Harbor Freight Coupons

I found this on my News feed yesterday and saved it.

This outfit, Struggleville, was announcing that Harbor Freight is going to have  25% OFF coupon that is only going to be good for two days. December 31st and January 1st.


They also claim to have a 20% off coupon that is good for any day of the year you can get that they update constantly. Just go to their site, save the picture of it and Email it to yourself. All you have to do then is open your Email at the check out at the store and they can scan the bar code right off your phone.

That’s how I do it all the time.

They also claim that sometimes Lowes and  Home Depot will honor these 20% off Harbor Freight coupons for certain items.

Did you know that some Lowe’s and Home Depot stores will take Harbor Freight 20% off coupons as a competitor coupon? It depends on the store and on the item you are purchasing but it never hurts to ask!

Double extra plus bonus, there is also a coupon for $5 off any Pittsburgh Pro ratchet that has NO EXPIRATION DATE.


Triple bonus, they have a 30% OFF coupon you can use until the 15th for up to 5 items under $10.00


As you are probably well aware of, Christmas and the spending orgy it is all about now, is right around the corner.

Harbor Freight can be a great place to swing by and get some cheap gifts at. Or even better, stick some of your Christmas money aside and go get yourself something for the New Year at 25% off.

You can bet your ass I will be in one before and after Christmas.

I beat ’em up using those coupons and I always make sure to tell people I want Harbor Freight Gift Cards when they ask me what I want for Christmas.

Between the two of them, I walked out of the local store with a brand new Horizontal Band Saw last year that was going for $259.00.

For $185.00.

Including tax.

Ho Ho Hell Yeah brother.

5 thoughts on “Harbor Freight Coupons

  1. Ever read the fine print on those coupons? NOT good for floor jacks, compressors, “Hercules” brand items, and a ton of other restrictions.

    It’s rare when they have one of those “20% Off” coupons without restrictions.


  2. Well played man…Just did something similar on Delta Team Tactical… Red Dot Cantilevered site for $24.99…Normally $120 they say… it’s on Amazon for $50… signed up for the email (got the 5%, then looked for online coupons, got free shipping.


  3. Just used that 30% coupon today, they took 30% off every item I purchased (crocus cloth, sandpaper, nitrile gloves). May go back tomorrow for more low value supplies.


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