We’re Gonna See Just How Bug Eyed That Bastard Schiff Can Get

He of Bogus Impeachment Shenanigans, has stuck his liddle dick in a meat grinder.


Former AG Mukasey: Schiff violated law by obtaining cellphone records of Nunes, Solomon



…Schiff sought the phone records of five individuals including Nunes and a member of his staff, Solomon, and the personal attorneys of the president, Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow.

Mukasey said Congress does not have power under the law to subpoena records directly from phone companies. He added that they can only be obtained by bona fide law enforcement agencies or if the company is trying to save a life.

Neither of those instances fit Schiff’s request (which doesn’t explain, fully, how he actually obtained the phone records — did the phone company violate the law or did Schiff get them in some other nefarious manner, perhaps from someone within the Intelligence Community?).

Nunes has already said he plans to file a lawsuit over the records release and the clear attempt by Schiff to try and smear those whose records were requested/obtained.

Mukasey noted further that it’s a big problem if any member of Congress can simply go to a phone company and demand someone’s records, adding that Schiff needs to explain himself.

This is only one of Schiff’s problems.

Leaking Classified information to the press is another.

As a matter of fact, Q has said that Schiff is dirty and there are much more of his dirty deeds that are going to see Sunlight before it’s all said and done.

Something about 7.8 million dollars…  Then there is this,

[AS] memo FALSE.
If [AS] was privy to GANG OF 8 classified material would he not know the same FACTS (TRUTH) as NUNES/others?
OP activity pre_July 2016?
Why is this relevant?
Worth watching from [11:50] to end.

And this,

GANG of 8 DECLAS = [[[AS]]]

Do you see the initials A.S. in those triple parentheses?

That would be Adam Schiff.

That is bad.

One set of parenthesis is bad, 3 is REAL bad.

Those are what are known as Kill Boxes in the Chan language.

Not as in literally kill, as in there is a spotlight on your ass and very special attention is coming your way.

In this case, times 3.

There have been some pernicious rumors passed around about this guy that I won’t go into here as they are so far unsubstantiated but if true would make him eligible for the Death Penalty.

Several times over.

Schiff is one desperate motherfucker right about now.

Hence the Kangaroo Court Impeachment mini drama.

Anything to deflect attention to himself and his “alleged” co-conspirators.

It’s too little, too late.

He is gonna get railed, hard.


19 thoughts on “We’re Gonna See Just How Bug Eyed That Bastard Schiff Can Get

  1. Who has got “railed hard” over any of this shit? I keep seeing stuff about how the Feds and the Demoncrats (redundant?) keep lying and breaking the law and leaking stuff and wiretapping this and corruption that and nothing serious has happened to any of them. Sure, a couple turds lost their cushy government jobs; but no subpoenas, no arrests, no indictments, no charges, no changes, just crickets. Where’s the richly deserved smackdown? What am I not seeing?


  2. He’ll walk. Bill rapes interns in the Oval Office and skates. Hillary gives the Russians years of top secret data and should be in a cage… and she walks. Bidens crack head son gets a job with a foreign company with no experience… and makes 86,000/month. Now this.

    Guys…it’s time to start stretching necks. Might not work with Stretch Pelosi… but that old bitch could be fired out of a cannon if hanging doesn’t work…


    • ” Might not work with Stretch Pelosi… but that old bitch could be fired out of a cannon if hanging doesn’t work…”

      Don’t take chances. Do both.


    • The sound of gallows being built on the front steps of the capital building would help restore my faith in the federal government.


  3. I’ll believe it when i see it, ever since this started 3 years ago I’ve been waiting. All I hear is a LOT of Cheap Talk, from Q, and all the talking heads. Then I take a good look, and all I see is the Carrot they keep dangling. If you listen hard enough you’ll hear the sirens music, all designed to fuck us peons. Good Luck waiting for someone to go to jail.


  4. I think that after Trump is exonerated in the impeachment fiasco he will pardon those of his staff that got caught in the trap the FBI set. If he did that now, all hell would break loose and they would add some sort of charge to the impeachment list to reflect it.

    As far as corruption, Trump is the first president we have had at least in a while who did not need politics to get rich. He operated on his own, kept his distance from both parties for years and as a result owes none of them anything. That is his greatest sin. The major parties do not ‘own’ him.

