15 thoughts on “I Just Ignore It And Keep Going Anyway

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments Phil!!!!

    I did not even notice 30 going by. I was too busy.

    At 40, I had new aches and problems but worked through them.

    At 50, I had even more and did slow down a bit. I had to ‘adjust’ a few things I liked to do.

    For me, the real line in the sand was when I turned 60. All sorts of shit started going wonky after that. I am still working my way back to some sort of normal for the last 2 years since my last medical ‘adventure’.


    • Right with you, Glenda!!
      At 50 there was a marked deterioration, at 60 the light started flickering, and at 65 I needed a valve job (Aortic valve). $120K and a month later my pump was MUCH better. It’s funy how heart disease sneaks up on ya.

      Now, at 66, I have to keep exercising (which I HATE) to keep muscle tone working. I’m under my Jeep right now installing a flat tow adapter and it’s a bitch because of the temps and that cold, hard concrete. Wish I had a lift!!

      Oh, and I had to replace the battery today in the kid’s RAV4 because they boiled it dry and wiped out one cell. $100 lesson, I hope they learn. I doubt it…


  2. Mine came on a week after I retired. Pulled the fuse and kept on truckin’. Still going strong, despite the occasional hard start in the mornings.


  3. When you turn 40, nature voids the warranty on your body. When you turn 50, nature goes through your stuff, finds the warranty papers, and burns them.

    When you turn 60, nature just starts pissing on you.

    Look on the bright side. You’re too old to tragically die young.

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  4. A note on aging: Maintain your health by doing all you can to stay healthy, including eating heathy, food & drink wise, avoid excess of anything, and most of all, being active on a daily basis. By maintaining your health aging ain’t all that bad. Just remember how much you thought you knew and how much more you actually know now. Bottom line is, we have two choices in this life, and this is the only earthly life we are going to get. We can get OLD, or we can get DEAD, pick one….. And when it comes time to check out, check out in style……….


  5. A month before my 71st birthday I got a valve job and three bypasses one of them a double.
    I knew I was slowing down, didn’t know why. Now I’m working my back to normal. Wifey got a new puppy and I get to walk it every hour or so.


  6. Thats true. But its just a fucking purge valve solenoid circuit malfunction code. Fix the valve. Take a big shit. And get the fuck back to work. The nation needs you. Be glad it wasn’t throat cancer.


  7. So, I turned 50 lo these many years ago and in addition to getting the doc’s finger up my kazoo for the first time, he said it was time for my first colonoscopy. So down the hall to see the gastroenterologist, who barely spoke to me before directing me to the financial desk. Eventually his nurse called with scheduling and a prescript for more-or-less industrial strength Drano to clean things out. The night before the big day, I spent on the commode getting all cleaned out. So I go in the next morning and the nurse asks if everything was running clear and I said it was and she said well we have to give you an enema to make sure.

    What little dignity I had left was gone after that. But it was about to get worse.

    So after all that I’m laying on the gurney all wedged in with pillows to where I can’t move with the gown open all the way down the back and my rear pointed toward the open door so anyone walking down the hall can take a good long look and hearing people walking past presumably doing just that and feeling none too pleased with the situation. The gastro-doc comes in and stands behind me where I can’t even see him and says good morning how are you today and I suppressed the truth and said “fine” and he asks “what are we doing this morning” which was the absolute dumbest thing I’d heard since my last conversation with a second lieutenant. So me being me and my last nerve hanging by a thread because of this circus, I said well, I’m told you’re fixin’ to put a camera where it normally doesn’t belong. No-no-no he says, why did they schedule this procedure and that did it. Now being a fine time for him to decide to show an interest, I sighed real loud and said hell I don’t know, Doc. I got to be 50 years old without anyone paying any particular attention to my hind quarters and now all you people want to take a look.

    One of the nurses snickered real loud and the doc said, gimme the needle and he slammed that thing into my buttocks WHAM! and that’s all I remember before waking up in the recovery area. They got me dressed and on my feet and down to his office and finally he comes in and plunks down behind his desk. This is the second time I’ve laid eyes on this guy. He doesn’t say a word to me, but taps away on his computer a bit and finally says, hmmm, then looks up at me and asks, do you want to look at the pictures now, or on the internet later, like everybody else?

    Vindictive sumbitch. I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for that guy ever since.


  8. Ain’t this the truth. Back in the eighties, I was in the military and was a hell-raiser. Busted my right ankle by driving a moped off a pier in Burmuda at oh-dark-thirty one morning with five other drunken fools. Because I would have been charged with self-inflicted wounding, I just taped it up the next morning and carried on working. Now I pay for that when I’m on long walks because the damn thing never healed right. A while back I asked my doc if there was anything that could be done. “Sure,” he said, “All we have to do is break it and set it properly,” I told him I could live with it.


  9. After years of alcohol and substance use, I pulled the plug on that shit and started taking better care of myself. Now at 66 I watch what I eat and workout at the gym 3 time a week. I’m back to being agile, mobile, and hostile. (Only hostile to liberals)
    Like Clint said: ” Don’t let the old man in.”


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