A Menace To Society

I was so stunned when I read this that it took several minutes for the level of greed and avarice I am seeing to really set in. So stunned as a matter of fact that I couldn’t find the words I wanted to respond to this outrageous bullshit.

This should be met with investigations into corruption, dereliction of duty, willful negligence resulting in death and about twenty other charges relating to the deaths and massive loss of property these people are responsible for after uncontrolled wildfires burned down half of a fucking state.

Not to mention the lack of service a million people at a time have experienced for days and weeks since.

ALL of which can be laid directly at the feet of the people responsible for the lack of maintenance of their equipment.

Breaking News
Dec. 19, 2019

Regulators reject higher profits requested by PG&E, Southern California Edison

The California Public Utilities Commission has ruled that profit margins will remain the same at the state’s three major electric utilities, PG&E, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric.

The utilities argued that higher profits for their shareholders were needed to attract investors who might be scared off by the wildfire liabilities.

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Instead of trying to find ways to bilk more people, these rotten sonsabitches should be in jail and/or fearing for their lives every waking minute.

Every dime of profit should be court ordered to go into infrastructure maintenance and wild fire mitigation and these board room pirates should be handed axes and shovels and told to get to fucking work.

2 thoughts on “A Menace To Society

  1. In defense of PG&E, they have had envirowhacko rules foisted on them – this has resulted in less money for maintenance. However, they ARE derelict in maintenance deferrals, some of their equipment is over 50+ years old!
    So, yeah, they can go shove that rate increase up their collective greedy noses and get to work hardening and improving their transmission lines, switchgear, and substations up to modern standards. No excuses, guys.


  2. I hold PG&E and Socal Edison blameless for the forest fires that were caused
    by insane state forest management policies. My last two jobs were at LA area
    paper mills. One plant was shuttered due to high energy prices, crushing taxes,
    and regulations. One of the most thriving energy-related businesses in this
    fucked up state was CoGeneration plants. Paper mills, chemical plants,
    hospitals, oil refineries, and even dairy plants had these systems installed.

    They work like this: If you need heat in your processes or in the case of
    hospitals, reliable backup power, these mini powerplants were usually turbo-
    jet-powered generators. Both paper mills had a 747 jet engine driving 25
    MW generators and the exhaust was used to produce steam for the process.
    The electricity was sold to the SoCal Edison grid and the steam was a free
    bonus. In fact, both mills made money on the deal!

    Along comes the idiotic state “deregulation” policy. It allowed you to
    buy electricity through a system of brokers who bought energy from the
    power companies and sell directly to consumers. Everything was great
    until the Enron hoax hit the news. Natural gas prices spiked, and the
    CoGen plants had to do “unscheduled” maintenance because the idiots
    in Sacramento put a cap on electricity rates. The solution was simple
    lift the cap and let the market sort it out, but the morons doubled down
    on stupid!

    Who in their right minds would bend over and take a dry fucking with a 40
    grit encrusted condom and sell electricity at the capped rate when it costs
    them 50 times as much to buy the natural gas? Millions of industrial
    workers lost their jobs because of stupidity like this! As for the fire issue,
    removing fallen dead wood, cutting firebreaks, and clearcutting around
    power lines is a CRIME in this state! The insulators used in high tension
    lines are either ceramic, high temp plastics, and glass, all of which fail
    from intense heat. Next, come line sags, arc flash, and power line
    failures. It is the chicken/egg argument about which came first!


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