14 thoughts on “Silly Question Of the Day

  1. Being disabled, I’d use one at home. Of course, when I’m out mowing in the summertime, I have been known to replicate the pic above when the corn is tall (busy road in front of house and neighbors 1/4 mile north and 1/2 mile south with a line-of-sight) instead of dismounting the mower (a difficult enough endeavor) and going inside.

    If you ever heard the “morning team” of the Bob and Tom Show out of Indianapolis, Tom has built several houses for himself over the years and a urinal was one of the first design changes he made a regular feature in his house. When I first heard Tom talk about it I thought, “What the?!?” Now… Yeah, I’d spend the money and use it.

    Blue Tile Spook


    • One of my proudest possessions is a gift from a former ladyfren, a sign which states “No Peeing Of the Porch”. It’s over my front door. (On the inside of course.)


  2. No,I though about putting one in my house for the sons. A friend who is a commercial plumber said don’t they break down and leak too often.


  3. I had a urinal in my house in Kabul. But I also used a garden hose to clean the bathroom.

    Wild times in that safe house; driver who was stoned off of Hashish all of the time, 3 gate guards that had full auto AK’s, and room-mate that would have a live in hooker Chinese whore that he changed out every 2 months.

    I slept with a street sweeper shotgun at my side. It was 18 months of craziness.


  4. The deer and ‘yotes stay further away from the house when you mark territory outside. Also, the fucking ground squirrels don’t like it when you pee in their burrow. Just my two cents.


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