Read And Digest

I have been ranting about the propaganda that passes for news in this country for decades.

Looks to me like someone else has had enough.

If Q posted this then Q+ approved of it.

Q+ being President Trump.

What happens when 90% of the media is controlled/owned by (6) corporations?
What happens when those same corporations are operated and controlled by a political ideology?
What happens when the news is no longer free from bias?
What happens when the news is no longer reliable and independent?
What happens when the news is no longer trustworthy?
What happens when the news simply becomes an extension/arm of a political party?
Fact becomes fiction?
Fiction becomes fact?
When does news become propaganda?
Identity creation?
How does the average person, who is under constant financial stress (by design), find time to research and discern fact v fiction?
Majority of people more prone to believe someone in power sitting behind a big brand ‘news’ name?
Do people [human psyche] tend to follow the ‘majority/mainstream viewpoint’ in fear of being isolated and/or shunned?
‘Mainstream’ is used for a reason [dominate trend in opinion].
[If majority of people believe ‘x’ then ‘x’ must be validated / true]
Why do ‘mainstream’ media heads, within different orgs, always use the same keywords and/or catch phrases?
Coordinated? By who? Outside entity providing instructions?
Do they count on the fact that people [human psyche] are more prone to believe something if heard over-and-over again by different ‘trusted’ sources?
Do ‘echo chamber’ tactics provide validation / credibility to the topic/point being discussed?
Threat to intellectual freedom?
Would control over[of] these institutions/organizations allow for the mass control of a populations viewpoint re: a desired topic?
Read again – digest.
Would control over[of] these institutions/organizations allow for the mass control of a populations viewpoint re: a desired topic?
Logical thinking.
Why, after the election of 2016, did [D]’s and media corps jumpstart a [coordinated & planned] divisive blitz intended to create falsehoods re: illegitimacy of election, character assassination of POTUS through sexism, racism, every other ‘ism’?
Pre/post 2016 election?
Why were violent [masked] terror orgs such as Antifa immediately created/funded?
Why were these orgs tasked w/ immediate intimidation/shut down of any pro-POTUS rally[s] and/or events?
Why were marches immediately organized to counter and silence pro-POTUS rally[s] and/or events?
Why were marches immediately organized which divided people into sex/gender, race, [ism]?
When you control the levers of news dissemination, you control the narrative.
Control of the narrative = power
When you are blind, what do you see?
They want you divided.
Divided by religion.
Divided by sex.
Divided by political affiliation.
Divided by class.
When you are divided, and angry, and controlled, you target those ‘different’ from you, not those responsible [controllers].
Divided you are weak.
Divided you pose no threat to their control.
When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or stable [livestock kept – sheep].
When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’.
“Free thought” is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.
My bold at the end.
Them’s fightin’ words right there.
If this is what I think it is, The President of the United States of America just declared war on a whole bunch of Deep State enablers.
The Press, not only in this country but around the world, has been selectively shaping the preferred narrative of the Deep State all the way back to Cronkite.
It has now become so blatant that the News is a running joke.
There is no real news, just Opinion disguised as news and wholly biased at that. Real news is buried or not mentioned at all.
The Press in this country has the responsibility of keeping us citizens informed.
It quit doing that decades go and instead provides a steady diet of propaganda and cover for treason.
As such, it is guilty of enabling Treason.

11 thoughts on “Read And Digest

  1. If you honestly want to see what happens when the media is completely controlled by the Left, then look no further than Nazi Germany and modern-day Canada. In Canada, all of the media is either extreme Liberal or simply ‘non-Conservative’ in its reporting. Personally, I have seen events that should garner nationwide attention if not global, yet left to deaf. I have seen the mess left behind from enviroprotesters: needles (plastic and lots of them), alcohol bottles, beer cups (the stay in the landfill forever kind), diapers (filled with political promises), excrement willy nilly about (I guess the porta potties had the offensive plastic), condoms (I guess that is a good thing, as we don’t need more of them running around)….. shall I go on? When the news media was invited to come and view the cleaning required from what were people ‘dedicated to saving the planet’, it was regarded as ‘not news-worthy’.
    We have a Prime Minister who soils himself at the opportunity of holding Greta’s purse and likely hoping for a proper spanking. His name quite closely means potato in Mandarin (….. no surprise here. Remember if go from full retard, you go right in to potato, never go full potato……. He’s in office, and look what he is doing to this country.


