You GO Grannies!!

I can totally see my older self doing this and thinking Fuck It if I can’t remember how to get back.

metal granny

It’s all downhill from here anyway.

4 thoughts on “You GO Grannies!!

  1. That chick is older than I am, yet most of the great R&R artists from the 60s are
    either dead or too old to perform. Shit, the only thing the Rolling Stones are
    chugging is bottles of Geritol doing their Rolling Wheelchair Tour! And of course,
    this is a lead-in to a Youtube video:

    Tim Hawkins Aging Rock Star Songs

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  2. I still get funny looks outa folks when I drive by in my truck blasting out Painkiller at volumes that would level a small city…being a bald guy with a 3 inch snow white goatee.
    My way of saying Fuck the World and that rap shit you usually hear.

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