Thankfully, I Am Not Married To Felicia

Because if the stupid bitch can’t figure it out after 42 fucking times, it would be time for a divorce.


Here’s a tip for you honey.

Shut your fucking mouth and go find something else to do until the movie is over.

I bet you chatter away while the Indy 500 is on too.

Fuckin’ insecure attention whore.

14 thoughts on “Thankfully, I Am Not Married To Felicia

  1. there are two types of women in the world
    ones that will not sush you during “Love story” because they have seen it hundreds of times
    and there is my EX wife


    • Even worse, there are women out there who will shush you over the 500th time of watching those stupid “50 Shades of Bondage” movies but scream at you when you tell them to do something.


      • Worse than worse: women who ‘borrow’ your tools, never put them back where they belong, and, when so much as a light switch need changing, I’m trying to tun screws with a butter-knife. Oh, but she says she loves me! I could use a little less love, then ….


  2. Not married but if I had a wife nagging me while watching my favorite Christmas
    movie (Die Hard,) I’d strangle her on the spot!


  3. Indy 500 , be sacred time at our house…
    Wifely unit has TV on for viewing, but with volume off.
    She uses the radio broadcast for sound, for less interruptions by commercials


  4. Years ago I was at my late wife’s parents. My wife and her mother were in the kitchen yacking up a storm while her dad and I were watching a football game. The girls were making dinner and a chicken was on the menu. My wife took a break to use the bathroom which left her mother alone in the kitchen. Suddenly Mrs Skinner pops in the den and asks, “Donald, I paid $8.55 for this chicken and it was 59 cents per pound, how much does it weigh?” The FIL does not skip a beat and says 11 Lbs. MIL turns on her heels and goes back to the kitchen. I have been a construction estimator for thirty years so I am pretty good with numbers. I look over at Mr. Skinner, he knows what I am thinking. He looks at me and say’s, “PP, she doesn’t care how much that chicken weighs, she just want’s someone to talk to her.”


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