5 thoughts on “True Dat

  1. Even more fun? In your slippers, or shoes, or right next to your bed on the throw rug.

    Why is it the dumb-assed cat or dog doesn’t do it on an easy-to-wipe-off surface, anyway?


  2. I don’t even like cats, but I found a sick kitten in a paper mill I worked for. He was a
    picture-perfect semi-feral black and white tuxedo pattern kitten with some intestinal
    parasites. The little fucker grew on me, so rather than see him croak from his problem
    or getting run over by a forklift, I trapped his mangy ass. On the trip home, I dropped
    him off at an animal hospital and $400 later took him home. About every two months,
    he starts hacking and I have to get out of bed and deal with it or risk stepping in it
    the next morning.

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