    With the vast majority of the deepstate being unwilling to actually eliminate the corruption we see, it is beyond doubtful that we will see any cleaning of the house of government. The politicians who we know have violated laws if charged and convicted will receive nothing other than ‘censorship’ (formal slap on the wrist).

    We hold the fantasy of Hillary in an orange jumpsuit but that, again, is impossible. Too many heads would roll along with her. If it actually got to a place where any of the major players were looking at serious charges, a mysterious outbreak of Arkancide would occur and all of the sudden there would be either no one left to charge, no one to testify, or both.


    • If it actually got to a place where any of the major players were looking at serious charges, a mysterious outbreak of Arkancide would occur and all of the sudden there would be either no one left to charge, no one to testify, or both.

      IMHO, this is a good thing…


        • You and I think alike crazy8. In order to make sense of this, you
          have to see the modern Democrat party as you would the Mafia.
          In order to get the Don, you start by flipping a button-man, who
          in turn flips on a Capo. We already know that James Comey is
          a Capo so you do not need to turn some lower level players and
          work your way up from there.

          We know that the party was awash with corrupt politicians who were
          shaking down foreign governments for billions in brbes, which explains
          their single minded obsession with destroying President Trump. If
          the full extent of their corruption is exposed, it will be an extinction
          level event for the Democrat party. Assuming that someone turns
          Comey or some other Capo, and he flipps the Capo de Tuttti Capi
          (Brennan and Clapper,) they are one step removed from the Co-
          Dons (Hitlery and Ubangi.)

          No matter how much flack Rudy Guiliani is getting, he is the right
          man for the job because he connected enough dots to take out
          the New York Mafia. There is no honor among theives, and
          people like Strzok or Comey will cry like babies on their perp-
          walk and start singing like birds!


  5. Pakistani former pres sentenced to death for Treason, just to warm things up. Cold Rage heats up if they skate, then it will be hell coming for breakfast.

    Hold Fast


  6. So far, James Comey, James Baker, and Adam Schitt have all issued CYA’s in
    the past week by claiming they were duped by the fake FISA warrants. The
    toothless ICIG report was a vague outline of his findings, so why are all of
    these people running for cover? Logic dictates that are going on record to
    avoid criminal prosecution. If that is the case, something very big is on the
    horizon. According to Rudy Guiliani, he has evidence that more than 10
    billion dollars were laundered through NGO’s into the hands of Ubangi and
    various high-level Democrats.

    I have long suspected that Donald Trump is going to drop the MOAOS (Mother
    Of All October Surprises,) on the Democrats heads in 2020 and hundreds of
    Democrats are going to scurry under the fridge like the cockroaches they are.
    If this plays out like I think it will, the Democrat party will suffer more damage
    than the Republican party did in the aftermath of Watergate. They will end
    up out of the majority for decades!


  7. These fucking scumbags can’t run their organized crime syndicate forever.
    Everyone is caught eventually.
    Their big problem is crisis of legitimacy and massive withdrawal of consent. They wear the skin suit of legitimate government employees and “elected representatives”.
    Their power is predicated on enough of us believing they are genuine government actors.
    Whats going down is all over the world dirt people are beginning to resist and defy these illegitimate scumbags.
    Al they got is doubling down with that illegitimate power, which leads to illegitimate use, or usurpation of the rule of law. And that isnt working out very well now is it.
    So next is they begin to use the supposed monopoly of force and violence to make people comply with whatever it is they are doing.
    Afraid to say looks like Ol’ Trump, bless his soul, is being gulled again., Barr and Horowitz’s job is to white wash the criminal syndicate, called the deep state, which is neither.
    Be that as it may be, the system can’t fix itself because it is the system, their institutional order of fake weaponized government activity and hemisphere ranging racketeering, arms and child sex slave trafficking, money laundering of our tax money, and extortion rackets prohibits such a thing as recourse and redress.
    We us dirt people are from the outside, we aren’t permitted within a thousand miles of any politikal conduit, zero access by design and great malice, of petitioning and holding accountable, except with massive civil disobedience and or armed revolution, these fucking scumbags.
    Because we ain’t from the inside, aside from most of us, or none of us if you care, with a lick of common sense and morals would really want to be of the inside of this septic tank. Because of that it can not be fixed from the inside, it won’t be, the only way is thru OUR outside dialectic, changing theirs for ours, which is happening very well indeed, it is an evolutionary thing so it seems to be ineffective, very powerful political energy oft spit and shit upon exactly by the yellow media as it is their main purpose to disenchant, misdirect, discourage and depress us and our genuine, most legitimate concerns, because this is so powerful and legitimate, which undermines completely that illusion of legitimacy, they would not be attempting a coup to nullify that dialectic which we changed out for ours in November 8 2016.
    These scumbags would not be going full fucking retard if this all was incorrect in it’s facts and evidence, and as Bill Murry said in Stripes “thats a fact jack.”

