Shortly After The Great Awakening Should Follow The Great Comeuppance

One thing we as Americans tend to forget is that we aren’t the only ones who have been taking it in the shorts year after year.

There is a “Rest of The World” after all and they have been taking it up the wazoo just as long and hard as we have.

In case you have been living in a cave for the last year or two, there is this thing called The Yellow Vests over in France.

They have literally been protesting in the streets every weekend for a year now.

Then we have this Hong Kong thing too.

Keep looking and you will probably find fed up people in virtually every country.

In the mean time, over the last two years, there has been a steady drip of information making it’s way out into the public sphere.

Things the Bad Guy’s would really rather never see the light of day as it tends to rile the natives.

Scandal after scandal and rip off after rip off has been uncovered and dispersed for public consumption.

Very serious scandals and absolutely shocking rip offs.

Then on top of all of this, we have the machinations of cretins like George Soros, a certain soon to be ex Mayor of New York , Michael Bloomberg and countless others working behind the scenes and spreading lots of money to advance their very own special visions of what societies around the world should be like.

Among these activities is the creation and furtherment of special interest groups who have a tendency towards violence, ANTIFA being Exhibit A here.

Keep adding these things up.

Now add stagnant wages, unaffordable housing, inflation well above the officially published rates, the absolute shoving down our throats of everything LGBTQXYZ, Muh Diversity, The very real genocidal goals of the Anti White crowd, the special targeting of White Males, the Femininization of all male children, importing millions of illegal aliens and on and on and on and on.

Get the picture?

You remember that part above about all of this previously hidden information that is slowly dripping out?

Along with all of these scandals and rip offs, names are being named and lists are being kept.

Companies are being identified. Crooked politicians have been retiring or choosing to stay at home to spend more time with their families.

The ultra rich have been throwing money at personal SHTF retreats all around the globe.

Everybody and I do mean everybody, can feel in their bones that something really big and really bad is coming down the pike.

What was once considered the realm of crazy people, the open speculation that actual Civil War could be imminent is now being openly speculated about on Prime Time television and every print media there is outside of Cosmopolitan and Better Homes and Gardens.

This drip drip drip of information and the awareness of what has truly been going on behind our backs is The Great Awakening

My intuition is leaning towards a few BILLION people getting fed clear up to the point of no return and a massive retribution for all of that is what I see coming and I am going to call it The Great Comeuppance.

A worldwide game of you can run but you can’t hide and ain’t nobody going to lift a finger to help you when you get caught.




6 thoughts on “Shortly After The Great Awakening Should Follow The Great Comeuppance

  1. Well, I have been investing in semi-precious metals and food and energy storage…

    But I’m a “prepper” and a crazy person. Right!?! Riiiiiiight.


  2. While the majority of committed leftists aren’t very bright the leaders operating and controlling h morons from the shadows are anything but stupid. Soros especially is a very astute manipulator of people. Underestimating those running things on the left is a very dangerous mistake to make.


    • But, like all mannequin operators, the strings do get tangled, cut, and non-responsive, from time to time. All of his well-laid schemes, all of his gentile nudges, and his controlled power-brokers are beginning to fall.

      Even he knew which way the winds blew when the Reds were coming, and his shenanigans while wearing the double-S came to light. Quite funny how that gets downplayed and called every name, but oddly not investigated.

      No matter how strong the break-wall, the waves do break thru, and raise the water. The Elitists knew it couldn’t last forever, no matter how much slight-of-hand applied. Even Iran is in turmoil.


  3. Revenge is a Dish best served AT LEAST twice. But it needs to be served until the subject of the revenge is no longer capable of ANY sort of retaliation


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