5 thoughts on “One Of The Best Ever Actually

  1. I just posted about Die Hard on this very Blog. It was about the bitch who would
    not keep her trap shut while the guy was watching a movie. Every Thanksgiving,
    I watch or listen to Alice’s Restaurant, and I will kill any motherfucker who
    interrupts Die Hard on Christmas day! My second choice on Christmas day
    is Donovan’s Reef starring the Duke and Lee Marvin. The Gyno-Americans
    simply do not understand that we males get sentimental too. It’s like that
    scene from the Chick Flic Sleepless in Seattle. We have emotions too, we just
    don’t wear them on our sleeves:

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    • I remembered you, that’s why I posted this when I an across it.
      Donovan’s Reef is an awesome movie too.
      Great choice there, I haven’t seen that one in years.


  2. There are two kinds of people:
    There are those people who think Die Hard is a Christmas movie.
    And then there are those people who are wrong.


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