Virginia Is Going To Be The Crucible

As everyone who considers themselves to be a Patriot in this country is very well aware of, the new State Government in Virginia went Blue and then insane with power.

The Anti Gunners have dropped all pretense of being coy about their lust for gun confiscation, registration and basically disarming the general population completely, up to and including making even practicing illegal if they decide there is intent to train for civil disobedience.

Outlawing militias, hand to hand self defense training and all manner of insanity manifested via Lawfare.

Rumors of calling in the National Guard to facilitate disarming the population have flown around the internet.

I just watched this piece by Matt Bracken that Pete over at Western Rifle Shooters Association postedand I have to say that Bracken seems to have a pretty good grasp of what the ramifications of all of this could very well turn out to be, after all, he pretty much predicted all of this fifteen years ago when he wrote his first book.

I can’t embed the video but if you would like to watch it, and I highly recommend you do, you can get to it at this link.

I believe there are over seventy Virginia counties and towns now that have declared themselves to be Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

Almost all passing unanimously.

Matt also passed on in the video that there is a massive rally planned in the State Capitol of Richmond on January 20th, 2020 to protest these new laws and to send a message to the wannabe tyrants in office.

I found this in the comments under the video,

Regarding the mass rally in Richmond, Virginia January 20th, 2020 that Matt mentioned at the 16:32 mark – The Virginia Citizens Defense League ( will be holding their big Lobby Day Rally on Monday January 20th, 2020 (which also happens to be Martin Luther King Day).
Mr. Bracken very astutely pointed out that if these new laws go into effect and the Governor feels froggy enough to try and send troops or police around to implement confiscation, that there will be a bloodbath.
He compared our governments 18 year hubristic adventures in Afghanistan to what would very likely happen in rural Virginia just to make a point.
What I can  see happening is  more of a nightmare for these tyrannical cucks than even they could possibly imagine in their worst fever dreams.
I can see God Fearing and completely fed up rural Virginians going on the offense.
As Bracken pointed out what we and they already know, they don’t have enough people to accomplish this Confiscation wet dream.
On their best day.
Add all of the National Guard that Virginia and even possibly a few other states could muster, all of the State and Local police, remember most of the Sheriffs have already told them to go pound sand, plus any Feds they might possibly be able to round up and then put that number next to the population of seventy counties and towns full of heavily armed and fighting mad Virginians and start doing some division on paper.
If I was this dumbass Governor they got, I would be thinking real hard about sitting the fuck down and shutting the fuck up while I was ahead.
All of these laws they rushed to pass violate the Constitution without even a hint of legitimacy.
I do believe one of he best visual images I ran across that puts this into perspective is the one I saw over at A Nod To The Gods ,which I swiped fair and square for the purpose of making my point here.
So while this Rat Fucker of a Governor, Ralph Northam and his equally reprehensible accomplices may think that they can just run amok over peoples God Given rights to defend themselves, our Founding Fathers were far sighted enough to see his ilk coming a couple hundred years away and made arrangements to give We The People the ability to reign that kind of shit in up front and from the back too if necessary.
Virginia is shaping up to be the ultimate test of those decisions made way back in the late 1700’s.
Because I can absolutely guarantee one thing as sure as the Sun rises in the East,
the majority of those people in those seventy counties and towns are not going to surrender their guns.
Whether Governor Ralphie  thinks he has the balls to try and take them remains to be seen but I would bet a weeks paycheck that if he ever actually tried to force the issue with government guns and enforcers, he wouldn’t be around to see how it ends.


37 thoughts on “Virginia Is Going To Be The Crucible

  1. If Ralph thinks President Trump will send Federal help, he’s sadly mistaken.

    Consider the irony of Virginia democrats declaring jurisdictions “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants in defiance of Federal law now declaring that no jurisdiction of Virginia can declare sanctuary for a Right acknowledged by the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis

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  2. Will Comrade Kommissar Shitface call in foreigners or fedgov mercs when it gets spicy?
    If Ralphie thiks the money from SoroSatan will save him then he is in for a rude shock.
    Give up on telescreen social media whore screeching zombies as they deserve their fate.
    If God didn’t intend for them to be shorn he wouldn’t have made them sheep.


  3. Wasn’t Ralph Norton a bus driver played by Jackie Gleason? Oh, wait……..

    If that shit starts and Trump does send help, it won’t be on Ralph Norton’s side, I betcha.


  4. Calling up the National Guard sounds scary, till they have to report to the Armory to get weapons and orders. Easy enough to throw up a roadblock to prevent entry and for any already inside the saying “Fish in a barrel” comes to mind.
    I think most National Guardsman are more likely to be pro 2A supporters and will disregard orders to report.


    • And Ralphie would learn the same lesson about the National Guard that Orville Faubus of Arkysaw learned in 1957: The Guard works for the President, who occasionally loans them to governors.


    • After all, their oath was to “… Protect the US Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic…..”.
      Their oath would still be upheld, just not the way Guv. Ralthie was planning on.


  5. Well well well. Komrade Ralphie-boy thinks he’s got the National Guard on his side, eh?
    The Forth Box is about to be opened. On him. Apparently he doesn’t realize two things:
    1) Oathkeepers
    2) Federal law trumps State, county, and local laws. Period.

