5 thoughts on “Only If She Doesn’t Have A Twenty

    • Since I don’t have any money we know that wasn’t it.
      I can never find her damn car keys in her purse anyway, it’s doubtful I would be running across a stray twenty trying.
      If I need the keys or cash, I just ask and let her dig.


    • “Indian Giver”:
      My friend’s wife is part Native American (Choctaw, I think). She goes to work (so does he), and gives him money to contribute towards household expenses. So far, so good. Later, she says she needs some of it back, ’cause she has some “unexpected expenses”.

      Sorry, Notwende, he ain’t a crook, and is EVERY BIT justified taking $ out of her purse for all he does for her. Maybe he should try selling her Manhattan again …

      Is this the first time this issue has been dealt with on these pages? Anybody else have any other advice?

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      • We are pretty good about it. We have one joint account and our own separate accounts too. I am allergic to money and can’t have it around or I have to get rid of it. She is as frugal as the day is long. I wouldn’t take money out of her purse without letting her know so she wouldn’t freak out when it wasn’t there.


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