Reports of Snipers in New Jersey ‘Ambushing’ Multiple Police Officers

As usual, it would be advisable to wait until the hysteria abates somewhat before taking anything the news is reporting as fact.

This is the breathless story as I found it,


BREAKING: Snipers in New Jersey ‘Ambush’ Multiple Police Officers


(RT) Several police officers have been shot and two suspects have barricaded themselves into a bodega in Jersey City, New Jersey. People are being advised to avoid the area and a dozen schools are on lockdown.

One officer was shot at a cemetery and injured in the shoulder. A second officer was shot near Martin Luther King Drive and Bidwell Avenue, according to police transmissions reported by It is not clear exactly how many officers have been wounded.

New Jersey State PBA@NJSPBA

Today is a horrific day. Officers have come under attack and we have several wounded. Our hearts are heavy and the violence is not over.

We need prayers.

Two suspects then fled into a nearby bodega and barricaded themselves inside, police told local media.

Y’all pray for my city there is a active shooter and one cop got hit…

Embedded video

NYC Blue Lives Photographer@bluelivesphoto

Exclusive video from the scene of the active shooter in Jersey City.@BlueLivesNYC @ImperatriceV

Embedded video

Once Again RUfanEsq.@fparisi14

Jersey City Task Force now responding

Embedded video

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) said its officers are among those responding to the incident. Local schools have been put on lockdown as the police operation continues.

Police warned on radio transmission that the suspects are shooting at anyone they see on the street, said. One officer was heard saying that gunfire begins each time a police officer attempts to move toward the bodega.

The two suspects reportedly arrived in the area in a U-haul van and are carrying “long guns.” The two shooters are apparently a male and a female, dressed in black. Local media reported that police said in transmissions that “pipe bombs” were found in their U-Haul.

8 thoughts on “Reports of Snipers in New Jersey ‘Ambushing’ Multiple Police Officers

  1. Diversion from the IG report and the lame-ass Articles of Impeachment.

    Notice once again, that the evil-doers have picked a place where they don’t have to worry about return fire.


    • You’re right, bob. NJ is a 3rd-world sh!hole. It wasn’t always like that. It grew-into that..

      Up to the 60’s (ignoring the Newark Riots), life wasn’t that bad. But, sh!t picked-up steam in ’70’s, and, by 90’s-2000, was full-on Dem Socialism, with every turd-worlder comin’ in. Some hard-working, some just coming to steal from the middle-class remaiinng. The joke was on those turds; most mid-class were already gone by 2000, and the rest planning on escaping (‘expatriating’, like me) soon after.

      I left just when a Muz Terrorist Recruitment Center bought a defunct Christian Church in my little home town within walking distance of my home.

      Now, the only one way to cleanse Nazi Jerzey now it is to “Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure”.


  2. “Let’s see, unhinged racist black folks shooting at cops who gleefully violate Constitutionally recognized natural rights…. “Let them fight”.


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