I’m Gonna Need A Bigger Magnifying Glass

It’s gonna have to be one with a bright light too.

In yet another moment of personal weakness sometime last month, Banggood.com  slipped one of their little deals under my nose and wiggled it around until I swallowed the hook.

I mean really, for $10.00 how am I supposed to resist this?

I knew they were going to be on the small side but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t quite ready for Needle Dick Bug Fucker small.


I din’t know they could even make them that small.

Shows how much I know, right?

I should have had a clue when I saw that the shaft size the collet holder fits on was only 5 millimeters.


Still, I was pretty amazed that they were so, tiny.

I think I know why I bought them now that they showed up though.

They were collets, with a holder, for under ten bucks.

Or maybe it was because, I have a MINI lathe, so having the capability to hold onto Needle Dick Bug Fucker tiny parts, might be a good thing. Right?

Using a bit of my twisted imagination, I can see maybe turning down a shaft to ft the collet holder on one end that will also fit my Dremel tool on the other end.

That could be handy.

Who knows, maybe because I’m a tool junkie, I have a serious problem with my impulse control  and this is my latest fix?

hmm could be

12 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Need A Bigger Magnifying Glass

  1. Phil, Phil, Phil, …………………………..

    chuckling, all in good humor, my friend, we know you are a tool/gadget/machine junkie. As a lot of us are, also. 🙂


  2. See, you didn’t ALSO buy the 3018 3 Axis Mini DIY CNC Router Standard Spindle Motor Wood Engraving Machine Milling Engraver, which is what this setup was probably engineered for.
    Looks like a good combination for “professional” woodworkers – I’m a 3D printer kinda guy, having worked with many types of models, and it’s fantastic the things you can make… USEFUL things, not just figurines, etc.


  3. Wow. If you ever want to turn custom fly bodies for fly fishermen to use, or components for a functioning Z scale steam locomotive, you’ve got the collets for them.

    I am sure the same manufacturer sells a plug-in USB microscope and Electron Microscope kit so you can see what the heck you’re working on…


  4. He who dies with the most tools wins.
    And besides, I like having the right tool for the job, even if I haven’t yet figured out what that job will be!


  5. I can verify that the ability to mount a Dremel on a mini-lathe is very handy. Takes the Dremel from barely controlled havoc-wreaking bludgeon to useful precision tool.


  6. I use a dremel tool chuck on my dremel and it holds the smallest bits without much issue. Makes changing bits easier too. I realize this would probably not work on a lathe but I would not own a dremel without this chuck (Dremel #4486).


  7. I can honestly tell you the real reason Phil is getting tools this size. It’s because, after seeing his shop this past weekend, he doesn’t have any room for larger sized tools. I would think if things get much worse we’ll have to have an acquisition intervention for him. Either that or take up a collection so he can move his stuff into a larger space. He has projects all over the place.

    Actually in all seriousness, I need to thank you again for pulling my fat out of the fire after my wife locked our keys in our rig Friday. To let you all know the kind of guy he is, he took the time out of his schedule to run us from where we met, to his home and back and back again, to pick up a set of slim jims so we could get in our rig.

    It was a pleasure to meet you face to face and chat a bit.

    Until next time,


    • Glad to see you made it home without any trouble, I was wondering about you
      As for the trip back to get the Slim Jims, it as the very least I could do and we were only a few minutes away.
      I’m just glad we actually found them out in that disaster area!
      Speaking of which I did make a dump run yesterday finally.
      It didn’t help much but at least the crap the wife kept throwing out there is gone.
      It was great to meet you and I have to admit I was a bit dismayed that it was so short as we were parting ways. I could literally talk to you for days about a hundred different subjects. I never did hear what you did with that huge gut pile you were telling me about, bury it?
      You haz backhoe?
      If you get back down this way for any reason, look me up again by all means necessary, this time lunch is on me, dammit.
      To let everyone else know what a kind of guy Wes is, I ordered a $15 breakfast while I was waiting for him to get int town and when he showed up I told the waitress that I was paying the ticket, he ordered a piece of Pie Ala Mode.
      When the waitress showed up with the check he snagged it out of her hand and wouldn’t give it back He’s pretty quick too,, I tried snatching it back out of his hand at the teller station but he managed to hold onto it.
      It was a great pleasure to meet Wes and I would love to do it again with more time to chat.
      Lots more.


  8. Can’t have too many tools….especially when you need JUST THAT SPECIFIC TOOL in the middle of the night or on the weekend. My issue with this particular set is my old eyes would
    make it impossible to see well enough to work on something small enough to need these.


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