  2. We are in a period of great transition, with many things finally visible.
    The depravity of the press knows no bottom.
    Their marxian cultural ideology is a total philosophical farce.
    That depravity alone should tell you to withdraw your consent and cut the cord. This will kill them as if you picked up your evil assaulty AR15 and shot them right between their eyes with it.
    Funny how they don’t like their tactics used against them.
    Free Q.
    How can a self proclaimed not fake media, call themselves news and journalism, where for 4 years give us word of presidential election fraud they claim has undermined the legitimacy of 64 million American’s who voted in it without once looking or mentioning the origins of the coup that is still underway to nullify those 64 million people who chose somebody the fake media hates with unbridled contempt to begin with, never mind the hatefulness for those 64 million people because they denied the fake media’s pre-selection of who was next in the seat of power.
    No self respecting tyrant would be caught dead without the strategy of Divide & Conquer.
    If only the elites could figure a way to wipe out the middle of the country.
    Those who seek to undermine, subvert, destroy, censor us, bully us, and shame us will ultimately be defeated by the one thing they continuously work to control or wreck:
    solidarity, self reliance, personal choice, knowing who your allies are when they see them, and the power of withdrawal of consent…
    Back door tyranny
    This is White Genocide
    They are neo-bolsheviks
    We are the Kulaks:
    Order out of chaos.
    Those who manipulate opinion with their words assume all opinions are derived by someone manipulating words. They don’t seem to be capable of grasping that people also form opinions on the basis of what they see happening right in front of them.
    The yellow journalism complex is the carrot in front of the stick.
    Their utopian Potemkin village will not be punished, it is the punishment.
    The war of hearts & minds: winning the minds is a science, winning the hearts is an art.
    Hundreds of Millions of guns in the hands of the dirt people, not a Stalin or Mao in sight, imagine that.
    But why would responsible gun owners being disarmed make anyone safer?
    The truth is a radical idea, no scratch that, a “racist” ideology in a time of universal deceit.
    The truth has no agenda.
    First it isn’t hate speech, it is speech Faceborg Goolag and twatter hate.
    Alt-Tech Bitchez…Build your own platforms…own the dialectic instead of being controlled by it.
    “Free Speech: Dumb, Smart, Retarded, Irritating, Nasty, Vicious…It’s All The Same…Free!”
    There is a center of our history, and it spins on the center of our Liberty and our guns.
    Once you get a little bit of freedom, you want lots more of it.
    Revolution is not an act, it is a process.
    They create questions that can’t be answered rather than answers that can be questioned.
    They fear using our minds more than using our guns against them.
    “e pluribus unum,” or “out of many, one”
    This is America. “Fuck you” is always a choice.
    BFYTW is a better choice.
    “Men In Denim Built Our Country…Men In Suits Destroyed It.”
    I will add: Men in denim will save what is worth saving and kill those who destroyed all the other good things.
    Their greatest danger is rooted in their crisis of legitimacy.
    Q is resistance that is fertile, Q =’s the most legitimate fertile thing imaginable.
    We the People are the single most powerful and influential group of people in human history.
    We are Legion. It simply just takes time for it to sink in.
    4th Generation War is rooted in the crisis of legitimacy of the elites and their State.
    It’s said the truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging a certain selected 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”
    “America’s 88,000 governments, which comprise over 500,000 elective offices and many millions of appointive and civil service positions, have given us ample reason to distrust them.”
    In at least, one respect, the swamp and it’s deep state despots are like Mexican Drug Cartels, how they manage to operate almost uninhibited in broad day light: they hide within the hollowed-out structures of our governments and are protected by wearing its formal skin-suit of sovereignty. They are in contest with legitimacy, something that is legitimately impossible for them to win.
    There is only one legitimate power in America. It is us. And it comes from the barrels of our guns and our consent.
    “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7)
    Trump was not fucking around when he said people aren’t ready for the truth of what these people are. As he stated: “They are stone cold corrupt”
    We aren’t.
    “…the unaccountable and permanent bureaucracies that allowed this and all other depredations and abuses upon we the people have got to be neutralized if not completely dismantled. If not, make no mistake; the next time they gain power it will be us on the wrong end of the rope, figuratively and literally.”
    You got to be thinking after Trump now.
    Notice these truths and what they try to hide from us;
    The massive surveillance state insn’t about finding terrorists.
    It is about protecting the elites from you.
    Militarizing the police isn’t about protecting you from terrorists.
    It is about protecting the elites from you.
    Gun control isn’t about stopping crime or protecting children.
    It is about protecting the elites from you.
    Socialism isn’t about making everyone “equal.”
    It is about making you dependent on the elites for survival.
    It is about protecting the elites from you.
    The Elites commit their crimes and receive their pardons in full view of their constituents so as to demoralize and sow despair.
    Their “deep state” was born in violence in the year of 1860.
    They are a virus.
    It has survived using violence.
    It will die in violence.
    Rightfully so it will end.