    Virginia is because they are becoming very worried, they see the only thing that increasingly matters is to disatm us. They call our rifles Assault Rifles because they genuinely are afraid we will use our rifles to assault them for what they are doing to us.
    These scumbags aren’t stupid when it comes to power. Dumb, idiots, you name it, but especially cowards of the first order. Their safe place is to run behind the Constitution or some fake inalienable laws or get their black robed Nazgul’s to create some whole cloth bullshit, to protect themselves from our wrath and retribution, then have their fake media complex create a false narrative to put more buttercream frosting on the cake made of shit.
    Double down.
    It’s all they got.
    When your an illegitimate piece of corrupt crime syndicate actor, your a piece of human fucking garbage. It’s what you do. Where they are making the really grave mistake is they took on the job of running shit. Fixing the roads, maintaining civil society, delivering the mail, defending the actual nation from domestic and foreign threats, printing the legal tender and safeguarding the specie and other high value commodities in Fort Knox that was there to keep the money changers from creating fiat money and fractional banking.
    This is mainstream shit that makes our American civilization work, keeps the lights on, the food coming, the energy on, our borders secured, it’s really vanilla, whitebread, soft toilet paper, mom and apple pie normie shit, it’s not hard to do, its not rocket science, it’s all most dirt people want, and to be left in piece and not be turned into convenient felons and domestic terrorists, thats the crap guys like Stalin Hitler and Castro do to hold onto power, but add injury to insult they arent satisfied with the countless trillions in wealth creation they have stripped mined from our prosperity, they are too fucking cheap to let money they can steal go to maintaining this stuff thats normal, and quite frankly, being paid for, most often we don’t even have a say, they simply strip it out of our paychecks before we even see our money.
    The whole thing is past the point of no return, they couldnt stop even if they wanted to now.
    And using us as scapegoats, Trump as their whipping post ain’t changing the reality, nope, the only power that exists that changes that is legitimate power.
    Power that grows out of the barrel of our guns.
    In the final analysis all there is is power. Freedom and a civil civilization is for what you do after you shoot the mutherfukrers, every single one, total fucking black flag baby, with the barrel of our guns.
    Just wait, be calm, they will get us there, they can’t help it, they will jump the shark on our guns, it will be beautiful, we don’t have to do much but turn or backs on their illegitimacy, it will drive them pluperfectragingfullfuckingretardFUBARmental. They can’t stand our rejection of them and what they are. Seriously. They are consummate narcissistic psychopaths.

    You watch, it’s happening already. They used Bloombergs money to pull off the vote fraud and gerrymander to usurp a political farce of a majority legitimately elected in Virginia, exactly because they are obssessed with getting our rifles and making us instant criminals so they can be free of the threat of the barrels of our guns.
    They have reached the threshold of doing everything else to set up the perfect State of control and power, the only thing remains that bullwarks them is our guns. No shit. Truly.
    It has always been about our guns, everything else is a fucking sideshow.
    And time is growing short. Trumps been dismantling things that where done to compliment that absolute raw naked unaccountable power, another year and they are really set back decades, maybe all the way back to 1860. Think of the time, the treasure, the resources spent getting here today over generations, to destroy what America and we are in fact and real life every day of our lives.
    Down the fucking drain every day, another piece of their planned executed prepositioned dicktatorship they call the long march 80 sixed. They are getting stressed out like they never imagined, just like they thought she could ever lose, just like they thought they could never be found out caught red handed.
    Think about that.


  8. By “pernicious rumors” you mean the true stories about adam shitt and his tweaker buddy, ed buck drugging and buttfucking young black boys, in some cases, to death, right?…. LOOK at the bug-eyed fucking faggot and tell me you don’t believe the truth about him.


  9. All I want for Christmas is to hear the sound of ropes tightening around dems necks. It should not end with the underlings, Clinton and Obama must both die for high treason and attempted coup.


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