So Much Wrong

Sweet Jesus there are some stupid fuckers out there.

The baggy long sleeves are the best part.

This has amputation written all over it.

so much

16 thoughts on “So Much Wrong

  1. You DUMB son of a bitch. I have had 14 stitches from a 4″ wheel! caught my t shirt and ripped up my chest in about .2 seconds. And thats a 3/4 hp buffer too! You are a fucking idiot even playing around with that.


  2. That is a big and heavy angular momentum conservation device (AKA flywheel.)
    The size itself and the lack of any kind of guard is disturbing, but I have seen
    guys get minor injuries from kickback with 4-1/2″ angle grinder. Imagine all
    of that stored energy, and what would happen if a few teeth broke causing
    imbalance at 10,000 RPM! I think this is a gag shot because Hulk Hogan
    couldn’t hold on to, let alone control that spinning blade!

    I’ll bet that fucker would take 5 minutes to stop spinning when the trigger is


  3. The gyroscopic effect of that much spinning metal means as soon as he tries to change the angle, now that it’s running full speed, something bad, really bad is going to happen. Since the spinning wheel of doom is pushing out so much energy, the only thing within reasonable distance that can provide any change-energy is… Meathead. Or soon to be Legless, Armless, Bloodless…

    Think Giant Router spinning a 10lb bit. Ever mess with a router? Turn it on and it wants to stay in the plane of motion that it is in. Giant size it, and you end up with what Mr. Idiot has done.

    The tool that accepts that blade of death is big, heavy, has the mass to suck up some of the spinning energy and, most importantly, has the handles and guards to keep most of Captain Idiot out of the blade, mostly, as long as Major Disaster keeps various pieces-parts of his body outside the danger zone.

    This is what brings OSHA inspectors merrily destroying fun for the rest of us idiots.

    The mind boggles. Wonder if there’s a picture taken about 2 minutes after, showing us the aftermath… That. That right there I want to see (in a peeking out the side of my eyes at the horror…)


    • Thanks for bringing that up beans. After I posted my 2-cents, it
      dawned on me that I forgot the gyroscopic effect. You can feel
      it on a 4-1/2″ grinder, and it’s a lot stronger on a 7″. The Millwright
      company I worked for had a $100,000 dollar computerized Schenk
      dynamic balancer. If you break one of the teeth on that blade,
      that saw would have enough imbalance to start doing the Watusi!
      It would also induce vibrations as the blade hit several critical
      speeds on spin-up and spin-down.

      This is wrong on too many levels to count.


      • Every time I use a router, after that mofo spins up I am reminded why my dad hated routers. Saws don’t spin fast enough, for the most part, if they’re handheld. But a handheld router, a good, powerful handheld router? That sucker will make it known that it doesn’t wish for the plane of spin to be changed one bit.

        Routers are the only tool that, even using it, I fear. Sure, you’ll lose a thumb or finger on a saw, but they are low-speed compared to routers. Router injuries are so fast your body won’t tell you it’s hurt for a minute or more. None of that ‘feel the bite’ thing from a saw, noooo…


  4. Again we have irrefutable proof a loving and merciful God exists. Otherwise if Darwin was correct, Mr Dipshits here would have been self-removed from the gene pool.
    I am witness to at least one stupid human trick per day.


  5. Last summer, I saw two guys grinding down some concrete sidewalk slabs to smooth out the edges, so people wouldn’t trip. They were using small hand-held grinders, and they were kneeling on the slabs with their faces in the dust–no masks or respirators. They were doing this for a few hours.


    • I want to see a video of him trying to use it, period. I’m like that!

      Note to videographer:
      1) body armor, good face shield
      2) telephoto
      3) the dumbass’ next-of-kin notice
      4) 911 on speed dial
      5) absorbent to soak up the blood if it’s not convenient to hose it off.
      6) duct tape (optional)!!


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