    The sleeping Giant will awake with a helluva headache and will pound Ralphie-boy into dust. It’ll be interesting to see how many Libtards/Commies/Marxist/Socialists stand up – they will promptly be hammered down.

    I tells ya, it’s a pity I’m all the way across the Country, because my ancestry is directly traceable to the First Families of Virginia, and I’d be right there If I was in reasonable driving distance (remember, can’t carry/ship guns on a plane, boys…)

    ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.


    • Actually, yes you can. It’s not that hard, look up the regulations on line. I did it myself when I came back from Afghanistan. Bottom line, put them in a lockable hard case, tell, and show the ticket agent.


      • I’m aware, but I don’t want the Feds to track, and the price of the ticket would skyrocket with all the hardware and ammo I would drag along…


  6. Being here in enemy territory, the one thing I haven’t seen made mention is that Virginia has a Constitution as well. Article I section 13: “That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; …”. There are two constitutions at play here that the guvna is attempting to violate. No law passed by the assembly, concerning either guns or training, could possibly be in keeping with Virginia’s own constitution and therefore is null and void. Lastly, no democrat loyalist force would survive a march into Appalachia. I’m a novice hunter and my best take down is slightly over 600 yds. Them boys in the hills, I’m sure, are much better and many have been on their lands for over 200+ years.
    “Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have war, then let it begin here.”- Captain John Parker 1775


    • so true. an vang colonel told me he loved his troops too much to take them up against those mountain boys, better armed than the Taliban, more numerous, and twice as mean when provoked. living among them now, I concur. best friends you’ll ever have, but don’t screw with them. ralphie never learned that. sad on him. this could go very badly, very quickly. sic semper tyrannis


  7. These Libtards are looking for a show down. This is a new tact. You can believe they have wet dreams at night about killing conservatives. I think their goal is to prove to you their perceived power they hold over you. We need to stop this NOW.
    By the way the relatively new 6.5 PRC is still super sonic at a mile.


    • Those guys are pretty good. I have a few of their CD’s and I used to correspond with one of the band members pretty regularly, but then they kind of fell off the grid.

      They are/were primarily an east coast/midwest band, so I never got a chance to go see them live. I think they were one of the first who were “unpersoned” because they are/were politically incorrect.


  8. I’m thinking the reasons behind this is to bring UN forces into the US as the only appropriate Law Enforcement/ Peacekeepers as our military, Army, NG, Marines, would be compromised as to loyalties.
    This is what the globalists are ultimately after to divide the world into it’s distinct areas of operations. Our said to become the North American Union encompassing Canada, United States. Mexico and Central America. All under the auspices of UN Control and law.
    #1 – UN forces deployed upon US soil (for any reason) is, for all intents and purposes, an Invasion of a sovereign country.
    #2 – Invasion of US by any outside military force automatically calls up the Militia/Military.
    #3 – Blue hats make excellent targets and will be treated appropriately as well as the agencies/ people trying to enforce their dictates……
    #4 – End of story!


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  10. This is one stupid idea! In a state half full of rednecks, Governor Blackface has
    yet to learn that even Democrats in blue cities own guns too. As for calling out
    the National Guard to confiscate firearms, his order can be countermanded by
    the military. (this according to the legal eagle Mark Levin) He stated that two
    can play this sanctuary city or county game.

    I decided to check the earlier posts before I posted this, but crazyeighter beat me
    to it. It is President Trump who is control of the National Guard, not the governors.
    For someone who was a classic liberal, Trump is the most conservative president
    in my lifetime and his loyalty to the Constitution is absolute. Bring it on Ralphy boy!


    • Aye!

      It’s called ‘the Lt. Calley Standard’…taught at the Ft. Benning School for boys Infantry Officer Basic Course “Law of Land warfare” module in 1984.

      Bottom Line: Ya don’t have ta follow the superior officer’s order if it’s 1-unlawful, 2-immoral, or 3-unethical. In this case, the govenor’s. And his order would be unlawful per the Constitution.

      For those of you old enough to remember the “My Lai” incident in Vietnam, it evolved from this.

      If nothing else picture the scene from the classic movie “The Sand Pepples” when Richard Crenna as the ship’s commander gives the crew an order to open fire on the Chinese protestors on the dock:



      • “Sorry, Sir, I can’t hear your illegal orders over the roar of the Constitution!”

        However, Crazyeighter is *very* correct – be prepared to undergo the Royal Reaming if you take a stand. Sometimes, ya gotta.


  11. There is more than enough anger – and resolve – that while no one on our side wishes for The Festivities to begin, if they do it will not end until completely, totally over; this will be not be a job to leave unfinished. Richmond, probably, would not end up as a smoking crater but there’s a fair chance parts of it will.

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  12. It appears I’m in good company on this website. Our Founding fathers and their efforts and sacrifices of their sacred Honor to say nothing of their hard won finances, developing the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, free and liberty minded way of life they envisioned will not have been in vain. We WILL have our Constitution and our Country back, one way or another. By legal means or attrition, it’s your call. Remember boys & girls it’s the battles won, not the war. Guerrillas-R-Us! Semper Fi amigos


  13. It is time for adults to take charge.

    The insanity has been allowed to fester and grow to the point it cannot be contained by any other way but destruction. “Tree of Liberty…watered..etc..etc.”


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