    They will push us to do the only and very thing that can stop them.
    Think Virginia.
    This is what the future will bring.
    And we dirt people are the cure.

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    – King James Bible


  3. This impeachment farce has been about one thing and one thing only, protecting the guilty in the Obama administration; Obama, Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Holder, Jarrett, Comey, Strzok, Page, et al.

    Here’s what happens if President Trump is convicted. ALL of his cabinet will be replaced, including and especially Bill Barr. Once Barr is replaced, ALL of the investigations around the 2016 election STOP.

    Think back over the last three years. Yes, there’s been rumblings about Impeaching President Trump since before the election. But, they were mostly coming from fringe Representatives like Maxine Waters. Who, in their right mind mind and her uninformed voters would believe anything that comes out of that crazed harridans mouth? The rumblings didn’t reach their current crescendo until Sessions was fired and Barr was appointed. The Left and the Deep State know that when Barr was brought in the jig was up. He’s demonstrated throughout his career that he’s a no bullshit, follow the evidence to its end prosecutor, who will expose every sordid detail.

    If Trump and therefore Barr is gone, nothing short of civil war will bring any of the aforementioned felons to justice.

    This is the reason that the deep state and the Left is running scared and that they fear Trump’s re-election, a re-election that is now, most probably, assured.


  4. I suspect within a couple of years, news vans start to spontaneously combust, and reporters have to go undercover 24/7 to stay alive.

    Boo frickin hoo.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer Ministry of Propaganda.


  5. Been saying since 2016 Trump needs to declare Martial Law.
    End of problems.
    Certainly no lack of commie scum and crime syndicate actors who infest every branch of our governments.
    But best thing is the yellow media would be total fucking toast. A larger collection of domestic enemies does not exist, they even outnumber the fucking swamp in both numbers and enemy status.
    Just think, as the media lives by as it’s motto, all the things you can do you normally could never accomplish.

    And really, Martial Law is tame compared to whats underway as we sit here and witness the insanity of the shadow state.


  6. The guys at Red Eye Radio called it. Within minutes of the vote, the kept whores
    in the media ran with their talking points. Nazi Pelosi intends to refuse to hand
    the articles of impeachment to the Senate. This may be a temporary move and
    Up-Chuck Schumer may have revealed their strategy. He stated that he feared
    the Senate might conduct an “unfair” trial.

    My lib-speak translator came back with the word extortion. The Democrats are
    hell-bent on preventing any testimony by corrupt Democrats and deep state
    actors. Schumer stated that wanted to “negotiate” the rules of the Senate trial
    and of course, who would be subpoenaed. The Senate should tell them to
    go pound sand no matter how long this standoff takes.


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