prudence is in effect the glue that holds our civilization together. Certainly no one else is. You see anyone? I do not.
        But, here’s the great thing they are messing with. When trhat prudence is worn down and wore out and we start saying fuck this shit, then it’s on like nobodies business, we go from being the most tolerant armed men to the most bloodthirsty no limits no mercy no quarter black flag mutherfukers imaginable.
        If anything, the scumbags really picked the wrong place to play tiddlywinks with our primal rights to arms. One dude and a tiny regiment, that never numbered more than 1000 men, and mostly consisted of around 300-500 combat effectives, living off the countryside and battlefield aquisition and enemy pickups, kept the entire Union Army out of Northern Virginia, not once ever relinquishing the moral and physical territory. Colonel John Mosby was his name. It took Gen E Lee’s personal plea to get Mosby and his men to quit. Of all the Confederate combat officers of the war of northern agression it was Mosby who was deemed a criminal, exactly because he and his men madfe a laughing stock of the Union army and it’s officers in particular. They simply could not be stopped. They never quit. They never surrendered. Mosby refised to. He only broke off hostilities. That was the kind of men Virginia bred.
        I live in the Appalachian spine of WV. In true mountain land among the decendents of Mosby’s Rangers. I’m actually from another place of great warriors, above Stark NH where Roger’s Rangers got most of it’s Rangers, where Captain Stark was from and who was the actual combat commander who created the small unit infantry combat tactics that created the basic essential elements of all land combat.
        I can say with unshakable suety when we all have had quite enough, no one and I mean no one or nothing will stand in our way. And I have no reservations nor doubts this is dead nuts true in many more places with millions of men across America.

        It all simply is going to go the way it goes and run it’s course. There’s no stopping whats coming. We are all committed. We only need be patient and steadfast, sharpen our hatchets and wait the sounds of war to call us to battle.
        And this time we finish things right.
        It is our natural born legacy. Liberty is still an infant, we will turn it into the legacy for us and begin to realize its profound blessings. It really only could happen this way and no other. Which is the manifest thing. We become manifest.


  4. What I remember reading at the time of Roger’s visit to Trump at Trump towers was Roger’s told Trump the whole tower and all their digital devices where under a fake FISA surveillance warrant and they had everyone on his team being monitored under the false pretenses of them being ancillary data to the central fake Carter warrant.

    I believe I saved the alt-media post regarding Roger’s visit to Trump. If you want it Phil I will try to dig it up. I have over 10,000 saved links to blog and web posts from the beginning, before Trump was elected. Take awhiles to find it as I don’t remember the date just the general timeframe.

    I remember also couple posts, I saved where obama and his pals where furious Roger’s ratted them out to Trump and demanded some high up figure to fire Roger’s immediately.


  5. Oh yeah, remember Q said something about we have it all, it’s bigger than anyone could imagine, regarding the mass spying and immense intell gathering sweeps, meta data, even creating entire maps using peoples phones as tracking devices, going on against American’s by the eff bee eye and see eye ay and the so called private contractors, and how the yellow media was granted almost unrestricted access to the intelligence gathering for further unmasking purposes thru media attacks and deplatforming, etc..
    There was stuff about obama/clinton/kerry state department and UN scumbags having the same access to unmask and access who ever they wanted.
    The 702’s and FISA warrants where basically obtained so they could use them as plausible deniability gross cover to spy on just about anybody they even suspected of bad think or possibility they represented remote a threat to the deep scumbags.

    Everything is connected.

    Why it’s such a mystery who did what and when and why to who for what reasons and who the source of originating the directives to begin this fuking bullshit is in someways the really bad treason here. Barr and Dunn are gaslighting us. They can’t be that ignorant they aren’t onto the ring leaders and major actors and the timeline of the conspiracy to boot.
    It’s mind blowing to me the level of contempt for us they are pulling this stonewalling stunt after all thats gone down and still underway.

    Trump is gonna have to go with Martial Law to get anything accomplished accountability wise.
    If they are this deep and organized to gaslight us after everything there are no mechanisms short of the ultimate power martial law grants the President within the remaining framework, and the people who aren’t deep state scumbags to stomp this shit to total complete utter death.
    It’s infected and infested everything. If one of these fuking scumbag vermin are left inside the system it starts all over again.

    It’s like Pizzagate. Root out it’s sources. Put them all to death or lock them on a remote island, put mines and white sharks penned up in a circle around the island, a ring of Coast guard 5 man gun bpats boats with quad 50’s and 500 round belts and belt fed 40mm grenade lauchers outside that, give the scumbags a can of seeds and a shovel. They want to rule everything, well there you go mutherfuckers, you can be real lord of the flies now.

    An island for the child sex slave traffickers, they can become cannibals, one for the central banksters, give them a hoe and 1 package of okra seeds, put the deep state eff bee eye, doj, and cee I ay scumbags on another, they get 5 kale seeds and a spoon, no clothes or shoes, a case of machetes, so when they start their king of the mountain shit they can start by killing each other off till the most vile of them are left. Then carpet bomb it with fuel air explosives, after a couple napalm runs.
    Just to be sure.

    Or maybe infect a couple on each island with the black plague and lethal strains of diarrhea. They get to see how divide and conquer works really works as they try to survive each-other.

    It’s what they would do to us hillbillies and red necks long ago if we weren’t armed to the fucking teeth.


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